Everything you need to know about Feng Shui period 9 Xuan Kong Flying star

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Everything you need to know about Feng Shui period 9 Xuan Kong Flying star


Everything you need to know about Feng Shui period 9 Xuan Kong Flying star

It does not seem that long ago that I first started preparing for period 8 back in 2002. I remember sitting on a beach in Ko Samui, Thailand thinking about what this new lower cycle period 8 will bring to the world and here I am again twenty years later (almost to the day) thinking the exact same thoughts and what period 9 will bring us?

What is even scarier is that when period 1 starts in 2044, I will be 86 years old, and even with my vast knowledge of Feng Shui, I would not like to bet on how the world will be then as period 9 is going to bring some dramatic changes to our world, both good and bad!

In traditional Feng Shui, the most potent school is known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School), and you are probably aware that period 8 ends on the 4th of February 2024 and the same day, Period 9 begins. After 20 years, on the 4th of February 2044, we will enter period 1.

I am sure this article will encourage the usual emails from other Feng Shui masters and consultants telling us we are giving too much free valuable information to the public, but as there is already so much misinformation on period 9, I want to set the record straight as you cannot afford to make mistakes in this critical period 9.

As you go through this article, you will find that there is an enormous amount of information on this page which will be added to regularly. I’ve broken each area down into topics and you can jump straight to these by clicking the links below.

What are the characteristics of the Period 9 purple fire star?

The colour purple and the middle daughter are both associated with the #9 Li Trigram fire star. It is also related to the heart, intestine, eyes, tongue, mouth, jaw, lungs, or any organ around the chest area.

The attributes of the #9 Li fire star are its qi energy is like a whirlwind spinning upward and outward with a glow of energy inside that radiates in all directions.

Within the five-element Wu Xing system 五行, the element of fire relates to passion, enthusiasm, sophistication, sociability, courage, and passion. People, particularly middle-aged females, maybe concerned more about their social status and social media, in my opinion, could be a problem for younger females as they could be more concerned about how they look, although generally, I think people will become more accepting of body shapes and looks but this will not happen until after the first quarter of P9 around 2027-2029 in my opinion.

Females will have a more significant influence in all aspects of society, and I expect to see women in very high positions worldwide. This time has been long-awaited for many countries.

When writing about a whole new period of Feng Shui, it is very hard to cover every aspect in one page and the page would become overwhelming with so much information so over the next few years, we will be writing a series of articles to cover all areas of period 9 Feng Shui and how to make the most of the next 20 year cycle. You can click the links below which will all open in new tabs. Please be sure to check back as this will be updated often.

How to enhance wealth with Feng Shui

Your Secondary wealth area for period 9 – 2024 – 2044 and water placement for that 20-year cycle

Find out the best ways to enhance your secondary and primary wealth areas with Feng Shui in period 9 to help attract and protect finances. The basic rules for period 9 2024 – 2044 are you must have real water, road or lower ground in the north and a mountain, building, trees or high fence in the south.


Does period 9 begin on the 4th of February 2024?

Well, actually, there are mixed views on this; some Feng Shui masters say it began in 2017, some say December 2020, and most will say February 2024, and my personal opinion is that we started to see the transition to period 9 (P9) in December 2020 and for my clients, this is when I began to make changes with their annual updates although the great transition for most buildings throughout the world will be on the 4th of February 2024

So, we can confirm period 9 begins on the 4th of February 2024, and if you move in between the 4th of February 2024 and the 3rd of February 2044 or substantially renovate your home during these years, your home will be classed as a period 9 home.

Most Feng Shui masters consider this 20-year period as a period of significant change and energy shift the world has not seen before. In my opinion, this is a time to be excited and not feared, as many masters are proclaiming, although you do need to be prepared, and this 20-year cycle will need some potent Feng Shui annual cures and enhancers.

Many people are unaware of the different periods in feng shui, which are called “san yuan jiu Yun” in Chinese. It indicates the three primary cycles that are 60-years long and the nine cycles which we call a “Feng Shui Period”, which is a 20-year cycle.

Most people assume that a building’s Feng Shui will always remain the same. It does not. We move into a different “Period” every 20 years, and there is a reason why each Feng Shui Period is a 20-year cycle.

