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You will find one of the largest collections of authentic and traditional Feng Shui resource and over 300 items for sale and rather than install a complicated search facility that gives you thousands of unrelated results, we thought it would be easier and save you time to list all the resource on our massive Feng Shui site and all the products that we sell, also our customer services.

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Free Resource and teach yourself Feng Shui.

Extensive and valuable Feng Shui resource, you will find many articles
on learning traditional and authentic Feng Shui.

Form School Feng Shui and how to use it on your
home or office

The oldest school of Feng Shui

What to look for in your existing home or
office or one you are thinking of buying. Valuable information and tips on finding or making the
near perfect home or office.

Should you use a Ba Gua mirror indoors?

Why you should never use a Ba Gua (Pa Kua) mirror inside your home.

Are you suffering from bad Flying Stars?

Have you been suffering with a continued sickness, problems with the mouth,
sore throats etc, bankruptcy, loss of wealth etc.

A word of warning about a costly mistake:

The owners wanted to share their experience about another practitioner
who previously carried out a consultation at the cost of £1.000 plus after
consultation telephone support at £250.00 per hour.

How to determine your sitting and facing direction:

Apart from your compass direction, this is one of the most important aspects
of practicing authentic Feng Shui. A must read.

How to take an accurate compass

The most important part of a Feng Shui consultation and without one you
cannot practice authentic and traditional Feng Shui. Even the experts
should read this one.

What is Ch’i? Also
known as Qi, Ki, Prana or Mana. Together with the sun, wind and water
it is life, without it we would not exist.

Indispensable and actual cures a Feng
Shui Practitioner would use:

Now forget about our shop and three legged Toads, happy Buddha’s etc.
for a minute (did I really say that) the cures below are ones that a skilled
Feng Shui practitioner would use.

How to use the five elements
in Feng Shui:

The elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the foundation for
Feng Shui balance and play a very important role in creating the perfect

Are you suffering from
Geopathic stress?

Geopathic stress, sick buildings syndrome, black lines, Radon gas, Lung
Mai (earth meridian) whatever we call them, they exist.

Wrong Shui or Right Shui? That
is the question.

One book will tell you never place water in the south and other say you
should, who do you believe? I have given up on all the books out there.

Feng Shui and your garden:

The garden is so often overlooked it really is the key to good Feng Shui,
advice and cures that a real Feng Shui practitioner would use in the garden.

Children and Feng Shui:

The Chinese have always emphasized education. To them, education is crucial
as it represents an opportunity of escape. The bedroom or study area is
an important aspect of their development as well as the surroundings you
give them.

Feng Shui for health:

Sleep is vital to your health and it determines
how well you function in your day. As the famous mattress ad goes, “tomorrow
begins tonight.” From a Feng Shui perspective, there could be various
reasons for this.

Feng Shui consultations:

Should you have a practitioner advise you? Do it yourself or even an on-line
consultation. The best advice I can give is have a cheap on-line consultation,
it will give you more accurate information than most of the books put
together on you and your home, they really are superb value and very popular.

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Over 300 items to choose from, listed in alphabetical order.

3 Chinese coins tied with
red ribbon.

Amethyst crystal, a wide
selection from necklaces, bracelets and fountains.

Ang Pow, red envelopes used
for good luck and give gifts.

Ba Gua Mirrors (Pa Kua) a
range of five to choose from.

Bamboo flutes, used for beams
and dispersing negative energy.

Boading balls, Special iron
balls with chimes, used for health and relaxation.

Buddha statues, a lovely range
of metal, Shou Shan stone, jade, clear quartz, rose quartz and ivory effect
in all sizes. Over 7 to choose from.

Buddha of abundance, attracts
good luck and fortunes.

Buddha with children, symbol
of happiness, wealth, kindness and innocent contended joy.

Chakra healing stones,
a powerful way of rebalancing your health and body.

Chakra Healing Crystal Necklace, each Chakra
works to a specific area in the body, but are all integrated with each

Chinese coins,
tied with red ribbon. A large range of different variations from 3 to
8 tied with red ribbon, coin balls, circle and the famous 3 tied coins.

Consultations for the home and office.

Crystals, Swarovski crystal
in spheres, Ba Gua, teardrop, cascades, wind chimes, clusters, diamond,
balls and many other designs.

Crystal balls, used for
children’s study, business and education.

Clear quartz, fountains,
necklaces etc.

Crystals, Quartz, a range
of fountains, necklaces, bracelets, Buddha’s, night lights, trees, geodes
and many more.

