Feng Shui main entrance tips and advice for your home and office

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Good Feng Shui Main Entrance

How does your Feng Shui main entrance door and hallway affect the Feng Shui of your home?

Cluttered Doorway Bad Feng Shui

Cluttered Doorway – Negative qiIt’s impossible to expect or create perfection in anything, including yourself, your family or your home. Once you understand and accept that striving for perfection is a losing battle, life becomes much easier for all. A more healthy attitude and approach are to create an environment within your home or business, that makes you feel balanced, productive, happy and calm and maintain a good relationship with your family or business associates.

The beauty of learning and applying the art of Feng Shui means you can work your way around major flaws in your home environment to create a more harmonious flow of good qi (positive energy) which will ultimately reflect in the health of your entire family as well as improve relationships.  Improving the qi in your home or workplace is easy to implement; I’ll start by giving you many options to enhance the Feng Shui of the entrance door and hallway.

The most important question from a Feng Shui aspect is, how does this impact the Feng Shui of my home or business?

Main energy (qi) enters the home or business via the Feng Shui main entrance door and hallway reception. The quality of the qi will be a reflection of the condition of the entrance. A cluttered, dirty entrance will produce low quality energy, and you will either consciously or subconsciously, feel your energy depleting or maybe start to feel irritable and, if it’s not your home, you may experience the urge to turn around and walk straight back out.

Clear Entrance Good Feng Shui
Clear Entrance – Good qi

On the other hand, if the Feng Shui main entrance has a tidy, open, fresh feel then you would feel calm, open-hearted, friendly and eager to follow the hallway through to the rest of the house. So, you can see there are two significant reasons why the main entrance needs to remain clean and organised; one is to ensure high quality, smooth energy (qi) and the other is to create a good first impression when visitors arrive at your door.

I always like to use the analogy between the Feng Shui main entrance and the mouth.  Imagine a daily diet of burgers, fried foods, fizzy drinks, alcoholic beverages and sugary foods and never, ever brushing your teeth. It’s not hard to imagine how this would affect your health. Not only would your teeth start to look very unclean and eventually rot away, but your entire physiology would be affected. In other words, the quality of your life qi (chi) would be severely disturbed and depleted.

The same applies to the main entrance of your home; the incoming, low-quality qi would affect the entire house including the occupants’ health and relationship with each other; the result is a disruption of harmony.  However, it’s an easy process to fix, and you and your loved ones will experience and enjoy immediate positive changes.

Top Feng Shui tips and advice for your main door entrance:

1. The areas of the main entrance, including outside, must be kept clutter free and spotlessly clean. Avoid leaving shoes and boots by the door, instead, try placing them in a shoe box or cupboard out of sight.

2. Clear and clean the areas around the main door. Avoid leaving rubbish or dirty, muddy shoes outside or inside. The wind carries the qi (energy) into the home dragging any dirt or smells with it.

3. Coconut doormats are impossible to keep clean, and they collect and harbour negative energy, so I recommend avoiding them entirely. I recently conducted a Feng Shui consultation for a home a few weeks ago and took the photos below. I think you get the picture (excuse the pun). Instead, if you think a mat is necessary then use one that can be easily hosed down or cleaned.

Bad Entrance Feng Shui

Messy Hallway Bad Feng Shui

4. Flood the main entrance with natural light and you can achieve this by keeping colours light and neutral.

5. Mirrors should be hung on the left or right and never facing the door.

6. There should be no obstructions or difficulties when opening or closing the Feng Shui main entrance door.

7. The front door furniture must be in good condition. The paintwork should be spotless; timber doors should be regularly varnished, broken doors should be repaired or replaced and hinges regularly oiled.

8. To choose colours for the main entrance, and to ensure an ideal outcome, I recommend working out which direction your home faces using a good Feng Shui compass. You would then create a flying star (Xuan Kong) natal chart or an eight mansions chart; to make this process easy you could use a quality Feng Shui software.

You could then work out the perfect colour for your home or business main entrance. As an example, if your compass reading shows a 350 degrees north 2 and your main entrance was in the middle of the building, then to weaken the effects of this combination, ultimately improving the quality of the qi, I would recommend you paint the door a dark blue, black or charcoal colour. You could also use the same colours for a doormat or rug

Clear Entrance Good Feng Shui

Clean, open and bright space

9. Place a pair of Fu dogs either side of your door for protection. Click this link for information on how to set them correctly

10.  Place a Ba Gua Mirror above your front door If you have poison arrows directly outside your house, such as a junction in the road or street lights.

I hope the above Feng Shui tips help and please let us know in comments below

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