Enhance your wealth and business luck with Feng Shui i-ching Coins!

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Enhance your wealth and business luck with Feng Shui i-ching Coins!

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Are you prepared for 2022?

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Ancient Chinese Feng Shui coins or i-ching coins are commonly seen as a symbol of good fortune. They are commonly found tied in a string or a cluster in a special formation with red ribbon. It is believed that if you put them in auspicious places within your home or business, they enhance the flow of positive qi and invite good luck & wealth. Apart from that, they also safeguard your household from negative energy. These coins are spherical, with a square hole in the middle.

Chinese I-Ching coinThe circular shape represents heaven, and the square symbolizes the earth. It represents attracting positive energy from Heaven and the Earth. Of the two sides of the coin, one is the Yang side, which has four Chinese characters engraved on them. These are the names of some emperors from powerful dynasties. The Yin side, on the other hand, is usually stamped with two characters and sometimes you will see a Dragon on this side which is also a very powerful Feng Shui combination.

Some coins have trigrams & mantras or trigrams and animals inscribed upon them. The most popular coins are the ones with Chinese characters engraved with two meanings – either “your fortune has arrived” or “your luck is here.”

There are a variety of ways you can use these coins as Feng Shui cures to enhance your finances. People tie them in a set in a configuration of three, six, nine, or more with a red ribbon to charge them with energy. It’s essential to remember to display these coins with the Yang side or the side with the Chinese characters on the top.

Good fortune comes in a variety!

Ba Bao eight treasure coins in circle amuletFeng Shui Coins are a very simple and easy way to invite wealth, fame, money & luck in your life. People have added these coins in their daily lives by putting them in their wallets, purses, or offices. One of the five elements of Feng Shui is metal, and thus through this metal energy, these coins, when tied to a red ribbon, bring energy to your home or business.

Remember, having one single Feng Shui coin is often considered inauspicious unless it is placed inside an Ang Pow red envelope as this is very auspicious to receive and as a business; we send these out free with every order we send and have done for the last twenty years.

It is also said that the number one promotes loneliness. Money doesn’t like to be alone, and committing this mistake might cause the money to leave you empty. Thus it is always good to have at least two coins.

One coin has no importance, but number two in Chinese sounds like ‘easy.’ It will ensure that money makes it’s way to you quickly.

Number three symbolizes recreation. It means that the money will always be replenished and your wallet will always be filled with it, and a very powerful combination of this is the wealth protection trinity talisman which is a very unique enhancer and protector for wealth with three auspicious Chinese i-ching coins that have been chosen from a good dynasty (very important) tied together with a red ribbon to form a triangle which is the strongest of all the geometric shapes.

The three Chinese i-ching coins represent a trinity of prosperity enhancement (San He), and the top is tied with a lucky knot and combined with double tassels at the bottom.

These are perfect to place in your purse/wallet, handbag, account books, till, cash tins etc. to attract wealth and abundance.

The number four in Chinese is usually associated with death, loss, or to die because it sounds like that. Having four coins means the death of money, and in Feng Shui, it literally translates to stopping wealth. Thus it’s advised not to carry four coins as it will bring you bad money luck, shortage of money, or struggle with debt.

The number five is also considered not very lucky; the sound of this number means no. It signifies that money will not come to people who have five coins with them.

6 chinese I-Ching coins in a rowSix Chinese I-Ching Coins are the most commonly used in Feng Shui and are and are tied in a row and an extremely influential and traditional cure and one that we have personally used in our home and business every year for the past 39 years.

The six Chinese i-ching coins must come from a good dynasty which is actually very important and often overlooked by many Feng Shui masters. Six is the number which represents luck from heaven and associated with the Gua (Kua) Trigram Chien.

They must be secured with a mystic tassel to apparently double the good fortune and endless wealth luck. In 2021 you should hang the six Coins in the southeast and north in to protect wealth and luck.

This cure and enhancer is one of the most important annual cures and also essential for those who follow flying star Feng Shui and placed where you have the fixed #2 & #5 stars and also used to enhance wealth with the fixed #1 & #6 stars.

