Placing your Master Cure in 2014

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Placing your Cai Ling Fu Master Cure 2014

Master Cure 2014When it comes to Annual Cures and Enhancers, the Master Cure is perhaps one of the most crucial Cures to use to make sure that you avoid financial troubles, health issues, accidents and all other problems that could make 2014 a bad year for you, your family and your employees.

The Master Cures are extremely detailed and specialist cures that have always been a well kept secret although these days, you get a lot of “Feng Shui pop up stores” copying and even creating their own versions which can actually cause a great deal of harm if not done correctly. Master Cures are not your normal cure or enhancer and each one is handmade and engraved with a specialist formula for the relevant year to optimise protection and luck all year round. The Master Cures can be placed all year round and are in my opinion, a crucial cure for any year.

I have written below, instructions for setting your Master Cure in 2014 to make sure that there are no mistakes. If you have not purchased your Cai Ling Fu Master Cure from us, that’s not a problem but please be sure that the markings are the same and the same crystals are being used. I will be updating this page later in the year with stories of the problems people have had with using copied Master Cures without the right markings or different Crystals so please be sure to check back later in the year to read about this or you can even send in your own experiences by commenting below.

As with every new Solar year in Feng Shui you must place a Master cure and the most powerful and important cure and enhancer in 2014 is called a Cai Ling Fu Master cure and can only be used in Yang Wood Horse Jia Wu year, the last time this powerful talisman would have been used was in 1954 and placed to enhance, maintain and protect wealth in 2014 especially for the middle daughter or middle aged women of a home or office and more so if you run a business from home.

This powerful amulet and protective talisman cure is only known to a few specialist Feng Shui Masters and in the old days and even now in Asia you would need to employ a specialist Feng Shui Master to call at your home or business where the Master would spend hours carving the secret inscriptions onto an earth plate ( Pai da di ) made from the finest slate or marble, which would then be placed in the south of your home or office and then setting the eight special thought form quartz crystals and this would cost tens of thousands of pounds and obviously only available to the very rich which is still the case in many parts of the world and the reason why we create these powerful cures so all can afford them at a fraction of the cost.

Each of the five rare and valuable semi-precious quartz crystals are used to work in synergy with the inherent element of the Luo Shu Trigrams giving total protection for wealth, health & peace of mind and enhancing the #8 star from the south to permeate the whole building, the crystals are placed in the inter-cardinal directions and also in the centre. The five special i-ching coins are placed on the cardinal south, north, east and west Trigrams and also in the centre Trigram as the centre has no gender and in 2014 this is why you need this very special cure and talisman. Follow the directions in the photo below to ensure accuracy of placement.

This cure must be placed as near to the south of your home or office (if it cannot be placed in the south place in the north part of your building) exactly as shown below with an auspicious dynasty Chinese I-ching coin (4 Chinese characters facing upwards)  placed in the centre of the earth plate lo shu grid made from 500 million year old slate, which is the finest quality earth element you will ever find, This earth plate must face a certain compass direction (the instructions below show you how to set this cure up) even if you do not own a compass for northern and southern hemispheres so it does not matter where in the world you live.

How do I find south without a compass?

Finding south without a compassThis method is not as accurate as using a magnetic compass but at least it will give you a rough idea where south (not magnetic south) is located although as you are practising traditional Feng Shui you should invest in a good compass. If you live in the northern hemisphere UK, Europe, USA, Canada etc you should go out at sunrise and face the sun which is roughly where east is located. The south will be on your left shoulder as shown in the photo.

If you are in the southern hemisphere Australia, New Zealand, south America, parts of Africa etc you will do the same and go out at sunrise and face the sun which is where east is located. The north will roughly be on your left shoulder and you would then find south on your right shoulder as shown in the photo.

Finding south without a compass 2It is important to note that all times in this article refer to solar time – that is, midday is taken as being when the sun is at its zenith. In some places throughout the world, this may differ by several hours from ‘official’ time, due to Daylight Saving Time and/or extended time zones to keep a large country on the same time. I strongly recommend that if you wish to get the most out of traditional and authentic Feng Shui you must invest in a good compass. Take a look at this link for more details on our hand calibrated Feng Shui compasses.

How do I arrange the crystals?

2014 Master CurePlace each crystal as shown on the photo on the other side. Some crystals will vary in colour and size but you will be able to identify each one from the description and photo below. Please also appreciate that these genuine quartz crystals and slate are formed over millions of years and you will find imperfections, which is the beauty of them. Once you have placed all the crystals and coin as shown and placed in as near to the south of your home and/or office as possible try to visualise a white dome around this powerful cure and think of this protective dome around your building. This enhances the cure and enhancer and gives further protection for all the occupants of the building. Do not worry if you cannot visualise, as I know some people struggle with this and the cure will work for you regardless.

South – Tigers iron – striped two tone gold/brown
Southwest – i-ching coin (yin side up showing two Chinese charters)
West – Tigers iron – striped two tone gold/brown
Northwest – i-ching coin (yang side up showing four Chinese charters)
North – Tigers iron – striped two tone gold/brown
Northeast – i-ching coin (yang side up showing four Chinese charters)
East – Tigers iron – striped two tone gold/brown
Southeast – i-ching coin (yang side up showing four Chinese charters)
Centre – i-ching coin (yin side up showing two Chinese charters) & Sodalite (blue crystal)

Make sure the arrow in the centre of the grid is pointing towards the south, this is so important. 

Once you activate this earth plate cure, this is a very strong wealth, career, success and romance area for 2014. Try and store your important financial papers here like pensions, stock portfolio etc in the centre or as close to this master cure as possible. If you use symbolic cures this is where you should place your three-legged Toad facing your Sheng Chi direction for wealth or a pair of Mandarin Ducks for romance. You can check our website or use our Feng Shui software to find your most auspicious Sheng chi direction.

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2 thoughts on “Placing your Master Cure in 2014

  1. Hi Daniel, I just wanted to let you know that I placed all the necessary cures for 2014 on the said date of 2/4/2014. Especially the Cai Ling Fu Master cure for career and wealth protection. On Feb 18, my company notified us that our jobs were being outsourced to another state and that our positions were to be terminated by April 21. It so happens, it was eliminated on 4/17. I applied for a position in Feb, which looked very promising. No luck. I just found out last week that this company also is laying off thousands of people. I am an over the 50 type. This seems to be a major downfall for a lot of companies. Also, I broke my right knee cap during the first week of March, which happens to be the week of my birthday.
    I am trying to hold on the these Feng Shui ideas, very little hope. Also, still waiting to my legal issues to be resolved. It was suggested by you to burn incense by Buddha in the Southeast. Still delays. The opposing side has delayed the case again for 8 weeks with new counsel. I am at my wits end. If you can offer any other advised, greatly appreciate it. Thanks June USA

    1. Hi June,

      I\’m so sorry to hear about your bad news. If you send me some details (Date of birth, property facing direction and construction year) I will take look over your charts and see if there is anything I can recommend specifically for you.

      Have you been following the Monthly Flying Stars? They can help avoid a lot of problems!

      I hope things get better for you June and look forward to hearing back from you.

      Kind regards,

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