Characteristics of the Fire Monkey

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Characteristics of the Fire Monkey: 1956

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Feng Shui fire element

The Fire Monkey is intelligent and has no trouble in obeying orders when it is necessary to do so. The Fire Monkey is extremely imaginative and has wide interests, although they can sometimes get distracted from vital tasks and would benefit from staying focused in important situations.

They are very competitive and always love to be involved in everything that is going on around them. They can get stubborn if they don’t get what they want in life. They are lively characters and are seen as attractive to others.

Feng Shui creativityThe Monkey is a creative and inquiring person that loves to observe everything that is going on around them. They love to help others and are extremely sensible and reliable. The monkey is intelligent and is always eager to learn. They have an extremely good memory and there are many Monkeys who have made good linguists. They are very convincing talkers and often enjoy taking part in discussions and debates. They are very successful in politics, PR work, teaching and any jobs that involve selling because of their persuasive manner. They can sometimes be crafty, cunning and dishonest and will grasp any opportunity to make a quick profit or outsmart their opponents.

Feng Shui freedom

They have so much confidence in themselves that they sometimes forget to take other peoples advice. With so many diverse talents the Monkey is able to make a lot of money in life, they will sometimes splash out on exotic holidays and are always happy to spend the money as soon as they get it.

The Monkey has to have freedom in their lives to act as they want and can become unhappy if they are held back by rules and restrictions. They soon lose interest in something if they think it has become boring and will move on. They lack persistence which can slow down their progress, if they concentrate on one thing at a time they will achieve a lot more in the long run. They are good organizers and will always have a plan of action in their head for themselves. They are happy to put their failures down to experience when they do not work out. They like to impress people and will always have admirers around them because of their sense of humour and confidence.

Feng Shui weddingMonkeys usually marry young and for it to be a success their partners need to allow them time to pursue their many interests and love of travel. The Monkey is suited to Rats, Dragons, Pigs, and Goats. He Ox, Rabbit, Snake, and Dog will also be enchanted by the Monkeys resourceful nature. They are likely to infuriate the Rooster and Horse, and the Tiger will have little patience with their tricks.

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Famous Monkeys:
Leonardo Da VinciJustin Timberlake
Jennifer Aniston
Danny De Vito
Don King
Venus Williams
Bob Marley
Daniel Craig
Christina Aguilera
Leonardo Da Vinci
Rod Stewart
Diana Ross
Michael Douglas
Kylie Minogue
Mia Farrow
Celine Dion
Alicia Keys
Elizabeth Taylor
Lisa Marie Presley
Bette Davis
Patricia Cornwell

14 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Fire Monkey

  1. Im a Libra fire monkey. All true except I am.not crafty by any means! Very fair and hate injustice. I am quick thinking, love art , music, and my freedom. Very true!

    1. I am a Taurus Fire Monkey!! I am not crafty at all. Injustice is a huge issue for me, and most people like me and vice versa. I am too sensitive though. I wish that I was stronger in that area.❤️❤️❤️

  2. My son is a fire monkey born in 2016 and all the characteristics are true. He’s a fast learner and invent new ideas that the average 2 year old wouldn’t dare

  3. I have a taurus fire monkey I recently found this out, and it totally explains why she is so adventurous and energetic for being a taurus. She is very mischievous but I love it! My son is an Aquarius wood horse and was way more calm then she is.

  4. Fire Monkey has the highest intellect, and is flash fire quick in ordinary decision making. They quickly assess a situation, and can make a forceful delivery. Their sense of humor is the epitome of great stories and laughter. This is a fantastic person.

  5. My mother was a fire monkey (’56) and it helped me remember a lot about her. Made me so happy!

  6. I am a fire monkey born Tripoli Libya May 1st 1956 just turned 60years old, the 1st half of this year was the worst period in my life but the 2nd half started at the end of May turned circumstances for me dramatically & is continuing so, I love being a monkey & totally agree with the characteristics written because that\’s ME lol

    1. I am a fire monkey, 29th April 1956, born in Manchester..I love travel, meeting people, antiques, art, painting, cities, architecture, films, good food and good wine…..just started a new career as an artist and loving it!! New website under construction!! Art for sale on eBay…as Caz original oil paintings…. 😀

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