How to make the most of period 9 Feng Shui

How to make the most of period 9 Feng Shui Xuan Kong


  • Activate the #9 star with wood and fire cures; this is the primary wealth star in period 9.
  • Make better use of the #2 star with fire and earth cures as this is now a prince star and is more auspicious.
  • Activate the #8 star for relationship luck in period 9.
  • Research ways to bring your career and lifestyle into the modern age as technology will be a huge focus.
  • Check back on the Feng Shui Store as we will be releasing more information about period 9.
  • Prepare early for period 9 as this will come around very quickly and will bring many changes, both good and bad.


  • Activate the 4 star in period 9 as this has become untimely. It is best to weaken this with fire cures.
  • Use a water feature to activate the #8 star in period 9.
  • Dispose of all of your cures when period 9 starts as a lot of these can be reused for other stars.
  • Panic about the changes that period 9 will bring to your home or office.
  • Leave your preparations for period 9 to the last minute.

What will happen in period 9, and it cannot be any different from period 8?

There are not many Feng Shui masters around that have been through different periods, and the last one, Period 8, started on the 4th of February 2004, which I remember as if it were yesterday and as I had come through period 7, which was between 1984 – 2004 I had to adjust my sails yet again as with any 20 year period we enter what Feng Shui cures or enhancers that worked in one period will not work in another, and this is more so in February 2024 as period 9 is a massive change for every person and building on this planet, and you must be prepared.

Which Xuan Kong flying stars will be auspicious (timely and untimely) in period 9?

Xuan Kong flying star is a metaphysics science based on timely and untimely stars. In P9, the #9 star Purple (You Bi Xing) is the prominent King star and originates from the south Li Gua Trigram, and this is a star that brings positive changes to the world. We as a company have been activating this auspicious star for the last ten years with exceptional results, although now, in 2022, it is at full strength and more incredible things are to come.

The #1 and #2 stars are the Prince stars. I liken these to Prince William or Prince Edward with plenty of power and influence and waiting in the background to take over as king one day. All the other 3, 4, 5 and 7 untimely stars are either starting to decline (waning) or are still negative, and this is why in period 9, Feng Shui annual cures and enhancers are needed more than ever.

Flying star 6 Wu Qu Xing never becomes fully untimely because of the later and early heaven sequence. We can still activate it, although I would recommend using a Feng Shui consultant or our software as with any neutral star.

The characteristics of Qi will change in 2024, and some destructive stars will become more positive, such as the # 2 black flying star. A home or office with auspicious energies in period 8 (2004 – 2024) could improve again in period 9, but the energy could also become more negative.

Although the #2 star in period 9 Feng Shui is starting to display positive attributes, unlocking its full potential requires significant expertise. It is important to exercise caution and not attempt to activate the #2 star unless you are confident or a qualified consultant. This is because improperly activating the #2 star can lead to unintended consequences and negative effects on the space and its occupants. It is always better to seek the guidance and assistance of a qualified expert who can help you make informed decisions and achieve the desired results.

Flying star # 8 white Zuo fu Bi is declining but will still be auspicious in period 9. Still, it will require more specialist Feng Shui cures and enhancers, and we will no longer recommend activating with a water feature after this year.

The # 5 yellow star Lian Zhen will still be very harmful and more so when the #9 star accompanies it as the #5 is an earth star, and the #9 star is a fire star – in the production cycle, fire produces earth so when you see a #5 star in your natal chart make sure you apply metal cures and enhancers like a salt cure or six i-ching coins tied with a red ribbon etc. to weaken the metal or consult our Feng Shui software for more specialist advice.Timely and untimely stars in Period 9

Period 9 relates to the Trigram Li Gua, so everything related to technology, media, arts and culture, beauty and associated industries, health, education, and spirituality will take a lot of power.

Period 8 was mainly based on efforts to achieve success, and many new powerful companies like Amazon, Tesla and such like were formed. In period 9, visibility will be the call of the day. We can already see that the pandemic has accelerated this process. We must work on the media, social networks, and the worldwide web to be visible.

How to activate and enhance the #9 purple star?

As Feng Shui consultants to thousands of clients, we have been activating and enhancing the #9 star for over 25 years and in reality, the best way to activate any auspicious flying star is to create what is known as Ming Tang which translates to the bright hall and beautiful area and this is done with the land formations outside so no sha qi like poison arrows pointing at a building, living next to a hospital or similar or have any missing area in a building although in the real world this is very hard to create and this is the reason why we use Feng Shui cures and enhancers in a similar way to what we do with our diet by supplementing with nutrients, vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C (Toad God) Vitamin D (six i-ching coins tied with a red ribbon) Omega 3 (a water feature), you get the idea and this is one of my pet hates with many Feng Shui books and websites as so many talk about homes that have hallways that are bigger than most peoples houses and bedrooms the size of a small home and a garden the size of a football pitch and most of us are not blessed with these homes and we cannot move to another bedroom because we have an inauspicious #5 star in there that can cause stomach problems or a #3 star that can cause divorce so this is why we apply cures and enhancers to dissipate their negative energy.

