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Would you like an extremely comprehensive personalised report with over 70 pages that are completely tailored to you?

Our resident Feng Shui Master Practitioner, teacher, author and researcher Michael Hanna is one of the most sought after Practitioners in Europe and worldwide and has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their lives for the better (read what some of our clients have to say?).

A true measure of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are consultants and teachers to other Feng Shui consultants from around the world. As well as busy Practitioners we also founded and run the world famous International Academy of Feng Shui, attracting students and Feng Shui Practitioners from all over the world including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name but a few.

In addition to our home or business on-site consultation we also offer a 110% on-line consultation to suit your pocket, they are extremely powerful, very comprehensive, and produce amazing results, please read the information below for further details.

If you would prefer an onsite visit from Michael Hanna please visit this link.

Full on-line Feng Shui Consultation

  • Read a few books?
  • A good friend has given you some well-intentioned advice?
  • Confused about the different schools of Feng Shui?
  • Can’t find your wealth or romance area?
  • Do I use south as north or visa versa?
  • Where do I place my wealth Toad?
  • Been told you have a missing corner?
  • Bought all the furniture in Ikea?
  • Worried about your beams?

A professional on-line Feng Shui consultation prepared by a highly qualified Feng Shui Practitioner, every on-line consultation is different, there is no standard template for each person or home.

Every aspect is analysed individually and considerations like which direction to face when sleeping, compass direction of front of home, external environment, family members, colours are all used in preparing this comprehensive analysis of you, your family and your home.

Would you like to receive over 70 pages of all of the below giving extremely detailed advice on the following?

  • Eight Mansions analysis “Ba Zhai” (4 good and 4 bad areas of your home)
  • Your personal Min Gua Trigram and up to 4 other family members
  • Your personal auspicious times
  • 100% personalised lucky 15 degree sector
  • Your personal fortunate numbers
  • personalised best lucky colours to use
  • Your own personalised Min Gua Chen report
  • Enhancing Elements for you personally
  • Which direction you and your family members should sleep
  • Which direction you and your family members should face when working
  • Your true personal element
  • How to make the most of your love life and what days are best to activate your Peach Blossom
  • Flying star “Xuan Kong” “Fei Xing” analysis report on your home.
  • Your house Trigram
  • Use of the “Five Elements” in your home.
  • Advice on how to activate your wealth, health, career, fame and romance sectors.
  • Where to place a water feature for wealth.
  • E-mail support after your consultation.

Example of one of the many sections of the extremely detailed report you will receive:

Sample Online Report

What do we need from you?

  • Dates, times (if known) and country of birth of all family members.
  • Year house constructed or last major renovation i.e. walls, roofline altered.
  • Propery facing direction compass reading – we will provide you with a Pdf booklet after ordering to make sure you know what you are doing.
Sample ReportAnalysis and report being

An on-line consultation will never replace an on-site visit from us however, the cost is substantially less and what you receive in terms of reports is identical to a home/business visit. This is a unique personal report for you and your family members as individuals and not a standard template that anyone can use, the personal report on the “Flying Stars” is for your home only and not a general template to be used by anyone else. This full on-line consultation is an in-depth analysis of you, your family and your home.

Once you have placed your order, please leave your name, date of birth, property facing direction and date of moving in and that’s it! We will calculate thousands of years worth of Feng Shui formulas and put it all together in a report for you which will be emailed to you in 1-2 days.

All information supplied is given in the strictest confidence and we will never share or sell any information supplied. Further details of our privacy policy can be viewed here.

A little about our practice and me.

Michael and Lillian Too at her home in Kuala Lumpur Michael and Lillian Too at
her home in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Michael Hanna

Michael was born in Hong Kong in 1958, married to Josephine (the owner of this site) for 25 years with two wonderful children. Travelled the world many times over and his longest journey, Feng Shui began in 1979 and since then he has been greatly honoured to have been personally trained to Master Practitioner level in Malaysia by world famous Lillian Too, Master Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence, Master Joseph Yu and UK’s leading authority, all are exceptionally highly regarded and experts in their field, although some practice slightly different styles (same schools) of Feng Shui which has been a major advantage for Michael in his practice as the balance between them all has enabled him to practice a traditional, classical and also modern approach to this intricate art.

