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Feng Shui School

December 2014 Feng Shui consultants course fully booked

Next 2015 Foundation Course Dates
To be announced at the end of December

Feng Shui software advanced business version day training course come soon…

(New Advanced Software Included)

Places are always limited so book soon, every course we run is booked early because we hold relatively small classes to ensure everyone walks away at the end of the week or weekend with the ability to apply effective traditional Feng Shui on their own home or business, Feng Shui that will get you results.

Our International Academy (school) of Feng Shui attracts students from all over the world including United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name but a few. Many of our students have been taught by Feng Shui schools in Barcelona, London, Madrid, USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and many other parts of the world by some of the greatest Feng Shui teachers although every single student that has attended our courses cannot believe how much more they learn and advance within such a short period of time.

So whether you are a Feng Shui novice or trained Practitioner looking to further your knowledge, this course is perfect.

Within two days you will have been given significantly more knowledge and undisclosed secrets than 80% of practising Feng Shui Practitioners use with their clients.

A bold statement to make but is a true fact. Many Feng Shui Consultants charging hundreds of pounds have little knowledge of traditional Feng Shui School. Our unique two-day foundation course has been designed to give you more knowledge with less technical work enabling you to achieve a higher learning curve within a very short time.

We have not designed this exceptional Feng Shui school course to undermine what a true Master would teach, our Masters taught us the old fashioned way and for this we are grateful, however, in this modern world we have designed the tools and unique teaching techniques to provide shortcuts through software and computers.

Years ago Doctors had to learn Latin to graduate, a brain surgeon had to have a steady hand; nowadays most professions have been given modern tools to enable them to learn faster and work more accurately. Whilst we fully agree with the philosophy of a Feng Shui School Master insisting on a student spending many years to learn the theory and applications, but surely this learning period can be shortened, aided by modern tools, with accuracy ensured. This has to be the way forward together with our ambition to ensure traditional and effective Feng Shui is used by all.

Our students attend our Feng Shui School from all over the world and range from complete novice to experienced Practitioners with 15 years experience and to quote one of our recent Chinese students “I thought I knew everything about Feng Shui until I came on your course”

‘Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gifts and talents, I am so happy that I went to England to meet the two of you. I am home so much richer then when I left. Out of all the teachers I have had, yours is the tops. Michael, you and Sallie are the best and I appreciate all of the time you both have put into giving. Thank you so much again.

SuZen Ruth


Feng Shui Practitioner 15 years.

At the Academy of Feng Shui we run two-Day Foundation Courses designed for you to learn traditional Feng Shui in the shortest time possible. Once you have completed the foundation course you can attend a Practitioner course, which enables you to carry out your own consultations armed with the knowledge and secrets that many Masters hold very tight.

My sincere thanks for a wonderful 3 days, the setting was idyllic, the group very friendly, and your passion and enthusiasm for what you do, and your professionalism in delivering it was inspiring.

Thank you both, once again, for such an excellent course. I learned more than I could have imagined, I know that I have a really solid foundation on which to practise and to improve. I can’t wait until the next one!

Kim Peartree, IT Consultant, UK

We are exclusive in our method of teaching, not only do we use software and modern technology teaching aids to help you but also many Feng Shui secrets are passed onto you.

Dear Mike

Sorry it’s taken so long but I just wanted to say thank you personally for all of your patience and hard work that evidently went into making the Feng Shui Foundation Course such an enlightening experience.

The amount of information and knowledge we gained far exceeded my expectations and as promised by day three everything started to slot into place. Naturally I have tried to put all of my learning into immediate action.

Robin King, Design Director, UK

Two-Day Foundation Course

As far as I am aware there have been only a handful of books written for the western market on authentic and traditional Feng Shui that in my opinion have been worth reading, if only to obtain a slim grasp of traditional Feng Shui. Having just a grasp can be dangerous, “a little knowledge” as they say.

The course was amazing with so much information expertly presented to us in a well-structured programme. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and secrets and, certainly for me, you have awakened a keen interest to learn more.

Good luck and best wishes for your next course in January and I look forward to meeting you both again on the Masters course (hopefully this will be held before we leave for France in August!).

Diana Cole (Scientist)

To truly understand authentic Feng Shui you must first have a clear understanding of what Feng Shui is and more importantly isn’t. Many call it the art of placement; some perceive it to be placing a few symbolic items in fixed areas of the home, and some believe that by hanging a beautiful wall scroll of the Chinese character for wealth money will just roll in.

Thank you very much for all your love, care and attention in teaching us the foundation course last weekend.   I enjoyed the course and felt that the pace and material was relevant and understandable.  Any questions were answered in clear and simple examples. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning authentic Feng Shui from caring and knowledgeable teachers.

