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Tong Shu Almanac


Below you will find some screen shots of the main platforms of the software although the software is far too big to show you all the platforms.

Tong Shu Daily Planner

The Tong Shu Daily Planner can help you plan so much in your life from life changing decisions such as a big business deal right down to the most simple things such as planting shrubs in your garden. You can adjust the time, day, month and year so that you can find out if it is a good day to plan an important trip or for a driving test at any given time in the future.

In this section of the software you will have instant information such as:

  • Good and bad activities for the day in icon or text format.
  • Yearly, month, day and hourly pillar
  • Annual Chinese animal
  • Your personal Chinese animal
  • Flying stars chart for month and year
  • Sky happiness star
  • Your personal Auspicious times for the selected date
  • Your personal Lucky numbers
  • Conflict direction for the day
  • 28 constellations(Based on traditional generic Tong Shu)
  • 12 officers(Based on traditional generic Tong Shu)
  • Season (for northern and southern hemisphere)
  • Link to monthly Tong Shu planner
  • Link to weekly Tong Shu planner
  • Diary to plan good and bad days around

Tong Shu Screen Shot


Flying Stars Xuan Kong

On the Flying Star page you can access such information as:

  • Every flying star chart for every direction and every period
  • Shows associated elements for star and also compass direction.
  • Monthly & annual stars
  • Lists 24 mountains with full Chinese name and also easy reference name like north 1, southeast 2 etc.
  • Check monthly, annual and yearly afflictions in advance.
  • Shows house Trigram and group.
  • Change compass directions and period in real time.
  • Calculates house trigram, group, element etc.
  • Customise monthly, annual and elements.
  • Annul afflictions like #5 yellow star, Tai Su, three killings
  • Professionally printed reports.
  • Auspicious combinations marked in yellow, inauspicious in red for easy reference.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Min Gua life Trigram and eight mansions reports:

  • Chinese new year (solar calendar, accurate to the minute) compatible from 1924 up until 2023
  • No need to check day and hour of birth anymore.
  • Powerful Chinese New Year accurate Gua calculator.
  • Shows Trigram, Chinese animal, element, Trigram group.
  • Prints a transparency or plain paper overlay for floor plans for eight mansions.
  • Print full Gua reports showing all information.
  • Enhancing elements, colours and vulnerabilities
  • Your good and bad directions for wealth, health, relationships etc · Choose enhancing colours for yourself and your home/office.
  • Your vulnerabilities

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Tong Shu Weekly Planner

The Tong Shu weekly planner gives you a quick overview of the week ahead, although you can toggle weeks, months or years ahead. On the side of the screen you can click on the day icon next to the day you would like more detail about and it will take you to the more in-depth daily Tong Shu.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Monthly Tong Shu Planner

This is much like the weekly Tong Shu but is broken down into a monthly calendar to show the good and bad days for your personal selected date. Again this is only an overview of the month.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Chinese Animal Forecast

The Chinese animal forecast explains all the Chinese animals’ good and bad days throughout the selected month and informs you by having a happy, average or sad face. This is great if you are planning for events for more than one person in a family or business as it gives an outline in an instant as to good and bad days generally for anyone. This is actually a very small part of date selection yet many books and also Practitioners base their date selection methods just on this simple system alone.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Goal Planner

I love this part of the software and in this section you can create your own personal goals/wish list then review them or even mark them as completed or abandoned, this way your list of goals will be a lot easier to understand and complete. When creating a new goal after the title a creation time and date is saved automatically, you can then write a description about your goal and pick a goal type by selecting either life changing or short term. You can even set a start and target date and set a reminder so that you can be warned as to when one of your goals is close to target time.

One part I really like is the fact that if you were setting a goal like “I want a new Ferrari by 2009” you input these details but you can also load and store a picture of the goal you wish to achieve so a quick look through Google and download the image of your dreams.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Life Planner Summary

Our view on life is whatever you put out to the universe comes back to you based on the law of attraction, so with this in mind we have developed this part of the software along manifestation and goal and wish list planning.

With this section of the software you can:

  • View all of your outstanding tasks in a chart so that you are able to keep on top of all the tasks you need to complete
  • View all of your completed tasks so that you can review your old tasks.
  • Display of your personal Chinese animal
  • Link to your flying stars chart
  • Link to your to do list
  • Today’s to do list broken down into your categories
  • This weeks to do list broken down into your categories
  • Your own unique prosperity planner cheque designed to your specifications

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Prosperity planner cheque

On this software you can now create your own unique and auspicious lottery/gambling numbers using an ancient secret complex arithmetical code that is little known in our western world. We already have great feedback on this with some good wins.

The prosperity planner cheque is an amazing formula based around your personal date of birth and Sheng chi lucky numbers and adds them to your very own personal printable cheque.

How does this work?

  • You load your personal file or manually enter your birth details,
  • You then load the prosperity planner cheque,
  • Type your name into the requested text box,
  • Type the amount of money you would like to be printed on the cheque.
  • Select the currency between Euros, Great British pounds or dollars,
  • Press the print icon
  • Either save the file or print it straight off with your unique lucky numbers embedded into the cheque and instructions on where to place it within your home or business.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Sample of cheque

Tong Shu Screen Shot

To Do List

The to do list was added to the Tong Shu Almanac software to help you base your life around the almanac and keep up to date with all the tasks you need to complete. The to do list can give you reminders when any number of tasks may be coming up to completion date so that you will never forget a task has to be completed.

The Status field is a colour coded system to let you know how close to vital your task is. If the to-do item has been marked as completed, the status shows green. If the to-do item is not complete, the status shows anything from deep blue to deep red, depending on the priority.

The great part of this to-do-list is you create your own categories so like me in my business I have created categories like, write consultation reports, select auspicious dates etc, so if you want email, fax, telephone, shopping catagories it is up to you.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

System Configuration

The Tong Shu Almanac software allows you to control the settings the way you want it to display,

  • You can create your own Microsoft outlook folder through the almanac software where you save your clients.
  • You can make diary entries private.
  • Select if you live in northern or southern hemisphere
  • Select if you want birthday reminders

Tong Shu Screen Shot

Conversion chart

A handy conversion section for converting temperatures, distance, weight and time keeping it in tradition with a normal western diary and Tong Shu.


You input a temperate into any of the different text boxes and it automatically tells you the different type of temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit to Kelvin. The software has saved temperatures and a short description on such temperatures as:

  • Absolute zero
  • Lowest on earth
  • Dark side of the moon
  • Freezing point of water
  • Highest on earth
  • Surface of the sun
  • Boiling point of water
  • Centre of the earth
  • Nuclear fusion


The Distance conversion section allows you to convert between any of the ten listed measurements of distance:

  • Centimetre
  • Inch
  • Foot
  • Yard
  • Metre
  • Fathom
  • Furlong
  • Kilometre
  • Mile
  • Nautical mile

The distance conversion section also tells you the distance of:

  • Blood vessels in a human body
  • Deepest ocean
  • Circumference of the earth
  • Great wall of China
  • Highest point on earth
  • The earth to the moon
  • Longest river
  • London to Sydney
  • Earth to the sun

Tong Shu Screen Shot


Welcome section

When you load up the Tong Shu Almanac Software you are greeted with a welcome screen filled with lots of images and text explaining all the features available on the software, this is to ensure you get the most out of this extremely valuable software.

There is a live news feed section which automatically updates all the latest news from the Feng Shui store onto this page.

Tong Shu Screen Shot

This is only a selection of screen shots just to give you an idea

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