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  • Is your home an unhappy one full of bad vibes left there by the previous occupants?
  • Does its atmosphere depress you – make you feel sluggish and stifled, or irritable and uptight?
  • Do you ever get the feeling you are not alone – and there is an invisible presence, there watching you?
  • Do you seem to have had a run of bad luck ever since you moved in?
  • Are you unhappy about your home and wish it was nice and friendly like the homes of other people?


Then maybe we can help you! We have a simple but very effective way of cleansing your home with the minimum of effort. All you have to do is place some little black pellets on top of your Electricity Meter and the current flow will cleanse the whole of your home, without affecting the electricity in any way. It only takes minutes for these very efficient exorcising pellets to clear a heavy atmosphere and neutralise all negative vibrations, such as Hostility, Fear and Coldness that may be affecting you and your family.

Just try our Happy Home Kits and feel the difference…

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