Update on the 2008 Cures & enhancers with many Q&A

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A d v i c e C e n t r e

Update on the 2008 Cures & enhancers
with many Q&A

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”

This time of year is extremely busy with the Chinese New Year and this year is no exception, in fact it is our busiest ever. We receive so many emails each day and we reply to as many as humanly possible, however, sometimes we receive emails that read like war and peace and to be honest they can take hours to reply to and we do not have the resource for this so I have copied a small selection of Q&A below that I know you will find of interest and hopefully relevant to you.

Some of the questions were generated from typing errors we made albeit only two that we are aware off so not too bad and sorry if they caused any confusion.

Q) I missed the 4th February start to the New Year (solar year), is it to late to place my 2008 cures and enhancers?

A) You can place your 2008 annual cures at any time of the year up until February 2009. The Chinese Feng Shui year starts 4th February 2008 and you should place your cures and enhancers on or after this day, but over the years we have had thousands of clients placing the cures up until 11 months after this date and still getting amazing results in such a short period of time.

So don’t worry if it is March 2008, August or even January 2009, the annual cures can be placed at any time of the year and you will be amazed at what difference it can make to health, wealth and relationships.

Q) My salt water cure is already heavily crystallized in the one I set up in the south but not the northwest, why is this?

A) The south is severely affiliated in 2008 and the salt cure is going to work very hard this year. You may even need to replace it half way through the year if it grows too large. It is good it is growing fast though as you know you are avoiding much bad luck. The NW one can still grow quite large, it depends on surrounding land formations but either do not worry about them.

“I have found the quickest way to get my children’s attention
is to sit down and look comfortable”

Q) Four Pillars Taiyang enhancer 2008. Can you please explain in more detail how to arrange this cure as I am unsure whether to place them in the inter-cardinal directions, in my home or similar to last years cure placed in one area?

A) Arrange each crystal in the compass direction as follows. Place the Verdite crystal in the SE part of your home, place the citrine in the SW, place the Tiger Iron in the NW and the Jasper Yellow is placed in the NE. I have done a floor plan below on our Feng Shui software to explain further and how you could apply it to your home or office. The numbers in the floor plan below shows the flying stars for 2008 and a great way of seeing how the energy is distributed in a building and how you should apply your cures.

Q) Master Cure for northeast in 2008 questions?

1) I bought your 2008 cures and enhancers kit and on the instructions it says to place the Chinese i-ching coin yin side (two Chinese characters facing up) in the saucer yet on your website it says place the coin yang side (four Chinese characters facing up) up, which one is correct please?

A) Oops, sorry this is my fault. You must place the coin yin side up (as directed in the instructions you received from us) so when it lies in the saucer you will look at the two Chinese characters facing upwards, I hope this clarifies and sorry for any confusion.

2) Do I leave the crystal and coin in water all the time?

A) Yes you do, however, you can leave it dry if you prefer although it is not as effective in my opinion. I will be using mine with water topped up every 5-7 days depending on climate in the year. If you go on holiday let it run dry, it will still be effective in the few weeks you will be away. Either way please make sure the water is kept very clean and if you live in a very hot country you may find you have to top up more frequently.

3) I received my Master cure from you as part of my 2008 kit, thank you. Can I please confirm whether I place the organza red bag it came in as part of the cure, if so where do I place it?

A) No, the bag is just a nice way of presenting it to you and not part of the cure.

4) How much water do I use in the saucer?

A) Just enough to cover the top of the crystals and up to half and inch above them.

5) Dear Michael, Can I place the Master Cure in the dog’s water bowl (metal) as I automatically change the water every single day and therefore know it’s clean and yin. Regards Sarah

A) Hi Sarah, Sadly the bog bowl will not be good as it will become yang (moving) water when the dog is drinking from it and this may cause skin problems for the dog and even the people living in the home.

