Tong Shu Almanac for Friday 10th April 2015

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Here is the Free Feng Shui Tong Shu Almanac for Friday 10th April 2015.

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How to use the Tong Shu Almanac 28 constellations -This is a powerful date selection method giving fortunate and avoidable tasks on a daily basis. Monthly and annual flying stars – this chart displays the annual (right) and monthly (left) flying star locations. Yearly, monthly and daily pillars – these pillars are for reference only for those that follow Ba Zi. Daily auspicious numbers – Use these numbers when selecting lottery number, roulette etc… These are general daily auspicious numbers formulated from the three pillars. Conflict direction – Avoid these daily conflict directions when performing important physical tasks like digging etc. Chinese Animal Almanac – as you may all know, we all have a Chinese animal which is based on the year and month that we were born. Just because the red face may signify a bad day, you should take this as more of an indication to take more care during this day. Even my best days have been red face days so do not hide away from everything during a red day.

Tong Shu Almanac for Friday 10th April 2015

4 thoughts on “Tong Shu Almanac for Friday 10th April 2015

  1. Hi, thank you for your info.! I have another question… I made my 1st salt water cures this yr. 2015 for the west and southeast. They used all the salt and water in 1 month. I put them in a plastic bowl w/ a top and threw them away and made some new ones. Well, it,s been 3 wks and nothing has happened w/ them? I don,t understand, did I do something wrong? Why, would the 1st ones work and in 1 month and the 2nd ones not doing any and it,s been 3 wks.? What does it mean? Thank you:)

    1. Hi Rhiannon,

      Salt Water Cures work harder when there is a lot of negative energy in the area and since your first one has worked very hard, a lot of the energy has been absorbed in to this cure and the new one does not have to work so hard. You should see it taking effect over a longer period of time.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi, I noticed the Horse has a sad face for the 10th and I,m a Horse… I plan to do my taxes on the 10th? Do I need to wait for another day to get a great outcome on my taxes? Thank you:)

    1. Hi Rhiannon,

      If possible I would wait to tomorrow to do your taxes (11th) as that is a good day for the Horse.

      Kind regards,

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