We have thousands of satisfied clients and are proud of our reputation that we have built over the years. Click here to look at what some of our clients say about us.


  1. I am having a nightmare trying to feng shui bedroom it is small and my husband is basically saying I am ridiculous even trying to do it. I have read all the rules and there is only one way where the bed can face in a good direction. However, it means the door is on the same wall as the door and the left side of our bed is right next to it. I tried it in that position and it was like I had unleashed a whole load of negative energy into our relationship that week it was there until he shouted at me to move it back. I tried it on my own one night in the next positiom and woke refreshed for the first time in years!!
    i have always hated sleeping the way round it is now. I sleep better on the couch (which faces north-north west) Every time I sleep in the bed i wake up exhausted and my eyes are swollen. It’s annoying my partner doesn’t get it at all! My Kau is 5 and his is 3 if that makes any difference?
    My question is can i do something to help if I do put the bed back to north/north west facing that reduces the friction caused by it being next to the door?
    Kindest regards, Cat

    1. Hi Cat,

      The northwest (crown of your head pointing towards this direction) is actually one of your auspicious directions and will be good for you to sleep facing this direction if you are able to.

      I would recommend keeping the bedroom door closed at night to see if this helps as this will create a temporary wall in the bedroom.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi,

    I’m really worried how I sleep in my bedroom, and everyday I feel uncomfortable. My room is a long and narrowed rectangular. My bed is facing my large sliding door to the south. And the exit door is at the other end of the room on the left wall facing west. And my bed is so large that I can’t turn it in other way because my room is so narrowed. I don’t know how to position my bed because it’s near the two exits. I believe in Feng shui but I don’t have enough knowledge about it. What can I do with my bed? Should I use a barrier in front of my bed? Will that help? Or I should just sleep in the bed in opposite direction? I really don’t know what to do.. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Jegie,

      I would recommend trying to close the door and blinds/curtains when you sleep as this should make a difference in sleep. I would try this for a week to see if you notice a difference.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for order in the online Feng Shui report 🙂 – I have started your report and will have it emailed over to you this week.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. My bedroom is in Southeast. May I use the painting of golden tree (tree with leaves made of gold coins) or Koi fish ? Thank you

  4. Hi, I have recently got a fountain bhudha and I have no other place to keep it except the TV stand which faces south or southwest. What should I do. Its really a beautiful piece.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a good position in a home for a water feature.

      The best location up until the 3rd of February 2021 would be in the northwest and after this, it would be in the west until the 4th of February 2022.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi Michael,
    I live in UK, would like to check its any online consultation?
    Possible to sent me the price?
    Many thanks
    Kind regards

  6. I realized there is a double happiness vase the corner of the east lobby of our hotel
    The vase / urn filled up with rice and a flute placed in the urn / vase.

    Can I know what is this vase / urn for? I think it was place during the opening of the hotel by the Chinese owner.

    Recently it has been moved and I don’t want it to be a reason of the hotel losing business, wealth or any bad luck

    1. Hi Ardi,

      They may be using the vase for the monthly Flying star. If this is placed in the west of the building, they will be placing this for the monthly #8 star to enhance wealth.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I’m afraid we do not currently offer online consultations although we will be doing them in the next few months.

      If you like, I can add you to the mailing list.

      Kind regards,

  7. We live in Texas, U.S.A. Will you be doing any in-home consultations in the US this year? If not, what would be the cost of an online consultation? We have implemented the cures to the best of our abilities.

    1. Hi Robyn

      Michael still has some spaces for consultations and should be able to fit a visit to the US in. If you could email me at with your address, rough size of the house and how many people live here, I’ll be able to give you a price estimate.

      Kind regards,

  8. Hi, does the online consultation also include the cures that I need to place for the year of the Dog and is the floor plan needed?

