Hi, I have a bathroom and a toilet occupting the whole sothern part of my house.South is my luckiest direction.Literally all other southern areas in the house are cut out by archesWhat colour should I paint the toilet & bath to minimize their negative impact?How can I improve the missing south situation? Thank you for your help.

Hi,I have bank account which begins and ends in 448.Is this a positive thing?Thank you. Ree

What is the difference between the professional version of the Feng Shui software and the Master Version? Do I need the update to go with it if I purchase it, or is that only for those that had bought the software before the 3.0 version? Do you plan on updating again soon? Thank you, Shonna

Why should you not have family photos on a table opposite the front do ,as I do have at the moment. Can't find any answers at all on this.

If my master room is SouthWest and the bathroom there needs a power wash in the ceiling, where we can turn on the power wash.....far from the room in the exterior or inside the bathroom.....or NO WAY that loud noise anywhere???

Cutting mango tree in the east side of residential lot..What is best recomend....i have dig a hole for septic tank project but still a hole..please recomend....i have remove electric post in the east side and move in the north side..please recomend the cures..thank you

im planning to buy condo on 8th flr available rooms are as follows 846, 847, 849, 853, 854, 855.which 1 should i pick and the bldg number is 12 is the numbers good or bad thanks in advance

What should be the best software is it the academy of feng shui or the tong shu almanac

Hi! Greetings! I, along with my wife and stepson are currently renting a 3 bedroom property with a house number that is 4. We have experienced quite a number of good memories in this house but interestingly, unfortunate ones seem to happen often. In the 5 years we’ve been here, we had dealt with concerns relating to security, legal, financial and health issues and all have been overwhelming bad experiences affecting our well being. So we decided to change our house number marker outside our front door with one that is encircled 4. But still, we feel unlucky for being fooled into a telephone scam recently which lost us a lot of hard earned money.Now we are getting stressed and want to move out. We have found a 3 bedroom property with a house number which is 25. I just want to know if this will be a lucky address for us to move into or not? The postcode has the numbers 1 and 7 in it. The address then looks as: 25 AAAAA Street AA1 7AABy the way, my numerology life path number is 4, my wife’s is 7 and my stepson’s is 2. I do not know if this will have any effect but it might come in handy.I hope you’ll take notice of my queries and send some answer to my questions as we want all these misfortunes to stop.Thank you so much and more power to you!Anonymous

Hi Daniel,I would like to ask if its good to wear the obsidian Piyao and Citrine with Piyao bracelets inside the bedroom as it is my office room too and I hangout around almost the wholeday. I read its not allowed to bring them in the bedroom. And if not wearing them where is the best place to keep them? is there any particular place to keep them most? Can you pls tell me the do's and don't? Also, should I wear them left or right hand? pls enlighten me. Thank you so much.More power to you. Keep safe always.Best regards, Jennifer

Hello,We are buying the apartment next door from my husband's brother, so we could extend our living space from 100 sqm to 200 sqm for a family of 6 (7 including my mother). The apartments mirror each other more or less. I hired a professional consultant for our current apartment (100sqm) but could not afford to hire her a 2 time at this point when we connect the two apartments. Where would the center of our apartment be if both were connected? We are also considering renting the apartment out before connecting but we could really use the space. I need proper advice. Could I send you a layout?Thank you. I am looking forward to your response and advice.Kind Regards

Hi. My house is at a T-junction and the front of the house is facing the road. What is the best type of ba gua I may use? Thank you.

HI Daniel We brought a house with the number 6 and we paid $431,000 for it which equals 8. Are these good numbers separately and together?Thank you Michelle

Hi! Am wondering if my car plate number 483 is okay. Seems like nothing pushes thru with my dealings. Birth date is 12/01/1963

Hi Daniel We have brought a house the number is 6 and we paid 431000 which equals 8 are these good numbers and are they good together? Kind Regards Michelle

Hi, we are looking to buy bloxk 477 street44. Whatdo you think?

Good day! We are buying house block 16 and lot (32, 34, 55) are available. Which numbers is good match? :) Thank you..

Hi Sir Daniel,Good day! I would like to ask where can I place the heart shaped crystal romance enhancer I bought from your store?Thank you in advance!

93Bathstreet Flat1Hi, I experience extremely bad luck with career, illhealth due to issues with my thyroid, I have an enlargement on my thyroid gland I also have a lack ofrelationships in my life. Can you recommend products that will help me. We are heading for the end of the year 2020 so this enhancer set you are selling would only be effective for the remainder of the year,will it?

My house has living/bedrooms windows all on 1 side which are opposite the main door. Which is the house facing direction? Based on windows or main door?

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