What is Ming Tang…

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What is Ming Tang…

… And how does it affect the Feng Shui of a building?

Written by Daniel Hanna

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Tang translated means bright hall, hall of light or as I like to think “bright hall and beautiful area” and it is an important aspect of Feng Shui and very often overlooked even by many experienced Feng Shui masters. Creating Ming Tang in a building is critical in Feng Shui.

ming tang room

In ancient China, Ming Tang symbolised a ceremonial hall in the Emperors Palace and was the place the emperor and his officials would sit and consult and the energy here was considered most potent and believed this would help make perfect decisions. The hall would have a round roof and square foundation, this symbolised heaven and earth. The hall would have nine sectors that represented the Luo Shu (magic square) and said to represent perfect health and good luck. In Taoism Ming Tang it is often referred to as parts of the body like the mouth, heart and lungs and also Ming Tang is supposed to be present in all areas of a new born baby as a baby is considered pure in body and mind thus giving perfect Ming Tang Qi.

They say the Ming Tang Gods reside in these areas and when they exhale they project a red flame that makes a clear path for all things good in the world and at the same time protecting against all evils and purifies your body. I think you should by now get the idea of how important Ming Tang is in Feng Shui and why you must try and create in your home or office and also maybe consider giving further thought to how Ming Tang could be created in your body? Most of time in Feng Shui and life the cures and enhancers needed are simple.

what is ming tang

The concept of Ming Tang is to have a large, bright, clean and welcoming area just after the main entrance or main door of your building and the idea is to lift and energise the qi and once it is touched this good energy (qi) will permeate throughout the entire building. Ming Tang should also be created where you have positive energy in a home with an auspicious facing star like a #8 Zuo Fu which represents wealth and good luck.

Ideally Ming Tang should be either just outside the home or office or at the entrance of the building. The Ming Tang should be open and unhindered so that qi can enter the building effortlessly.  It is thought that Qi cannot enter a house with a narrow entrance although we have consulted on hundreds of homes especially in the UK where you have a very narrow hallway and it does not have any adverse effect on the occupants, however, you need to make sure this area is spotlessly clean and completely clutter free and quite often this is not the case as hallways tend to be cluttered with coats, bags and shoes and this will seriously affect the energy.

Ming Tang is like the mouth in your body, whatever you place in it will affect the rest of your body, so if you continuously eat junk food (clutter) you will get sick eventually and this is also known as “sick building syndrome” and can cause many problems regarding wealth, health and relationships.

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Examples of a good Ming Tang are:

  • A spacious and beautiful front garden with a slightly curved front path to the main entrance.
  • A well-defined and large front porch
  • A bright, airy and spacious entrance hall
  • Spotlessly clean
  • Attractive and aesthetically pleasing

What if you do not have a Ming Tang? 

If you search the words “Ming Tang” in www.google.com you will find many pages that will tell you that you cannot create Ming Tang and you must avoid a home or office with a small hallway/porch or no front garden. Well I can tell from my own vast experience with seeing thousands of homes over the years, a small hall or front garden will NOT cause you many problems, of course it would be lovely to own a home that has acres of land and a hallway the size of a small house but realistically most people do not live in these homes and a typical home built in the 1910’s to 60’s will have a small hallway and a main entrance that could even go straight onto the path or road with no garden at all.

Despite what you may have read, placing bright lights in a small entryway will not create a Ming Tang.  You may want to place bright lights in a tight space for better lighting or to make the space appear to be bigger.  But that is interior design, not Feng Shui.

You cannot fully create a Ming Tang if it is not there.  It is therefore best to avoid homes or buildings with no Ming Tang.  You can, however, avoid further hindrance of the flow of Qi by removing any clutter or unnecessary items near the entrance.  This is especially important if you have a narrow hallway or tight space near the entrance.  When you enter your home, you want to feel welcomed.  If it is cluttered and you have to negotiate an obstacle course to get from your front door to your living room, then Qi will not be able to enter your house.

In Feng Shui, we always want good quality Qi from the exterior environment to flow smoothly to the interior.  A good Ming Tang regulates the Qi and gives it a chance to settle before circulating into the building.  If you do not have a good Ming Tang then either Qi cannot enter your house properly or its quality will be compromised.  Every member of the household will be affected.  It is therefore important to have a well-defined Ming Tang.

To try and create Ming Tang clear all the clutter close to a main entrance and hang some faceted crystals to lift the qi, you can also place quartz crystals. Plant some bright and colourful plants but avoid any with sharp leaves especially cactus or similar plants.  Make sure the area is spotlessly clean and treat the mouth of your home (main door) the same way you should treat your mouth cleaning it daily.

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2 thoughts on “What is Ming Tang…

  1. Hi Helpful! I\’m renovating my home and needed some advice regarding Ming Tang.My house presently is sitting East and facing West with both doors almost falling in one line though not quite.This is because my back door is East-centre while the front main door is West-Southwest. I was thinking of shifting the main door completely Southwest , have a smaller ming tang before turning left towards the livingroom.Presently you are off the road and into my living room.Please help!&

    1. Hi Anshulaa,

      As long as the home entrance is bright and open, your home will produce good Ming Tang. It may be worth keeping the garden as open and as well decorated as possible as a change of location for the main door can be very expensive!

      Kind regards,

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