Crystal trees, a lovely
range of six beautiful quartz crystal trees.

Crystal clusters designed exclusively
for our store.

Dragons, an amazing range
of brass, Shou Shan stone, and ivory effect in seven different designs
and colours.

Dragon headed Tortoise (Turtle)
in brass and Shou Shan stone.

Dusty Miller folk magic charms,
the famous happi home kit and over 200 different cures and enhancers.

Energy balls, also known
as boading balls.

Feng Shui starter pack, a keenly priced
kit to get you started.

Feng Shui software for
your home and office, all versions of MS Windows including XP.

Fu Dogs, (Temple Lions) an
exciting range of this must have home and office protectors.

Fuk, Luk & Sau (aka, three
immortals, three Gods or 3 star Gods) available in brass and hand
painted ivory.

Geodes, incredible Amethyst.

Gift certificates, from

God of war also known as Kuan
Kung a great protector.

Goddess of mercy (Kwan yin,
Quan Yin)

Globes, used for children’s
rooms and study and business.

Gods, Fuk, Luk and Sau, Toad
Gods, Kuan Kung, Kwan Yin, 3 Gods,

Gods of wealth, health and longevity,
the same as above.

Hai To Buddha of abundance
has his arms raised in the air.

Happiness pouch, a very popular

Happy Buddha, rub his tummy
daily for good luck.

Horse of prosperity.

I-Ching Chinese coins All
our coins are empowered with positive energy.

Jade Quartz crystal, Buddha’s,
fountains, power beads and more.

Kuan Kung, a powerful deterrent
against evil and demons. Also known as Kuan Ti.

Kwan Yin, Godess of mercy,
Quan Yin. Made from brass, Shou Shan stone and porcelain.

Laughing Buddha of Abundance,
attract auspicious money luck and good fortunes.

Love pouch, another popular item.

Mandarin Ducks, these are only sold in pairs
and used for romance.

Mirrors, a range of Ba Gua
(Pa Kua) mirrors in all sizes.

Mist maker fountain. used
for creating a magical steam for health and abundance.

Money magnet.

Night light holders made
of genuine quartz crystal.

On-Line consultations, can be done
anywhere in the world.

Pa Kua mirror also known as
Ba Gua, over 5 to choose from.

Power beads, genuine quartz
crystal with amazing power.

Protection pouch in silk brocade
with a Jade Ba Gua

Quan Yin, (Kwan Yin or Goddess
of mercy) Made from brass, Shou Shan stone and porcelain.

Red envelopes (Ang Pow) used
for good luck and give gifts.

Rose Quartz, Buddha’s,
power beads, fountains and more.

Steam Machine used for creating
a magical steam for health and abundance.

Star Gods also known as three
immortals, Fuk, Luk & Sau.

Swarovski crystals in all
shapes and sizes

Temple Lions also known as
Fu Dogs.

Three legged Toad God. A
very powerful protector and creator of wealth and good luck, probably
our most popular selling item available in ivory, brass, Shou Shan and
gold colour.

Three Gods ( Three immortals,
Fuk, Luk & sau, star Gods) available in brass and hand painted ivory.

Water features, over twenty
different water fountains in all price ranges and designs.

Wealth pouch, another very
popular item.

Wind chimes available in cut glass crystal
and metal.

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Pages categories

Health & Longevity (A
large range of cures & enhancers)

Wealth & Business
(A large range of cures & enhancers)

Cures & Protection (A
large range of cures & enhancers)

Relationships and romance. (A large range
of cures & enhancers)

Crystals (Quartz &
lead Crystal)

Water features. (Over 20 indoor
water features)

Power beads. (Genuine quartz

Gift ideas (Ideas for
Xmas, birthdays, Valentines or just a gift for your loved one)

New this month. (New
items added for the month)

Dusty Miller cures. (Folk
magic charms from this very famous person)

Feng Shui Consultations. (Consultations
for the home & office, on or off site)

Cures kits for current year.
(Feng Shui Cures kit for 2002 & 2003)

Special offers (Special offers on some of
our products)

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Consultations Home or business on site visit.

On-line consultations all over the world

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About us

Delivery and returns

We cleanse all our products

Site security

How can I order?

Privacy policies


Opening hours.

Brochure request

Newsletter registration

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and company information:

Feng Shui Shop

2 Douglas Road



HP20 1HW

Proprietor: Josephine Hanna

Telephone: +44 01296 399100

Fax: + 44 01296 582889


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