Sarah’s follow up email a few days later

(Dear Michael, thought it might amuse you. I removed the Master Enhancer/cure from the dogs bowl and placed it in a saucer instead, therefore yin. The very next day had a very lucky purchase and saved myself literally £££££s – was it the changing of the placement I ask myself! Regards Sarah)

Q) Hi there Michael, I do no that you are very busy but I have a burning question that requires your guidance. I have tried to get the four crystals to make up the Four Pillars Taiyang Crystal Enhancer from our local crystal shop, I have managed to get the jasper yellow, citrine and tiger iron but cannot get the verdite, to replace the verdite they suggested I use Hematite, is that OK or is there another stone I should try to get to replace the Verdite. I would really like to have this enhancer in place but cannot afford to buy it over the internet due to a low (not very good) kiwi dollar. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks so much for a brilliant web site! I live by the advice. Cheers Raellen.

A) Hi Raellen, Using the hematite will be fine to replace the verdite. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Michael

Q) Hi, I have just read (five hours good reading) the flying star analysis for 2008 and would like some confirmation if possible please. In the #4 Green Northeast: It says “do not use fire or metal in these area” but in The #5 Yellow, it says in the third paragraph last sentence “Use plenty of good quality metal in the northeast this year” could you just confirm which one is correct and I would also like to say it is so refreshing to see such a thoughtful website and not the usual sell you anything to make a quick buck sites. Love Diana

A) Sorry for the confusion Diana this was my fault. Follow the advice for the #4 star as this is correct and avoid using fire and/or metal in the northeast in 2008. Thanks also for your kind words; I do appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

Q) Why haven’t you sent your newsletter out for a while?

A) Sorry, we have not had time and we need to find a new way to deliver the emails. We used to use Microsoft Outlook but with 80.000 subscribers it could not cope and we had many rejections. If anyone can advise us on a better way of delivering emails please let us know. It used to be so easy and now spoilt with Spam and such like.

Q) I have followed your almanac every month for the last eight years and sometimes it can be frustrating not having the information in advance although I do appreciate you taking the time to publish it monthly. Can you please give me an auspicious date in April 2008 to launch my new business? I am a male living in New York USA born 1st June 1973 in Ottawa.

A) It used to take hours to produce the monthly almanac but now with ourTong Shu almanac software we select dates years ahead within seconds for all types of tasks. Being a Yin Water Ox (Gui Chou) the ideal date to launch your business would be 27th April between the hours of 11.01 am – 12.59pm (hours are day wealth & happy spirit which are perfect). You need to be careful in April as there are some destructive days especially on the 24-25th of April being a Sha day, big consumer and year breaker day. I have copied a screen shot of our Tong Shu software to show you the information for the day. With this date you will increase your chances of success in your business venture significantly.

Q) I would like to know if I purchase the Professional Fung Shui software if I am able to upgrade to the Master program at a later stage, or if I would have to purchase the Masters program outright, thank’s.

A) The software can be upgraded to Master version at any time. You only need to pay the difference in price between the professional and Master version.

Q) I have read in popular Feng Shui books that you should not place water above you as it causes problems with health and luck, please help me as I have a water feature built into the wall upstairs and I would hate to have to relocate it.

A) Another misinterpretation of the old books in particular the I-Ching; it does quote that you should not have water above you as it causes menace. Although the I-Ching is very accurate you cannot take one sentence and assume you should never have water above you, if this were the case we would all be living in permanent threat, nearly every home I know has a water tank in the loft or bathroom upstairs this is exactly the same as having a water feature upstairs. You can have water upstairs as long as the area supports the element water, so this year water in the east is fine up or down stairs, although I would not have moving (yang) water in a bedroom.

Q) I notice your Tong Shu Almanac software has been completed, I use your flying star Feng Shui software now, is it worth getting this new one and does it replace my copy?

A) The Tong Shu Almanac software is completely different to the Feng Shui software you are currently using although I have to say it is one of our best pieces of work, not only does it look amazing it is probably the biggest advancement in Feng Shui ever to take place, a pretty bold statement to make and for those of you who know me will know I do not often make statements like this. At this stage of Feng Shui throughout the world this software is the most powerful for date selection and so much more. Already we had many emails from Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners asking us not to release the software as they feel it will take work away from them. Take a look at this link and make up your own mind.

