What is Ch’i?

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What is Ch’i?

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Are you prepared for 2024 – The start of period 9 Feng Shui?

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Also known as Qi, Ki, Prana or Mana. Together with the sun, wind and water it is life, without it we would not exist. It is an invisible force that is around us at all times, it affects our health, wealth and happiness. Try and imagine you are Ch’i and you roaming around your home, are there areas that make you want to go faster, maybe in a long hallway, are there areas that make you slow down because there are pieces of furniture in your way or maybe a pot plant outside that fills in a dark corner.

Try and look at your house and gardens as if you were the Ch’i trying to get around. You need to slow down fast Ch’i and activate stagnant Ch’i. One of the most popular cures is a faceted crystal sphere; if you use these make sure you keep them clean. I use two pint glasses one filled with warm soapy (fairy liquid) water and the other clean water, washing in the soapy water first whilst hanging and then rinse in the clean water and dry with kitchen towel, they come up beautifully.  Be careful on those high out of reach windows. Another good test is, stand outside your front door looking out and see what poison arrows are pointing towards you, are there any lampposts? Any corner of other houses/buildings? An end of road pointing at you? Church, police station, prison etc.

If there is, you need to cure them, you can do this by placing a Ba Gua mirror outside or hang a crystal sphere. These are quick cures, others you can use are more natural, like a tree, pot plant etc. I prefer to use natural cures rather than a Ba Gua mirror, as they deflect the bad energy back at the offending building and occupants making their situation

** TIP **
Never have a mirror facing your front door, any Sheng Ch’i that enters
will be sent straight back out.

Shar Ch’i:
This is not good and can normally be found in:

  • Windy unprotected or exposed areas.
  • Corners of rooms or outside areas with an inverted corner.

Sha Ch’i also known as poison arrows or killing Ch’i. As the names suggest this also is not good and can be found in:

  • Places with stagnant water.
  • Canals or rivers with sharp bends.
  • Corners and edges of buildings.
  • Lamp posts.
  • Straight lines, long hallways, end of a t-junction, end of a road.

Sheng Ch’i This is good Ch’i; imagine it being a wavy line moving at a steady pace meandering along. This is known as the breath of the contented Dragon and in a nutshell this is what Feng Shui aims to achieve. So if you have a long hallway this Ch’i will move very fast (Sha Ch’i) all you need to do is slow it down. Now you could place one of our crystal faceted spheres in the hallway and this would do the trick, however, (here I go again, I must remember to try and sell you something, and not keep putting you off) I prefer to do it more naturally, place a few items of furniture or plants staggered to slow it own. The same applies to your path leading to your front door, if it is a straight path, try and place pot plants to make it a wavy path.

A lot of people get confused about Feng Shui, it is not just about buying cures from our shop, it is also looking at your home and gardens and seeing where a room or area doesn’t feel right, you can feel and smell Sha Ch’i, you must of heard the saying about someone looking to buy a new house, “I could tell the second I walk in through the front door if this is the right house for me” this is not just about how it looks, it is also about how it feels.

You have the same power to sense this, just open your mind and take a good look round your house this weekend, or better still invite a friend over who has a similar interest and get them to look round your home and do the same to theirs you’ve heard of the saying “sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees”


When sweeping your driveway or patio always sweep away from you door,
so you do not bring in any Sha Ch’i into your home or office.

Ch’i whether good or bad is also:

Sight: A good looking person, house, painting, a film that warms the heart or a film that sends shivers down your spine. Remember what may be Sheng Ch’i to you may be Sha Ch’i to someone else especially with different age groups, to some the sight of a big bowl of chocolate pudding would be heaven, yet to someone else it could make them feel sick, as they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Touch: Again this can be good or bad, a silk dress or a clingy polyester dress that clings to your body, a warm bath, it can also combine with taste, smell etc, imagine putting a slimy sheep eye in your mouth, feels yuck and tastes just as bad I am sure.

Taste: The same applies to above, have you seen the Marmite adverts on TV, this is a great example you either love it or hate it. Tobacco, another good example.

Sound: Heavy rock music or classical, babbling brook, birds singing etc. All these
add to the setting of a property or gardens try and attract nature into
your garden with bird feeders, squirrel nuts etc.

Smell: Perfume, flowers, body odour, and cigarette smoke could smell divine to one person
and disgusting to another.

Try and take some time to wander round your home and garden, do it with an open mind, take a look at all those corners in the home or gardens that you feel may be a bit stale, is your pond water clean? Are the flower borders neat and tidy? Office looking very cluttered, you know what I mean, you would be amazed at the difference it can make by clearing some of that old junk in the garden or home.

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