Paul Bedi, IT Consultant, Herts.

 Authentic Feng Shui is a science and an art that can only be mastered with formal training. Most people do not have the time to study and School for many years, that is why we have designed the perfect course to ensure that you grasp the fundamentals and obtain a usable knowledge applicable to your own home or office in the shortest time possible.

Who is the course designed for?

This course provides an uncomplicated, prepared system for anyone who is looking to learn the essentials of Feng Shui in the shortest time possible. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Enthusiasts with little or no knowledge of Feng Shui
  • Someone who has been practising Black hat or similar schools
  • Practitioners who have taught themselves and would
    like to learn in a more formal environment and to leave with a clearer
  • Business owners
  • Estate agents
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Landscape gardeners
  • Anyone with an inspiration to learn a tangible science that will benefit them, their family or business.

What the course does not cover?

Every true Master in Asiainsists that in order to learn authentic Feng Shui you must first learn:

  • How to write in Chinese
  • Understand the Chinese characters
  • Have a clear understanding of Chinese culture
  • Understand every character on the Chinese Luo Pan
  • Be able to calculate a Xuan Kong flying star chart without the use of computers or charts
  • Know the twenty-four mountains without reference to any notes.

This is only a small part of the training and to top it all you have to dedicate at least ten years of your life as a student to be able to become a Practitioner. Every part of the above we agree with to a degree but unfortunately you do not have the time, which is why we have prepared this course so you can discover this mysterious art in the shortest time possible.

It would be impossible to cover everything in just two days but to walk away after this exciting course with a clear understanding of how you can make Feng Shui work for you; your family or business is worth far more than words can tell. Within two days you would have learnt more than most students take two years to learn.

 I have to say that for an absolute beginner (having read a couple of books previously and now understanding that it was all wrong – I have to class myself as a beginner!) I found the course really worthwhile.  I thoroughly enjoyed acquiring the knowledge and can’t wait to look at my house and surrounding area. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful course and sharing all this knowledge with us – it will make such a difference knowing how it all ties together!

Many thanks and Kind Regards

Carol Nicholls


How can you avoid all the traditional training and still understand the theory of Feng Shui?

It is fascinating to learn Chinese culture and the history of Feng Shui. Almost every book I have ever read on the subject starts with the words “Feng Shui” which translated means “wind and water”. I think we all know this but we feel most would rather learn how we can tap into our wealth, health or romance star in the shortest time possible.

We will provide you the following software:

The software provided by us has been exclusively designed by the Academy of Feng Shui and Michael Hanna and provides 100% accuracy in calculating your natal chart for Xuan Kong Feng Shui. This one piece of software saves many days learning how to create your own natal chart and of course giving complete accuracy which is the most imperative part of any Feng Shi analysis.

·          100% accurate calculation of a Xuan Kong natal chart with mountain, facing, period, annual and monthly stars.

·          A full list of each star and directional element showing instant view of conflicts.

·          Save as many clients or friends on a database offering instant recall of all client data.

·          Comprehensive information on Lo Pan, house trigram, element, mountain name and so much more.

·          Import floor plan superimposing all the cardinal directions over it offering accurate scale of directions so you will instantly know where south, north etc. occupy your home or office.

·          Calculate your Ming Gua (eight mansions) Trigram showing you or your clients instantly your good and bad directions.

·          Calculate your earthly branch (Chinese animal)

·          Software to draw scale floor plans of your home or office

·          A course syllabus that provides you with the knowledge and understanding to accurately analyse your home or office

Click here for more details of our
professional Feng Shui software.

This course or software is not intended to replace the training a true Master can offer but it will give you the confidence of accuracy of your calculations. This is very important as mistakes in Feng Shui can cost health, relationships and wealth.

 It was so nice to meet you and Michael face to face – thank you both for putting together such a user friendly course … well. I came away feeling I had learnt a great deal, gained confidence with my new found knowledge, and best of all progressing to a more detailed level which is very interesting.

The pace and intensity was just right. I was extremely impressed with your integrity and emphasising the need to be responsible with the feng shui knowledge, and certainly would recommend you guys as the best people to learn from that I know of. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot and am now very busy sorting out my house and office for the long awaited P8!

Once again, xie xie nee – wish you all the best with your next course and look forward to meeting up again in the future.

Lots love

Caroline Standish 

 What will you learn?

·  Use of Feng Shui

·  Surrounding land formation

·  Ba Gua and the Eight Trigrams

·  How to use water to activate your wealth.

·  Activating relationship areas.

