For the SW [3,5] for August flying stars... Can I leave the fire remedy in place for #3. In this sector I have [5,8] with period star 2 as well. I only have a very small element of fire for #3 which is a small silk flower arrangement. This area is also my facing direction. I do have Kwan Kung facing my front door as a protector. It has been working as people see him and they step back and so far anyone with bad intent does not come in. Maybe he presents too much energy... Is there a better guardian or protector? I am a Christian and I did not want to put out something that would be conflicting deities. Any thoughts please?

Hi, I have stairs in front of the entry door. The stairs are bright color, white walls and the side wall have lights near stairs. The entry way is very small, so the stairs are imediatelly in front of the door . The stairs dont have fence, it is two walls that go up to the second floor. Please help. Thank you

For Daily Alamanac, how to know whether good or not?

Prk. Mabolo, Binaton Prk. Mabolo, Binaton

Hi. We are currently building a second floor of our square house that is accesible only at the back of the first floor through stairs. So if you go up the stairs to the second floor, we plan to have one door at the back center portion and one at the left center portion...which of these two should be the main door?

Hi, I would like to order this item : huang Ding 7 coins and 2 ingots cure. Can you Please tell me does the New europian union regulations and taxes affect your prices or this is the price that I Will pay, 16,70 gbp? Thank you very much in advance. All the Best, Tanja Knapić

Hi your website is fabulous and has helped me loads. My son is a Gua 2 and he is currently sleeping in a metal bed in the southwest facing SE. I have the opportunity to move him to the South with the bed facing SE. Is this the best move for him, he has recently started an apprenticeship in football and needs lots of luck. There is a mirror on the wall the SE that we cannot move. Thank you for your time.

Is the upstairs South West sector a bad area for a bathroom? What can I do to improve it if it is?

Hi I have rented a house with number 44 is it very bad luck? Can I sum 4+4 which is 8. Should I be worried?Kind Regards

I haven't got my fangshiu bracelet yet

Hi,can you Please tell me can I put salt water cure in too much places in the house? Can it be too much or do something bad? For example, now I have it in north, south, west, northwest and southeast. Is it too much or any danger? Thank you very much for answer.

Hello, I renewed my subscription 8/2020. It is no longer active. Please help.Thank you, Mary Wallace

I have purchased the three legged toad from you and wanted to check on the placement. Is it that it should be placed facing the south east corner of the house or should be kept in the south east corner of the house. Your response would be appreciated.

I am moving into a new house and its number is 862 = 16 = 7. Is this a good house number? If not what can I do to make it a good prosperous and healthy home?Thanks

Ciao, quali sono i giorni migliori per cambiare casa (traslocare) in agosto 2021? Thank you.

Can you correct a missing area of your house by building a patio there? I have part of the south , east and south east missing on my house. Thank you 😊

My Kia number is 1, My front door on the baghua is in the Southeast however my front door is in the SW. the front windows looking out are also Southwest my absolute worst direction.what color can I paint my door, what can I do to remedy this please? Thank you

Greetings and salutations, My intuition told me to put a red ribbon around the top of the jam jar and instead of coins to use copper wire gauge 18, double koru coils in the 6 pattern you have described. Let me know what you think. I don’t mean to be intrusive, I do know your highly gifted and can read my energy while reading this :), your mind on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you once again fellow off-worlder.

In my rental agreement, I have two bedrooms, one is northeast side and other than is southeast side. Northeast side is attached with my bedroom and southeast side is place in common. Please let me prescribe cure of these as decorative items and colors. Thanks a lot

With #9 this month in the center pairing up with #6 would that produce fire at heavens gate? If so can some earth element be added? Or use only wood element to enhance #9? Thank you so much.

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