A costly mistake and a lesson to us all.

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A costly mistake and a lesson to us all.

We had been called in by a lovely family in London, on a recommendation from this persons Sister who we had consulted the previous month (March 2002). Both families had recently employed the services of a well-known so-called expert within a few weeks of each other in December 2001.

As much as I would love to tell you this person’s name, I do not really fancy any legal battles and I believe “Bad Karma” will get the better of this person eventually. I have listed a few key points worth noting if you ever consider a consultation:

v The main householder is a Chen 3 Trigram, which is a wood element. He was told to place a row of eight metal Chinese coins under his mattress to cure his stress problem. The effect was instant, not in a good way though, metal cuts through wood (client) thus causing sleepless nights and all sorts of other problems.

v They were advised to put fire in an area that had the dreaded earth stars 2 & 5, this is the worst combination of stars and placing fire in this area increases its deadly powers as fire feeds earth.

v Told to place a Ba Gua mirror inside their home, there are two types of Ba Gua mirrors, before and after heaven sequence. This person was told to place the before heaven Ba Gua inside their home which should never be done these are meant to be used outside only. We only sell the before heaven Ba Gua as the after heaven should only be used by an expert.

v Practitioner turned up without a compass and used an A to Z road map book to find her compass directions, I really do not need to say anymore, considering that a qualified Feng Shui practitioner works within a half a degree accuracy of the compass.

There were many other disastrous results from this consultation, to long to list.


Whatever school of Feng Shui you follow please don’t take this the wrong way, if you are a practitioner and use “Black Hat” Feng Shui and it works for you, fine, my only gripe is someone who practises a form of Feng Shui that we could teach in a day and charges absurd amounts of money and causes problems for their clients. In my opinion it is no different to a Doctor reading a couple of books on surgery, and then going out and performing major open-heart surgery. Don’t let this put you off having a consultation, there are many highly trained practitioners who provide an excellent and honest service, they could have paid £35.00 for one of our on-line consultation and had ten times more information not only for their house but also for them as individuals.

The cost for their mistakes:

v 2 x four hour consultations = £2.0000 (two thousand pounds) (£250.00 per hour)

v After consultation, telephone support £250.00 per hour, payable in advance.

v Estimated products they had to buy on recommendation £300.00

v Their situation worsened after the consultations.

Letter from our client 23rd May 2002

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the Feng Shui Consultancy that Michael (Feng Shui Store) has performed for us recently. We were impelled to contact Michael after we had a rather unrewarding and very costly meeting with another well advertised Feng Shui Consultant. My wife and I felt for some time that we wanted to have an expert come to our house and provide us with comprehensive analysis of the Feng Shui principles and how we could benefit from them. Subsequently we were informed of a Feng Shui Practioner by my sister who had previously used her so we decided to book an appointment.

What we found rather strange from the onset was she came to our house unprepared and even forgot to bring her compass, which I understand is a very important tool. As a result she suggested that she could use an A to Z (A-Z is a street map of London) because she was able to find her bearing from that in relation to our house. Rather than answering most of our pressing questions she spent most of the time informing us of what direction we should be travelling in if we were to go on holiday and also that we should take a trip around the world in order to rectify the imbalance caused by our house being in the wrong direction! Upon hearing this we started to have our doubts as this suggestion was not at all practical or affordable. Believe it or not this took all of four hours and we did say to her that we were working to a budget and at £250 per hour we wanted her to concentrate on what we wanted out of the meeting and not after four hour be told that we should do a round the world trip!

She suggested that we buy certain items from her website so that we can place them in certain areas to enhance our wealth and relationships. Upon buying these items and placing them where she told us to place them we found a definite worsening of our situation. People in the house became more irritable, our cashflow worsened and we were feeling very tired all the time. May sound strange but it is a reality of what happened. What we also found strange was that she used a standard template for each house which depicts the various areas such as relationships, wealth etc. Common sense told us that each house is different and so are the people in that house so how could a common template be used for everyone in the world?

My sister, who had previously used her, had also experienced a worsened situation after her visit. Subsequently she put us in touch with Michael who from the onset, prior to visiting us, took detailed information about each person in the house so he could prepare a comprehensive analysis of each person. The analysis took into account Dates of Birth, time of birth and more which led to a detailed account of what direction were best suited to that person and those that were not. Upon visiting us Michael talked to us in detail to see what we were trying to gain from the meeting, how he would be conducting his time and generally walked around the house. Striking of all was that he discovered we had a number of Black lines running through the house. These are just a natural magnetic field that runs around the world, which many people know about. He identified these as a major cause of unrest and general cause of tiredness which we had been feeling. He told me how I could identify them which really was an eye opener and completely quelled any doubts I may have had. Michael practised his skills learnt from a 5-6000 old practice and removed the black Lines. These lines were running up to my bedroom which would have been a cause for me not sleeping very well. After they have been removed my sleep has been wonderful, no restless nights! Upon examining what the other consultant had done he was baffled as to why she would have suggested doing such things as they were largely detrimental. For example she had told me to place an eight coin bookmark under my mattress to make me relaxed and less stressed. After doing this I felt worse and the reason behind it was that my element is wood and the metal from the coin cuts into the wood thus making things worse! I can tell you we took everything out that she had told us to put in. She had also advised of placing a Bagu Mirror in the house, however from reading other books and also from Michael, we found out that this was probably one of the worst things we could have done. He advised where to put it and why. From his advice we are now seeing a positive turnaround and feel much more happier and content. There is a general feeling of happiness and well being in the house which other people have noticed.

We feel we were taken advantage of by the first consultant that came to us. She gave really bad advice, came unprepared and really was only interested in increasing her time with us so she could clock up a nice fee. I would suggest to anyone thinking of having a Feng Shui Consultant to think about using someone of Michael’s (Feng Shui Store) calibre before arranging a visit. He has proven himself to be very versatile, informative and practical in his approach. More to the point he is honest and has your best interest to heart, which I cannot say for the same for the other consultant.

Our Final Conclusion:

Over the years we have seen and heard of many consultations carried out by so-called practitioners, we even have them emailing us for advice on how to improve their own situation. Many of them subscribe to our newsletter and copy the contents, we are only human and do not profess to be the leading experts in Feng Shui, far from it. Some Masters do charge thousands of pounds for a consultation and in my opinion they are worth every penny, however, your fees should be relative to your experience and also a desire to help others, whilst our experience and training is very high we do not take advantage, in fact our cheaper on-line consultations contain more valuable information than some practitioners have in overall knowledge.

If we haven’t put you off completely, and would like further details on our traditional and authentic consultations please click here.

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