Characteristics of the Fire Dragon

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Characteristics of the Fire Dragon: 1916, 1976

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Fire Feng Shui

The Fire Dragon is an extremely ambitious, wise person and is always driven by success. They are hard workers and are respected by their peers for their skills. The Fire Dragon has the ability to be a very good leader when given the chance and will accomplish many things when in charge.

The Fire Dragon can sometimes fail to take other peoples advice and may upset others without realising. They could go a lot further if they allow others to help and try to be more understanding for other peoples opinions and feelings

The Dragon is a proud and lively person with a never ending supply of self confidence. They are highly intellectual and are always very quick to take advantage of any chance. They are determined and strong-minded to do well in anything they attempt, which usually comes naturally to them. They are somewhat of a perfectionist and will always try to maintain high standards that they set for themselves.

Dragons tend to take things very personalThe Dragon will be extremely quick to criticize anybody that tries to make a fool out of them. They can sometimes be seen as blunt and straight to the point and are certainly not diplomatic or sensitive. They can be quite gullible and will often believe what people tell them. The Dragon does not take insult lightly, if they feel they have been insulted or hurt then it will take a long time for them to learn to trust you again as they do not forget things easily.

The Dragon is usually extremely outgoing and is great at attracting publicity and attention. They enjoyDragons enjoy being the centre of attention being the centre of attention and will cope well with problems should they be faced with them. The Dragon can be portrayed as a bit of a showman that rarely lacks an audience.

Their views are very highly valued as they will usually have something interesting to say. They are very energetic and are often prepared to work long and unsociable hours in order to achieve what they desire. They can sometimes be quite impulsive and do not always consider the consequences that may follow. They have a tendency to live for the moment which again can have consequences that they do not think of. They hate to be kept waiting and become very impatient over the smallest of delays. The Dragon holds much faith in their abilities, this can sometimes make them a bit over confident which can sometimes lead them to make bad judgements, this can be a big problem at times but the Dragon has the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces again.

The Dragon will often go very far in their career, this is due to the fact that they have a very self-assured personality and have a tremendous desire to be successful. They have substantial management qualities and will do very well in a position where they can put their own ideas into play. They are usually very successful in politics, a manager’s position within their job, show business and anything that brings them into contact with the media.

The Dragon will always rely on their own judgement and can be quite mocking of other people’s advice. They love to feel self sufficient and there are many Dragons who cherish their independence to such a level that they prefer to remain single throughout their lives. The Dragon will be adored by many people in their lifetime as many will be attracted to their flamboyant personality and outstanding looks. If they do marry then they will usually marry young and will find themselves very compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters.

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Famous Dragons:Tom Jones Famous Dragon
Martin Luther King
Andy Warhol
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Christian Dior
Roald Dahl
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42 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Fire Dragon

  1. Fire dragon 1 /23/77 and I feel the same. I want to learn and learn so much. I want to buy a farm and not deal with people anymore. It’s too hard.

  2. December 7,1976I am a Sagittarius or actually Ophiochus I just learned, Fire Dragon and I used to be very outgoing but after being institutionalized I prefer to be at home with my family and at 46 I still don’t know what I can do with my life. I don’t like dealing with people anymore. I like doing research into Gnostic and Hermetic knowledge and have become a hermit just feeding my head with knowledge. I wish I had more energy to do more to have a carreer…..but I hate working menial jobs! I lived all over and used to be a dancer and was always popular.. .but not anymore. By choice.

    1. August fire Dragon here…I seem to be going through similar time especially spending so much time online reading about random things and content with staying home without any much social interactions besides with my kids. Sadly, I don’t like attending or having parties anymore. I recently quit work and am considering an opportunity with so much potential but feel there’s more to life than money. I now have more appreciation for classical music, nature, history, religion like a 3rd eye opened up!? I’m not sure if all these changes are good. I plan to discover new hobbies or try a different job this year being Dragon 2024! Best wishes my fellow dragons~o/o~

      1. August 76 fire dragon here also feeling the same as you guys. I can’t people anymore, I used to be the life and soul now I just prefer my own company. I can’t relate to being a dragon anymore. I too enjoy fulling my head with random knowledge

        1. The pursuit of self and knowledge are their own ambition. A fire dragon isn’t just about being out there. It’s about being the best of yourself to your own standards. I too am a 1976er , born Sagittarius as well. Have gotten a lot of flack for not being more proactive physically or socially as others thought I should be because of this. If you look up “older” descriptions you may find you fit your scales “more” now than ever before

    2. Yep same here also fire dragon August 1976. Use to relate but not anymore. Also more interested in spirituality as opposed to outward success. Maybe that’s the gift of being the fire dragon that we burn through the lies of the material endeavour and find our peace within.

    3. Sag fire dragon with same birthdate. picture 2 fire elements within you. I love researching power kings and queens ancestors from Europe. Just launched a startup company. Just as the sag horoscope we never miss as archers!!!

