Hi, I am planning to move to an apartment number 705 and building name 989. Could you please let me know if this is good chi energy. Thanks

Year of birth

Hi Daniel,I’m born in 1985 an Ox but not too sure about my element and my husband is a Rat born in 1984. We have two beautiful children - first born in 2015 Goat, a girl and second born in 2018 Dog, a boy. I see that my girl is my enemy. Is there any way to salvage that as I’m worried about what may happen in the future. =( Thanks!

HI. Block 7 Lot 22 - is this a lucky number for a house? If not, what can you suggest? Thank you.

Hi, Can we include the name of my wife and daughter in the online report?

Hi, Which courier service do you use for international shipping to MAURITIUS?Is shipping to Mauritius currently available?Best Regards Leerish

Should the gold horned bi you pi Yao be placed right hand side facing me? Or on the right hand side of the other one?Thanks Matt

I bought the bi you pi yaos but when it says the gold horn sits on the right hand side is that right hand side facing me?Thanks Matt

Will the Ba Gua Convex mirror help with people that speak negatively and wish negativity into my husband and my life? We are going to have a housewarming this summer and would like to deflect any negativity back to the person wishing or thinking it. What would you recommend and where to place the object?

When will the dusty Miller happy home kit be back in stock?

May 2021. Can you fix the reading for SouthEast to Monthly Star One visits Annual Star Five (not Annual Star Two as listed).

Hello! I’m purchasing the windchimes today bc my kitchen is about to have renovations done soon. My question is about the best placement, do I place in the SE or do I place in between the renovations and the rest of the house? The kitchen falls mostly in the southwest and a little in the South.

I have bought two lovely Bangui concave mirrors' have a very bad neighbour at the back area of my property ,is it ok to place my concave mirror at the back faceing their property ? Needing help and have taken the man to court as he is a sociopath personality ,it has stopped him as he now scared ,but sense his bad energy still .thnaku .

We have a very unhappy neighbour, who has hung a convex Bagua mirror above her wooden shed door facing our house. This neighbour makes it clear that everyone hates her, but she doesn’t know why. Any attempts to talk peaceable are either ignored or sneered at. What should we do to protect ourselves please?

Hi,Stumbled upon your blog when looking for remedies of door to door alignments.My apartment front door is aligned with a bedroom door. There is not much space in between the doors to place furniture or a plant as it would block the walk way.We do not sleep in this bedroom as there is a second bedroom.What can I do to remedy this please?

why is my order not shipped for over 4 weeks

Hi Daniel shifu,I am a wood money (80) and my husband is a earth snake (77). we are trying to conceive but I am worried that having a tiger baby is not compatible and may clash with me or my spouse. Will you be able to advise me? Thank you!

Can a metal wulou be placed in the south for the anual star and permanent star? I read some articles that a metal wolou can’t be placed in the south

Hi shifu, I am a fire tiger (1986) and my husband is a wood ox (1985). May i know which year is better for us to have a baby? 2022 water tiger or 2023 water rabbit? Thank you

Hello I’m interested in purchasing your software for my practice but I have a couple questions. Is it possible to speak to someone on the phone?

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