Tong Shu Date Selection Software 2008 and Beyond

Q) Hi there, I just wanted to ask if I can still cleanse the items that I have bought from your store over the past few years. I have missed the beginning of Chinese New Year-but I wondered whether I could still cleanse them in rock salt or will I have to throw them out? For the first time in my life my career seems to be struggling, and I would like some help choosing some products that may enhance my career. (I was born in 1974 and therefore my sign is a Tiger) Many thanks

A) Hi, You can still cleanse them at any time and being a Tiger I would make sure you place the cures for the south and northwest in 2008 as this can affect career and luck. For enhanced career you should place something blue in the NE, you can use a rug, sofa throw or similar to introduce the colour and the deeper the blue the better.

Q) Good day Michael, I read your article about the salt water cure. I just have one question on discarding it. You see, I made one last Feb. 5 and discarded it after 3 days since I noticed that the salt was not at the 3/4 level of the glass. I forgot to throw the salt and water in a drain outside my house as I just flushed it in my toilet. Will this be alright? I threw the glass and 6 coins though and immediately set up another salt water cure with a new glass and filled it up to the correct level and 6 coins on Feb. 8. Now the crystals are slowly forming and I know that the salt water is working. I am just a little bit worried about the way I discarded the salt in my toilet. I hope you can enlighten me on this or maybe can you suggest any cure for the mistake i made? thank you,

A) It was not old enough to cause you any problems at all, I can assure you. Kind regards. Michael.

Q) Hello Jo, Could I ask I have ordered some ba guas and want to put one in my downstairs cloakroom, do I put this above my door and facing the mirror towards the wall? And do I do the same with the one for the bathroom? Many thanks Mrs. J A

A) Hi, You should never use a ba gua mirror inside the home. Kind regards. Jo

Q) Hi Jo, Happy New Year to you and your family. My bathroom is situated in the Northwest and my partner has just started to take out the old grout from the wall tiles. He will be re-grouting and consequently making a lot of noise and mess!! He will not here of leaving it for 12 months. What can I put in place to help alleviate any disasters whilst he does the work? Regards Carol

A) Hi Carol, A Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours too. Lucky you having a bathroom in the NW, this is good news as it is not an important room and because your partner is only grouting and not doing any ground breaking work in that area you have nothing to worry about, so you can go to bed and have a peaceful sleep. Kind regards. Jo

Q) I have read many times that it is not good to have dried flowers in a home yet I read somewhere on your site that disagrees with this?

A) This one always makes me laugh, with the exception of a few books every one will tell you DO NOT have dried flowers in your home or office, no exceptions, no dried flowers, pot pourri or anything that was once a living entity in a garden. Not in my opinion, think about what I have just said.

‘Nothing that was living’, so what about all your wooden furniture, doors, floorboards, kitchen cupboards, window frames, doorframes, wooden ornaments etc. etc. etc. I think you know what I am going to say next, how can dried flowers or fresh cut flowers be so bad when any item that is made of wood is exactly the same element, a table is dead wood the same as dried flowers, the wooden floorboards are identical to a dried flower arrangement in a redundant fireplace, long and short is dried flowers and fresh cut flowers are perfectly OK to have in a room as long as you are not allergic to them. If you do use them make sure they are kept clean and dust free.

Please remember that this is only my view, there is nothing in the ancient Feng Shui books to say dried flowers are bad or good so a debate either way for or against them would never be settled so please do not write to dispute what I say. Not forgetting silk or cloth flowers, these are excellent to have in any part of the home; the secret is making sure they are kept squeaky clean.

Q) Which colours should you use in a bedroom?

A) Again I am going to go against all the books and give you the facts, a bedroom apart from the obvious is generally used for sleeping and because of this it is considered Yin (quiet) energy, most books will tell you to paint bright red (yang) or bright pinks to activate your relationships, again if you have had a consultation, red may be a good colour to use as the Practitioner will know all your elements in that particular area but generally you use yin colours such as pastel shades and nothing too bright or loud, the same applies to bed covers and furniture.

“Jealousy is all the fun you think they had”

Q) I was born in Miami in 1973 and am a female; tell me what gua I am and what directions I should be looking at?

A) Call me old fashioned but I prefer it when people write asking me questions rather than telling me to answer and a please and thank you never go unnoticed.

You can find your good and bad directions by following this link or you can use our software which not only calculates good and bad directions, it gives best colours, elements, directions and so much more.


I hope you have enjoyed these questions and answers. You will find many others on the website and also by clicking on the Blog banner at the top right side of this page.

Are you prepared for 2008?

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