  3. Nope, couldnt be more of an opposite. Well, as far as all the social stuff. I had to comment not only because Iam a different fire dragon but also I have not noticed any August Fire Dragons here. Im a virgo as well and maybe hat has something to do with it. I could be a good leader though I think if I didnt have such anxiety around people. And yes they exhaust me too.

  4. Being a fire dragon relates in many ways to my birth sign being a Taurus 22/4/76 Iam every thing related to the fire dragon 100% I’m pleased I’m a dragon as out of all the Chinese signs the dragon is my most desired

  5. When I was younger I was really outgoing and loved to be the center of attention. But after having my family and 3 boys I was forced to learn to be at home and value the family life, I even prefer this days to be alone then to go out and be in the centre of attention.
    19 February 1976 fire Dragon ❤️

  6. There something magical about a being a Fire Dragon, May/76. Know Thyself! Is the clue to unlocking who you are. In my estimation we are this raw energy, a source of power deeply connected to the universe.

  7. Chiming in to concur with everything I’m seeing here. Fire dragon in the East and Aries in the West. ALL FIRE makes life a high-pace nonstop adventure. For us Fire Dragons somethings are easier in comparison to those around us while seemingly simple stuff to others are overly complex us. From one to another: train and control the mind. breath fire only metaphorically

  8. I am a fire dragon born the sixth of may 6/5 1976.
    My name is 11 and my vocation is the square root of five plus two.

  9. I am a fire dragon also
    Born February Friday 13th 1976
    I have always been attracted to 13.magnetised even.
    I am not superstitious,but a lot of major events in my life have revolved around it.
    I do not seek it .It finds me!
    I have read up on the day of my birth.
    Very APT!
    It is me both good and bad 😂😊
    Anyway?People do not understand as they do not experience what we as dragons seem to 🙏

    1. My BD is Feb.14th, 1976. I understand what you mean.
      I think it is the Aquarius sign that links us to many events that are unusual.


  11. I was born on January 1,1977. My whole life I thought I’m a fire snake. When I chek the feng shui just now here in website and I’m very surprised that I’m a fire dragons. I never thougt about the chinese lunar year..

    1. I was also born on January 1, 1977. I had the exact idea/issue after I have been adpoted by my European parents, but after the stories I heard from my korean grandmother later, I understood that I am a true dragon…beacuse in my korean name you will find the dragon character and I am the eldest son from the eldest and still the bearer of the ancient tribes name.

  12. Is there a sign for a luck dragon? Like that character in Never ending story? I’m a fire dragon, but I could be friends with that dude any time? So friendly, happy and cool!!

  13. I’m a fire dragon, but I’m incredibly introverted. I hate being the center of attention. Not because I’m shy or insecure, but because I find other people’s energies very draining, not to mention extremely distracting and valueless. I prefer to be alone in nature. Outside of the relationship I have with my child, personal relationships are of very little importance to me. I can love someone one minute, then walk away and never look back the next. I also don’t hold grudges because I don’t take anything personally.

    1. Check the Zodiac dates to be sure. It could be that you are on the periphery and are a different sign ? It is the lunar calendar that determines ones Eastern astrological sign and not the Gregorian calendar.

    2. I’d like to talk more.. fire dragon here too. You could have stronger influences in your daily sign that supercede some dragon qualities.
      I’m an Aquarian fire dragon with conflicting behaviours which I am aware of which makes it easier to choose a behavior or action at particular times.
      @ Robbiesreality

      1. I am also an Aquarian Fire Dragon. I find that there is congruity between these two signs. Personally I find Western astrology to be more focused on the individual drives of a person whereas Eastern Astrology seems to be more focused on character and destiny.

        This makes more sense if you consider the different cultural approaches to thought. In the Western world thought is quite linear and not nearly as wholistic as is the process of thought in Eastern cultures.

        I quite love that I have access to both. It allows me to ascertain a better perspective of who I am.

    3. The other reasoning behind your self aware detached behavior could because of a trauma or life events that cement the trait and/or personality

      1. Perhaps this is the case for me too. I can relate completely to the OP and also have suffered with childhood trauma that I am still overcoming today.

    4. your senses are correct,
      your experiances are abnormal,
      your perspectives reflect,
      your a dragon,
      and not normal.


    5. You just described me to a T. I am a black female, educated, married, and very successful at work and in personal investments. I can relate to some aspects of fire dragons being good leaders and magnets to other people. I am the same, but I do not desire being the center of attention. I prefer to be alone in a corner with a book, and could probably go months and months without speaking to another individual if I ever tried. I can appear cold and lonely sometimes to my husband but there is nothing I desire more than some alone time. My job requires a fair amount of social interaction which I despise. Anyhow, I was compelled to respond to your post which was completely relatable to me from a social perspective and a bit different from the lunar horoscope for fire dragons.

  14. this was actually helpful for my daughters homework, although she already understood the characteristics of a dragon ,she still found this website helpful.

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