To enhance a #9 wang star, we will use the wood element as wood feeds fire so plenty of indoor plants and also the wood colours like shades of green. You can also use virtual enhancers like images/photos/paintings of woodland, or I recently had a client who used a forest wallpaper and have to say it looked amazing and did the job well from many aspects.

What are the predictions for period 9?

Since the pandemic in the UK, property prices have increased so much, although when we enter period 9 in 2024, property investments will not be as favourable as we will leave a strong earth element and enter a fire period, and fire industries include the internet, Information technology, artificial intelligence (AI), energy, art & culture, media & entertainment, content marketing, solar and battery energy,

There is already much talk about how the internet is evolving. Blockchain, virtual reality (VR), web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, biotech, and AI will be the way forward. If you are looking to invest at the moment, this is where I would put my money, and in fact, that is precisely where I have put my money, although take your own financial advice.

Any business not associated with the fire industry can still do well if it implements elements of Fire elements like digitalisation or changes its business models to digital engagement with customers, so please start preparing for period 9 NOW as most businesses I know are already making these changes to make sure they are ready for this digital uprising.

I am looking forward to period 9, and I can see many new advances as we have never seen before in AI (artificial intelligence) in technology and medicine. This has been happening since 2020, which is when the influence of P9 began. At the time of writing this (May 2022), I believe there are already new advances that have been made that are soon to be announced, and I would not be surprised if they are related to diseases like dementia and cancer.

It is not just about tech advances, but worldwide female energy is probably at its strongest right now. I would bet money on seeing a first-ever Female US president very soon or even a UK female prime minister again.

Can I make my home/office a period 9 natal chart?

Feng Shui period 9 homeThere are a few ways this can be done, and the first and most simple is to buy or lease a home or office after the 4th of February 2024 and then you should employ a Feng Shui consultant or use our Feng Shui software to calculate your natal chart and apply all the cures and enhancers.

Another way is called “changing the heaven heart”, but this is more complicated but still achievable after February 2024. I would replace the front door and kitchen flooring at the very least but probably all the ground floor. Remove all tiling on the ground floor on the walls and any flooring, repaint the ground floor walls and ceilings and change the colour scheme based on a P9 natal chart.

Some Feng Shui masters say you should remove the roof and ceilings floorboards so the sun and moon can see the ground floor for at least three days, and there are even some that say that the floorboards or concrete on the ground floor should be dug up, so the sun and moon see the soil.

All of this is unrealistic, and I would do all of the above with door change, painting etc., and then move into a temporary home for at least 49 days, and probably I would do 60 days without ever entering your existing home.

In saying all of this, I have had great results where a client has just left the home for 60 days without doing any work at all, although if I were using this method, I would allow 100 days, and the building must never be entered in this time and even block the letterbox so not to disturb the qi.

I know you will find a few masters or websites that will say just replace the kitchen doors and the kitchen floor tiles and paint a few walls, but with thousands of clients, I have never seen anyone get results from this and it is too dangerous to play around with this as when you try and activate a P9 chart that is in fact still a period 8 or lower you can get disastrous results so please take advice on this.

Which property direction is most favourable in period 9?

This is one of our most asked questions in any period, and it is almost impossible to answer as it depends on the land formations outside and the layout of the building; if you move into a home after the 4th of February 2024, you will have a P9 natal chart, and if that home faces south 181 degrees which would give you a south 2 wu natal chart with a double nine star at the sitting and if that home had the main entrance door or worse a main bedroom in the southeast this could bring many legal issues, bankruptcy or even divorce. Or worse again would be a bedroom in the east or northeast with placing Feng Shui cures and enhancers this could cause many health problems related to the stomach and lungs.

So you will probably come across some websites that say buy or lease a home or office that faces south in P9, but sadly, this does depend on the land formations and the layout of the building.

Which businesses will flourish in period 9 (2024 – 2044)?

