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Dragon – July 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions

Dragon – July 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions July is looking to be a lovely month for the Dragon and one where they can enjoy all areas of their life with little to no issues. There will be quite a few Dragons who benefit from recognition in their workplace which could lead to additional income or […]

Batten down the wind chimes…

Are you prepared for 2024 – The start of period 9 Feng Shui? With gale-force winds battering the UK over the next few days you should take down any exterior wind chimes and any other objects that could cause you harm. Too much movement (energy) from wind chimes causes excessive negative qi (sha qi) and […]

Tiger – November 2022 Chinese Animal Predictions

Tiger – November 2022 Chinese Animal Predictions   November is looking to be an extremely fortunate month for the Tiger and should prove to be a memorable time of the year for them. The Tiger can look forward to strong luck in all areas of their life over the next few weeks and would be wise […]

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