Seven coins tied together means surety, which means that the money will come to these people.

Eight means prosperity, and having a combination of eight coins tied with a red ribbon will make sure you become prosperous and wealthy.

Chinese I-Ching coinsNine is a symbol of unity. The number nine or having nine coins will mean that money will flow forever and never stop. It promotes good luck in wealth, safety, and fortune. The word nine in Chinese means longevity and will ensure you remain protected for the rest of your life.

The set of ten coins is seen as a very auspicious cure that is used to enhance your wealth. It is also an effective metal element. These coins strung together in this order represent wealth, fame, fortune, and profound success.

A little known and powerful Feng Shui enhancers is to place 68 coins wrapped in gold cloth in the area that has the #1 star for any year, so in 2021 you would place them in the south; You must use good quality coins from a good Dynasty though, and every single coin we sell is from a good dynasty.

In Feng Shui, I-Ching coins play a major role in cures and in out 2021 Deluxe cures and enhancers kit we have 34 different I-Ching coins being used in the cures. A large percentage of Feng Shui cures and enhancers will have I-Ching coins as part of the cure, making this one of the most fundamental pieces used in Feng Shui.

How to Place these Coins?

  1. It is said that the placement of coins in the northwest area of your house can enhance the flow of energy and bring essential people into your life.
  2. These coins are often used as a cure to wade away negative effects.
  3. It is advised to attach a set of three trinity coins on your important papers and financial documents to attract fortune and luck.
  4. People often hang three trinity coins in their car to protect themselves during every journey and attract wealth.
  5. Since the set of six coins is a very auspicious symbol that represents the unity of earth with heaven. Therefore, it is encouraged to put above the main entrance of your household or a shop or business.
  6. Putting coins under cash registers & account books will enhance your financial luck & attract more opportunities for you.
  7. Many people often mistakenly place coins under their welcome mat, although this is not something I would ever recommend as you would have people wiping their dirty shoes on your money.
  8. Set up a foundation for your wealth anytime you build an addition to your home. Place three trinity coins at each corner of your house to attract wealth.
  9. If someone close to you is going through a low phase, you can consider gifting them these coins. A little act of kindness can go a long way, and karma will ensure you get the benefits of your good action.
  10. It’s said that if you place these coins in the southeast area of your house, you’ll find improvement in your financial condition. To improve their personal relationships, one should place them in the southwest direction.

What to do before using these Chinese i-ching coins?

gao qian Three i-ching coins with mystic knot and tasselYou may have invested in Chinese coins for your Feng Shui work, but it’s always a great idea to cleanse your coins from any sort of previous lingering energy. If you purchased these coins from a reputed Feng Shui Store, then you will feel it’s good energy and every single item we sell at the Feng Shui store is cleansed and empowered with positive sheng chi energy, so you do not need to cleanse any item you buy from us.

However, before placing Feng Shui coins anywhere, you must ensure that a minimum of three coins is tied together with a ribbon. The area where you put these coins must be clean and uncluttered. The places where you keep these coins must be an area you frequently visitLastly, display them in a way that the four Chinese characters are always facing upwards unless you have been instructed by a Feng Shui Master otherwise.

Now that you’re aware of the impact a few coins can have on your life, you can use this knowledge to attract good luck and avoid any mistakes.

12 thoughts on “Enhance your wealth and business luck with Feng Shui i-ching Coins!

  1. My boyfriend just bought me 1 I was reading 1 isnt good to have by itself? What can I do with 1 coin?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      I would recommend getting another coin to have them in an even amount or placing the coin in with your loose coins in your purse.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi,

      If you have bought these recently less than three months ago, that will be fine to use them. If the coins have been used all of 2020, it would be best to replace them.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi Kalpana,

          the best way to dispose of old coins is to wrap them in tissue and dispose of them outside of your home by carefully placing them in a bin.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi,

            That will be fine to place a single coin on a necklace. you could also place the coin in a purse or wallet.

            I hope this helps 🙂

            Kind regards,

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