Which businesses will flourish in period 9

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Feng Shui or similar related business 😊
  • Arts and crafts
  • Genetics
  • Psychologist
  • Artist, graphic
  • Computer and computer-related industries, media, robotics, genome, electronics, mobile phones
  • Beautician, cosmetics
  • New fuel sources
  • Singer, dancer, movie celebrities, although these could also be virtual characters
  • Aromatherapy and homoeopathy
  • Plastic and 3d printing
  • Electrical engineering
  • Gas, oil, petroleum, the chemistry that will produce new types of energy
  • Multimedia, printing
  • Movie, photography
  • Semi-conductor and anything that utilises light or heat or uses objects to create light or heat
  • Social media
  • Solar and battery energy

21 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about Feng Shui period 9 Xuan Kong Flying star

  1. what if I live in an apartment built in the 8th period with the entrance to the apart S2 direction and a bedroom in the SE sector? My apart is in the building of W or E face… Will it be an awful life in 9th period?… Shall I move out?

  2. Thank you sharing this very useful and much needed information!
    I would like to ask you about a luck in a kitchen,(p.9) which is on West sector and the flying stars there are #2 ( period star), # 6 (water star), # 3(mountain star). The house is facing South 3 (entrance on East).
    What should be the colours of that kitchen, how to surprise the fire, do you need to activate any of the flying stars, what type of luck they bring to that sector?

    Thank you so much for your time to answer my questions!!!

    1. Hi Bibolina,

      I would introduce metal colours into the kitchen for the fixed stars for period 9 to balance the energy between the stars here.

      I hope this helps 🙂

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Daniel! This is amazing! Have been waiting for this period change for a while! My home has a large extension in NW (1/3 of my house). My house is SE facing and my front door is in W. My only windows on this side are in my extension in NW. All windows and balconies are SE facing. Master occup9es NE and E. Hoping for a better year!
    THanks again for all the information you all so freely share. This is a great community!

    1. Hi Debora,

      You’re more than welcome and thank you for your kind words!

      Changing to period 9 will be a great thing for many people as this will change the whole influence of the fixed Flying stars and can turn a once inauspicious house into an auspicious one. I hope that period 9 brings a positive influence into your life 🙂

      Kind regards,

  4. i have many Feng Shui books, but all probably are not applicable to Period 9? As the numbers for Period 8 and change when it its period 9. Like # 2. So I should retire my previous Feng Shui Books?

    1. Hi Amelia,

      The information from these will not be relevant to period 9 Flying star, although they are still handy to keep hold of if you ever need to reference them.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi,

    Thank you so much for the great information!

    Could you please advise on how to cure an East sector room with the following flying stars combination:

    Natal 5
    Mountain 3
    Water 2
    Year 2

    My mum’s room is in this sector and was plagued with many misfortunes: breast cancer, fell & broke her hip, COVID…

    I was thinking of using WOOD element. However…

    Wood destroys Earth (5 & 2), but 2 is an auspicious star in Period 9.
    Wood produces more Wood (3), which is an inauspicious star.
    Metal weakens Earth (5 & 2), but 2 is an auspicious star in Period 9.
    Metal destroys Wood (3), but will it affect my eldest son (3)?

    Greatly appreciate your advise.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi John,

      I’m sorry to hear about your mum and hope that she is doing ok.

      for period 9 with this combination, the best cure would be to place metal cures such as a salt cure and six coins as this will balance better than wood against the elements. Metal destroys wood, although with a natal 5 and water 2 star, the metal element will be dispersed well.

      If you have any poison arrows outside of the east sector, I would recommend hanging a flat Ba Gua mirror outside here.

      I hope this helps, John.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Sara,

      We will be publishing a lot of information about period 9 after the New Year rush has calmed down.

      I’ve got your email flagged in Outlook and will get back to this as soon as I get some free time 🙂

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Domingas,

      The Flying star analysis for the software is only valid for period 8, and we will be releasing a new version for period 9 early next year. The rest of the software will still be valid such as the Peach Blossom, Min Gua, etc.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hello Daniel,
        Do you think or would you make the new software( professional one) would be applicable for Apple pc, as well?
        Thank you!

        1. Hi Bibolina,

          I’m afraid we won’t be releasing this for MAC at the moment, although we will be looking to have this built for use with Apple computers.

          I hope this helps 🙂

          Kind regards,

    1. Hi Del,

      No problem at all. We’re in the middle of the 2023 annual updates and Period 9 at the moment, although we will be writing about period 1 at some point.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  6. This article is so great! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have been wondering what Period 9 would
    be like and how the timeliness of the flying stars would change. This is so helpful. 🙂

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