·  Eight Mansion applications

·  Five elements

·  Lo Shu Square

·  He Tu Pattern

·  Twenty four mountains

·  How to accurately take a compass reading

·  How to determine your facing direction

·  Understanding your own property natal chart (Flying star chart)

·  Period, annual and monthly flying stars and their influences

·  How to activate your property for wealth, health, romance and study.

·  Wealth and water placement

·  Remedy and enhancers

· Feng Shui and business

·  Chinese folk beliefs

·  And so much more…

Having attended the course, you will be aware of the qualities of the different energies and be able to apply this knowledge to your own property and in particular to maximise the function and potential of each room and space. You will learn to be creative in using cures and enhancers. Remember, you are the only one who can determine what type of changes or renovations you can afford and also to suit your own taste.

There are no frills in this course, as we will plunge straight into the real application of Feng Shui, which you can apply to your environment immediately. As we do not have sufficient time in this two day course to dedicate time to the history of Feng Shui I suggest you look through our vast resources to familiarise yourself with our ethos on Feng Shui. Course notes will be sent to you once you have confirmed your booking.

 ‘Have come down to earth now and have started wringing out my brain that was like a sponge absolutely saturated with information from the weekend. The words wow and super wow come to mind, an incredible three days, and thank you.  A nice group of people as well as first class tutors with good food and pleasant surroundings made it a weekend to remember’.

Dudley Taylor

Feng Shui Practitioner
5 years

The course will help you improve:

  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Business and career
  • Health
  • Family harmony
  • Education
  • Fame and reputation.
  • Children behaviour
  • A deeper level of understanding and confidence
    in Feng Shui.

Where will the course be conducted and who are my tutors?

The school location is Green Park, Aston Clinton in Buckinghamshire, UK. This magnificent 80-acre parkland nestled into the Chiltern Hills; it boasts its own natural springs and varied wildlife. It is within easy reach of London and all main motorways. You will not find a better location to not only learn authentic Feng Shui but to experience land forms in real life at our doorstep. On day two of our course we perform actual consultations on neighbouring buildings.

Aston Clinton is a small village located within a 30-minutes drive of the M1, M40 and M25; the nearest airport is Luton (30 minutes), Heathrow (30 – 40 minutes) and Stansted, which is approximately 1 hour.

Location map and view from academy.

There are many good quality hotels or guesthouses in all prices ranges within walking distance or a short drive. We will send you details of these along with the course information.

Your tutor will be Master Practitioner Michael Hanna; who is a classically trained Practitioner with an extremely successful practise in UK and Europe.

If you would like:

  • Directions and guidance on the proper path in
    your study of Classical Feng Shui.
  • The confidence that your Feng Shui Readings are
    done correctly, with skill and are not just by a guessing game.
  • To understand the role of Feng Shui in Life, and
    how to maximise it.
  • To know the major factors that carries the most
    weight when practising Feng Shui.
  • To know exactly where and how to start your Feng
    Shui readings correctly.
  • To apply Advanced Eight Mansions and Flying Stars
    Feng Shui effectively.
  • And to learn many closely held secrets.

There are no other courses available of which we are aware that can offer so much within such a short time. This condensed two-day course provides you with knowledge and understanding that would take many schools and book years to learn.

Of course, we hold further courses that will teach you the way our masters have taught us. These advanced courses have been designed for students who have attended this course and wish to acquire the knowledge that gives the ability to advise clients on a professional basis without the need for computers and software.

Some of you may follow our monthly newsletter and our analysis of Xuan Kong flying stars each month. This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are able to attain a better understanding of authentic Feng Shui and to apply it in your own home or office, the results are amazing.

The class is always kept to a manageable size, this way we ensure everyone receives our full attention at all times. The take up rate is extremely high, so please do not miss this opportunity and do not forget the course will also be good fun as learning is enhanced when the atmosphere is balanced.

Practitioner Certificate

This is only available by invitation once you have completed the two-day foundation course. More information will be available once you have completed the course.

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For further details and costs on the Foundation Course in Feng Shui to be held, phone us on (+44) 01296 399100 or email

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  1. Hi

    I can see that you are no longer running courses, however are there any books you recommend to learn Feng Shui, or does the software you make come with an included course?

    1. Hi Brad,

      I’m afraid I cannot think of any books that would be good for starting out. The software will automatically give you the readings and results but will not teach you how to do the calculations.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Melody,

      Unfortunately, we will not have any courses in the foreseeable future as we are unable to find the time to arrange this.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Blessy,

      We are not currently running any courses although I can add you to our mailing list for future courses if you are interested?

      Kind regards,

  2. Please can you send me the prospectus or info of your oncoming Feng Shui course and the costs. Thanks in advance and regards

    1. Hi Anna,

      I\’m afraid we do not have any upcoming courses although I can add you to the mailing list for future courses if you like.

      Kind regards,

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