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Horse – July 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions

Horse – July 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions July is looking to be a fairly neutral month for the Horse and they would be wise to spend their time in July relaxing and enjoying the company of loved ones. The Horse should avoid hospitals as much as possible this month as there is a risk of […]

Pig – November 2018 Chinese Animal Predictions

Pig – November 2018 Chinese Animal Predictions   November can bring a lot of exciting opportunities into the Pigs life and they should embrace any offers that come their way this month. The Pig can really benefit from travelling this month and should look to take a trip with loved ones or friends if time and finances […]

Chinese Animal Predictions for January 2020

Hi everyone, The January 2020 Chinese Animal predictions are now live on the website and can be viewed by clicking the link below. I hope you all enjoy reading and have a fantastic January, Daniel  January 2020 Monthly 12 Chinese animal predictions Added January 2020 See what the month ahead has in store for you with […]

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