Characteristics of the Metal Dog

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Characteristics of the Metal Dog: 1970

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Metal Feng Shui

The metal Dog is a confident and straight forward person and tries to do everything in a determined and ambitious manner. They believe in themselves and have no hesitation when speaking their mind.

 The Metal Dog can be quite serious at times and can be anxious and irritable when things don’t go their way. It would highly work in their favour to broaden their list of activities in life.

The Dog is a loyal person that will do anything for their friends and family. They hate any sort of injustice or unfair treatment and will do all they can to make sure everything is fair. They are very direct and always straight to the point. They can be stubborn at times but are always prepared to listen to the views of others and will try to be as fair as they can. They will always be happy to offer advice and will be the first to help when something goes wrong.

The Dog is admired by all their friends and family for their integrity and confidence. They are a very good judge of character. Despite their confidence, they are not the greatest at socializing. They dislike attending large social gatherings or parties and would prefer a quiet meal with friends. They are great speakers and can hold a conversation with the greatest of ease. Dogs can keep very calm at a time of crisis although they do have a bit of a temper, his outburst will be short burst when they happen.

They are loyal and trustworthy but find it hard to forgive and forget if they feel their trust has been abused. The Dog prefers to become an expert at a few chosen activities rather than trying their hand at everything. They are suited to jobs in social services, medical work and teaching, they do need to be motivated from time to time in their work though. If they feel they don’t have a purpose in life they will just drift along and not accomplish much.

Dogs tend to worry a bit too much and see everything from a pessimist’s point of view. They are not materialistic or bothered about money; as long as they can support their family then they are happy. It would be best for Dogs to receive professional help when investing. The Dog is always admired by friends and colleagues but can be quite difficult to live with due to their high standards and changeable moods.

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16 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Metal Dog

  1. I had those if their birthdays are correct.. Very intense quick and drawn to one another. But both liked heavy metal and broke up with me. I put my faith in marriage if with the right person, it can be done. But if both agree to do the right thing adn are not scared off. I am like a small dog that i love quiet smart but not very savy in money or how to handle thing like that on my own. so my trust is very short. My trust in others is driven by seeking truth and making sure . I have not been great at it. I do doubt because I have been deceived. none of it is in my head. I make sure its real. So wh ydo i not get along with these signs in long term. I feel deceived. One did deliberitly
    lie to me i feel both did or all men not sure. I want to trust so bad i day dream when i guess i should be using my logic.

  2. It’s true! I found my beloved younger horse man later in life, so our age difference doesn’t matter. Glad we didn’t meet earlier because he would have seemed too young.

    1. Hi Emily,

      The word metal refers to the element of the Chinese animal.

      In Feng Shui, there are 5 elements – metal, water, wood, fire, and earth.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. At times in my life, because I AM a metal dog. All I have had is what I believe in and no one can take that away. I could be like most but then I would not have anything. Even if I had the moon and stars. What strength and fuel when needed and opportunity that is available because of only one thing. Holding on to what is right. And the fruits that bear are intense with senses being enhanced as years pass with experiences and standing firm with the firmest of foundations.
    I’ve seen the dog with combinations of his element and gender and time of day born and more good stuff like eastern horoscope. But throw in believing in the one and only Jesus Christ. Throw in being a Christian. That would be- metal dog, december 1970, around 12 47p.m., son of horse(father) & moms I forget at the moment(but it was April 1935). I am a sagittarius and all these running in combination that I have a 4 barrel carburetor at times running on top fuel. And dont forget i was raised up on that cornbread. It’s in my veins.

  4. That explains a a lot! I just learned my husband and I are both metal dogs!!!!! I thought we were very different, turns out, too much alike!

  5. No-one HAS to be married to achieve a “happy ending for years” pairing off isn’t a prerequisite for a happy anything. It a pretty narrow perspective!

  6. Dog women born 1970 is very smart and live in a high standard.
    But they have to married with there best match is Tiger born 1962 or Horse born 1966 , then they will have happy ending for years.
    Horse 1966 and Dog 1970 have similar standard life, Dog women very honest and sweet , especially they are very beautiful and attractive the way they are. Horse man easy to get bore with there relationship but when they see Dog women , it make them settle down there life , dog women play the roll in the Horse man life. This is the best sweet match .

    1. I was born 1970
      Mother gave me this advice. Look at not just how your treated by your love interest but by how they treat others also! Acts of kindness are a good tell!! I have never had carried my grocery bags? He helps the old people nextdoor!!!. I choose my husband this way! He is an 🌎 monkey! We been married since 1992 !!

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