What we are doing at the Feng Shui Store to tackle COVID-19

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Covid-19 update – Friday 19th November 2021.


Health predictions for Chinese animals 2020Please note Deliveries in the UK and most of the world are pretty much back to normal but, there are still some countries that are currently taking longer than usual and some delays are to be expected due to restrictions on movement to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus. We are still shipping orders as usual although it would be wise to check that your country is still receiving and delivering post. 

We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy during this terrible time and that this pandemic is not causing too much distress for you and your loved ones.

This is a terrible time to be going through around the world and in times like this, it is so amazing to see all the good that is taking place during this pandemic; we have strangers helping each other and so much love and good being shown in the world.

It has pretty much-been business as usual for us right from the start of the pandemic although Michael has had to restrict his on-site Feng Shui consultations and had to cancel most of his booked consultations last year but is now carrying out Feng Shui consultations in the UK and hopes to start travelling through the EU and rest of the world soon.

We are taking extensive measures to ensure hygiene and safety is practised at all times in the workplace. We will be shipping orders as we normally would and will be following our government’s advice.

We are lucky enough to be a family run business so that we can limit our exposure and self-isolate while still being able to carry on working. As an online store, our warehouse is based in a remote location so that we can carry on sending out orders and then catch up on emails and maintain the website from home.

What we are doing at the Feng Shui Store to tackle COVID-19

  • Safety 
    • We have split ourselves up to ensure we can still work in safety. I am currently writing this in my new office at home with my dog Frankie by my feet.
    • Stopped all on-site consultations during the lockdown 
    • All orders are being sent out under very strict hygiene conditions
    • Jo will be handling the packing of orders and has moved all stock onsite to avoid unnecessary travel and avoid risks
    • Regular deep cleaning with disinfectants
  • Supply
    Luckily as a family run business, we have been able to move a lot of our work to our home offices and carry on as normal. We have been shipping orders out as normal. All of our stock has been with us for the past 2-3 years and any new deliveries that come in have been put in a separate shipping container on-site for one month to ensure that there is no risk of any contamination.

  • Support —
    We have always tried our hardest to offer the best advice that we possibly can without trying to sell anything; it is our ethos that cures and enhancers should be naturally chosen and not forced. We have been inundated with emails lately asking for advice on how to ensure safety, health, and financial security during these times and we have been burning the midnight oil to get back to everyone but please be aware that it may take us longer than usual to reply.

Wishing you all safety and health during this pandemic,

Michael, Jo, and Daniel
The Feng Shui Store.







4 thoughts on “What we are doing at the Feng Shui Store to tackle COVID-19

  1. Hello from Texas

    Just thought I would say Howdy y’all. Was thinking about ordering from weeks ago but then wasn’t sure about the whole international shipping and Covid situation. i guess delays to USA. Hope you are all safe. I have been home collecting Unemployment (do you have that in the UK?) and my boyfriend is still working delivering pizza. I’m actually looking for online jobs but it ‘s not easy. The only time I go out is with him to the store (shops)

    1. Hi Christina,

      I hope you’re staying safe, healthy, and happy during these times.

      We’ve been hearing back from clients in the USA that orders are only slightly delayed at the moment.

      We have a lot of people on furlough at the moment which is where the government pay 80% of their wages for people who aren’t able to go to work due to lockdown.

      I’m glad to hear you’re still able to see your boyfriend and hope things get better for you soon :).

      Have you tried looking through Fiverr? It’s a good website to find creative work.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hello to the Hanna clan and to everyone at Feng Shiu web,
    Wow, I was so delighted to see this beautiful photo of all of you so daperly dressed on a lovely happy day! Belated Congratuaions to the groom and best wishes to his wife for years of bliss!
    Yours is truly a first class business and we are so glad we found you. Someday we hope to visit your store in person. We are still fine in Italy and will continue with our precautions here.
    Thank you again for all your integrity, help, and advice,
    Shonna and Chip

    1. Hi Shonna,

      Thank you for your lovely message and for taking the time to write this 🙂

      I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

      Kind regards,

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