    1. Hi Marie,

      When we do an online consultation for your home, it focuses more on the fixed stars for your home rather than the annual stars; we do advise on the annual stars but this is more for the home than this.

      The cures we provide are based just on your home rather than the annual stars.

      I hope this helps, Marie.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hi, thankyoufor all this wonderful information. I live on the top floor (4th floor) of a hotel in a one bedroom apartment. The front door faces north east. The faving direction of the house is south east. We have a lovely sea view in this direction and a busy street outside. There are French windows in the bedroom and living room so lots of sunlight. Can you tell me how and what I need to do in terms of dengue shui cures to make our home prosperous and happy. Only me and my husband live here. My Kia number is 1 and his is 8.

  10. Hello,

    I am interested in your Feng Shui service. Would you be able to perform an on line consultation/report with recommendations for my family (3 persons) and our new home if I send you floor plans, elevations, compass directions, and photos around the house and the surrounding area? I live in VIetnam.

    If you cannot perform on line report with recommendations, would the software be able to do this?
    Thank you and
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Mario,

      I\’m afraid we do not offer on-line consultations any more as it is hard to give accurate advice without visiting the home. Our Academy of Feng Shui Software will be able to do this for you if you know your construction year and compass direction.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi Daniel,

    My home seems to be facing West-South-West, how do I work out if it is West or South West?


  12. I can\’t find a link to order an online consultation, is it up and running yet? Great site… could you give an estimate on how much it would cost, I live in London

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thank you for the kind words about the site. I\’m afraid we are not currently doing online consultations. If you can let me know where about in London you are and rough size of the house including bedrooms and how many people live there, I can give you an estimate for an on site visit if you like.

      Kind regards,

  13. I didn\’t know you did online consultations. But I don\’t know if the front of my flat is the facing direction. Can you help?
    It\’s ground floor with it\’s own door that is almost in the centre of the front which is sort of north. From the door along to the right is a pathway then small piece of land with grass, little trees and seats, fenced beyond in with car park beyond, houses all round. To the left of the door in front is the pathway and a fence. Beyond the fence is a car park. There isn\’t a back door, but there\’s a larger communal area with grass and shrubs, a fence, a quiet road, and houses. The back is more open than the front but I know that doesn\’t necessarily mean it makes it the front. Confusing! Can you help make any sense of this? Thanks.

  14. Hi, I am a female born on 8/7/87. I am going to begin grad school this year in August but have not decided where to move to yet. Do you have any tips on which directions (north,south,east,west) is good luck and bad luck for me? Or if I should be avoiding anything/place this year in particular? Thank you so much! Warmest regards, Evee

  15. Are you doing any online consultations and if so how much are they? I live in south Bucks but I am not sure I can afford a visit as I am retired.

  16. Hi , I am in need of some of your wisdom 🙂 I am a female born june 29th 1969 and looking to buy a home . Which is the best direction for my front door to face or even house to sit ? I kind of like the facing to the west . Thank you in advance . Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie,

      The four best directions for your, personally are north, south, east and southeast so i\’m afraid west isnt one of your best directions.

      Kind regards,

  17. hi , I came across your site and thought I would contact you with some much needed advise . I am looking to buy a home and confused about the diection in which it should face . Can you help me please ? I am a female born june 29 th 1969 . Thank you in advance Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie,

      The four best directions for your, personally are north, south, east and southeast so i’m afraid west isnt one of your best directions.

      Kind regards,

  18. Can you please advise the cost of an on-line consultation? I am based in Australia so don\’t believe I can afford an on-site visit 🙂

    Many thanks, Jen

    1. Hi Jen,

      I am afraid we do not do the online consultations at the moment but I will be sure to email you if we get this feature back up and running shortly. Sorry Jen.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jovito,

      You did not state if your are male or female so I have added both.

      If you are a female, your Gua number is #8 Ken and if you are a male, your Gua Number is #1 Kan

      Kind regards,

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