Hello I been sick since the start of 2020 my Kua Number is 2 I recently bought a small Wu Lou for key chain, may I ask if can always carry it with me and Can I put it in left or right pocket?

Bonjour Je suis chiffre kua 6 ...mon salon est orienté porte Terrasse Ouest et dos assise Est 🥴 dois changer quelque chose vue que que l'ouest est très bon et que je suis 6?! Ou dois simplement mettre un remède feng shui?! Merci🙏

hi i have paid for the software, when will i get the dld link?

I bought a double pixiu bracelet and I'm just wondering what the proper way to wear it? Read somewhere the head should be pointing outwards however since it has two heads (pointing at each other) what's the best way to wear it?

I bought a double pixiu bracelet and I'm just wondering what the proper way to wear it? Read somewhere the head should be pointing outwards however since it has two heads (pointing at each other) what's the best way to wear it?

I am a little confused regarding your printing the info given is for business but the option to buy is for consultant and professional I am thinking of starting my business after Lilian too course could you recommend which software I should use Many thanks Bina

Hi, re order 248455I haven’t had an email confirmation of the order as yet - coukd you please confirm receipt? Many thanks

HelloOur new home adds up to 14 and the number is already on our home. Should we just get another sign made for this entire number inside an oval shape? Do we have to remove the original number house sign ? (I don’t know if we are allowed to).

You have a wrong sector under centre for cures. You mention placing cure and recommendations in the southeast.

Hi I have moved into a new house and it’s got the south west missing (this is a courtyard where the bins go). I believe it’s a good thing that it’s missing in 2021 for flying stars but if I put flower pots out there to make it look pretty would it feel like part of the house and would I be activating the bad star? Can I place anything outside to help stop the bad star?Also I have a bathroom and toilet in south east. Is there a cure I could place there to help loss of wealth? (Maybe behind a picture or something). I have all of last year’s and some of the new 2021 cures ready to be placed but would buy a new one if appropriate. Thank you

Is there a particular kit that is best for selling a property or a business.Thank you

Hi Master, We are living in a housing facility. It is loft type open plan house which faces southwest. In front of our house is a car park. at the east back corner of our house was a swimming pool. Does this affect our fortune in 2021? Kindly suggest any cures as we observed many opportunities that have slipped away or not given to us. Thank you for your big help

Hi Daniel, I just bought a pair of gold temple dogs in preparation for 2021. Do I have to put them outside the house facing the gate or it can be outside the main door?I have a window beside the main door but it is not open all the time. Can I place the temple dogs there facing the street or the gate? I have another old pair of temple dogs already placed on top of the gate post . What should I do?

Do you have the software for 2021?

Hi, can I purchase the update for 2021, please? I have the software already, and got the update last year but I cannot find it on website. Thanks Adina

Hi Daniel, I’ve had disturbed (renovation) the Grand Duke in 2020 end of Dec and my daughter is facing a big consequence at work. Anything she can do to savage that? She was born in 1983 pig. Thank you

what should I do to increase my income

Im born in 1966 ( horse) Can i renovate my kitchen nex week 24_31 Jan2021? My kitchen is in South East sector.. There will be hacking, drilling n noise,.if not , when can i do it in 2021? Thanks for urgent attention.

Hi, I tried to buy online personal report but when I get to purchase I can not find to spec to write my name, date and birthday and my partner to. Please help Thank you Kind regards, Hannah

Hi, Daniel I am a Snake. November 19, 1953 What is the most important cure/enhancer for me this year aside from your advices I've read. Thank you so much.

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