Xuan Kong January 2004 update

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January 2004 update on Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Written by Sallie Tsui Sien

You have probably already noticed we have updated the site with the 2004 Flying Star analysis and also Chinese animal predications for 2004. You will find the banners at the bottom of this page.

January 2004 Flying Stars

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I shall explain a little here what Xuan Kong (flying stars) is in order to benefit our readers who are not familiar with it.

The Xuan Kong system addresses the time dimension of Feng Shui of a given property (home or office). This is an analysis of the interaction of elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) within the different sectors of the property and how we may enhance the good energies to give us support or suppress the bad energies by keeping them at bay. Every year we put together an annual cures kit, which cures and enhances good and bad stars; these are essential for every home and office.

If you were thinking of building a house, this is the time when we analyse the natal chart (flying star chart as below) to determine the best locations for all doors and the allocation of important rooms in order to harness the beneficial distribution of energy. Every property will have good and bad stars, the secret is placing the good stars in places like an office, bedroom, lounge or dining room and the bad ones in places like a bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or utility room.

In Feng Shui terms, the interaction between the energies of each sector of a Xuan Kong chart above, “the Heavenly Heart of the House” (centre of home), will affect the well-being of the household.

In addition, this interaction is further influenced by the visitation of the Annual visiting energy that represents the potential influence, as well as the Monthly visiting energy that acts like a catalyst. These influences are experienced in varying degrees throughout the month because of the Daily visiting energy.

Xuan Kong update for the month of January 2004

From January 6th February 3rd 2004 is the month of the Yin Wood Ox, the final month of the Yin Water Goat year, with the ruling energy of #3 Jade in the central grid.

The important sectors or palaces that affect us most are:

  • The main / front door. The door you use for entry and exit frequently or on a daily basis.
  • The sector where your office is located within the building.
  • Your bedroom location within your property.
  • The rooms that are used frequently where most activities, noise and movement are, e.g. kitchen, living room, study/office or the playroom.

What do we do with this information?

Please do not panic when you find that your bedroom is located in an affected sector for the month. This is only a temporary influence and can be avoided.

You are only affected (positively or negatively) by the frequently used areas. Hence the advice:

  • Use the beneficial areas more and the areas of negative influences less. For example, if the living room is affected by conflicting energies, try not to play loud music in this room for the month. By keeping the area quiet, you have successfully manipulated the effect of the energies.
  • If possible, use another door if your main door is negativelyaffected this month.
  • Use the good sectors to solve existing problems whether they concern relationship or money matters.

You do not have to run around and try to cure every affected sector of your house. Avoidance is the best cure. Simply be aware of the potential influences of the sectors. This update is merely to prepare you. To inform you of the intangible forces of energy that exist in each sector of the house in general and how they may influence your performance.

If your main door is affected and this is only the door you have in your property, you should take extra care in what you do during the affected month. You will know it may not be a good time to take risks and to take extra care of your health.

The Beneficial Sectors for the Month of Yin Wood Ox are:

East. The east is an excellent sector for anyone who is studying or in academic pursuits. Those who are in the writing and creative field will also benefit from using this sector this month. Make sure to sit facing one of your four favourable directions. This is also a good sector for building long term relationships or romance.

North. The north is visited by the monthly #8, which can bring some good tidings to a sector deemed unfortunate for the year. There may be good financial opportunities.

Southwest. The energies in the southwest indicate promotion. This is also a very favourable sector for couples that are hoping to conceive.

Northwest and South. These sectors harbour mix influences. For those who intend to travel, this is a beneficial sector for them. Whilst the combinations denote travelling, love affairs are prevalent too. If you are young, free and single, you are in for a swinging time; this is the sector for you but beware of running into relationship problems.

Sectors to be aware of this month:

Southeast. The southeast is influenced by the visiting 2 and when combined with the annual 5, there may be illness and unforeseen problems. Caution is advised and do not take too much risk this month in whatever you do if the front door of your house or the front door of your office is located here. You can place more Metal elements e.g. metal, copper or brass decorative items in the area. A metal wind chime would be ideal if you do not have one already in place. Make sure there are no red furnishings, red or earthen decorative items or triangle shaped objects in the area.

Try not to spend too much time in this area if poor health is already an issue.

West. Be wary of rough sports if you sleep in a west bedroom. This is where the monthly 5 Yellow is this month and if your office or main door is in this sector, you may experience some setbacks this month. The influence of the blessed annual 8 in the west is strong and the effect of the monthly 5 Yellow is possibly tolerable. Just be prepared.

Northeast. Children with bedrooms in the northeast may experience frustration causing stress in the family. A 9-6 combination is known to cause friction and arguments between generations.

I hope you find this January update useful in keeping you informed of which sector is potentially influenced by positive or negative chi. Do not hesitate to write to me at sallie@fengshuiweb.co.uk should you need to clarify anything. I will try to answer all your questions.

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if you cannot move rooms?

If you are unable to move to another room for the month, make sure your bed or work/study tables are in a more beneficial area for the month.

Example: If you or your child is in a bedroom in a bad area of the home this month, get your compass stand in the centre of your room and place the bed or desk in a more auspicious area for the month as mentioned above.

As you can see from above you can turn a bad situation into a better one, you will not only avoid many problems he will benefit from being in a good area. You must try and keep the bad area quiet so not a good idea to have a music centre in the bad area. Remember you can apply this to any room in your home so if your office is in the NE place your desk in the SW this month (make sure your back does not face SW this year).

I know it is easier said than done but moving out of a room that has temporary inauspicious Ch’i is worth it. This is so especially with health issues provided you could afford the space and rooms. If you cannot, do not fret. The effect can be minimised by relocating the bed or study/work/office table to an auspicious sector (follow example above) of the room or placing cures as recommended on this site. As I have said before, this is a monthly influence and so it will pass.

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