Characteristics of the Earth Dragon

Characteristics of the Earth Dragon: 1928, 1988

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Are you prepared for 2020?

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The Earth Dragon appears quieter than other types of Dragons. They have a large variety of hobbies and are always aware of what is going on around them. They are extremely good leaders and will not have any trouble getting people on their side when they come up with a new idea. 

They are very smart in financial situations and will be able to gather considerable wealth. They are very good organizers although they can sometimes be a bit fussy. They will always have a large circle of friends.

The Dragon is a proud and lively person with a never ending supply of self confidence. They are highly intellectual and are always very quick to take advantage of any chance. They are determined and strong-minded to do well in anything they attempt, which usually comes naturally to them. They are somewhat of a perfectionist and will always try to maintain high standards that they set for themselves.

Dragons tend to take things very personalThe Dragon will be extremely quick to criticize anybody that tries to make a fool out of them. They can sometimes be seen as blunt and straight to the point and are certainly not diplomatic or sensitive. They can be quite gullible and will often believe what people tell them. The Dragon does not take insult lightly, if they feel they have been insulted or hurt then it will take a long time for them to learn to trust you again as they do not forget things easily.

The Dragon is usually extremely outgoing and is great at attracting publicity and attention. They enjoy Dragons enjoy being the centre of attentionbeing the centre of attention and will cope well with problems should they be faced with them. The Dragon can be portrayed as a bit of a showman that rarely lacks an audience.

Their views are very highly valued as they will usually have something interesting to say. They are very energetic and are often prepared to work long and unsociable hours in order to achieve what they desire. They can sometimes be quite impulsive and do not always consider the consequences that may follow. They have a tendency to live for the moment which again can have consequences that they do not think of. They hate to be kept waiting and become very impatient over the smallest of delays. The Dragon holds much faith in their abilities, this can sometimes make them a bit over confident which can sometimes lead them to make bad judgements, this can be a big problem at times but the Dragon has the ability to bounce back and pick up the pieces again.

The Dragon will often go very far in their career, this is due to the fact that they have a very self-assured personality and have a tremendous desire to be successful. They have substantial management qualities and will do very well in a position where they can put their own ideas into play. They are usually very successful in politics, a manager’s position within their job, show business and anything that brings them into contact with the media.

The Dragon will always rely on their own judgement and can be quite mocking of other people’s advice. They love to feel self sufficient and there are many Dragons who cherish their independence to such a level that they prefer to remain single throughout their lives. The Dragon will be adored by many people in their lifetime as many will be attracted to their flamboyant personality and outstanding looks. If they do marry then they will usually marry young and will find themselves very compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys and Roosters.

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Famous Dragons:Tom Jones Famous Dragon
Martin Luther King

Andy Warhol
Jeffrey Archer
Daniel Hanna
Sandra Bullock
Bing Crosby
Al Pacino
Tom Jones
Keanu Reeves
Ringo Starr
Christian Dior
Roald Dahl
Che Guevera
Lee Evans
Boris Johnson
Sir Cliff Richard
Shirley Temple
John Lennon
Courtney Cox
Russell Crowe

39 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Earth Dragon

  1. I’m a July Earth-Dragon. I am also a Cancer-Leo Cusp sign. The Cusp of Oscillation. I feel like so much of this is spot on because I am very much all over the place. Being considered more of a quiet type of Dragon really fits my personality. And where it says that they don’t take insults lightly is HUGE. I get quieter when I am angry with someone and do not tolerate backstabbing. I have tons of hobbies, friends call me a Jack of all trades, yet I have to have everything organized and I am not happy when things in my home are disrupted.

  2. I was born on 20th April 1988. I’m new to all this so don’t really know a lot about any of this. I was just wondering what I would come under & what the characteristics are. I was brought up believing I was an Aries, but I’ve been told recently that I’m actually a Taurus. I don’t know which is correct.

    1. Hi Turney,

      Chinese astrology and zodiac are related although they should also be read separately or you could end up getting confused.

      I would recommend going with the astrology that feels right to you.

      Kind regards,

  3. born on early Nov 1988 recently married to another earth dragon (Apr 1988). are we compatible in a sense of the signs? what are our the lucky number?

    1. Hi Rae,

      In a romantic relationship, there will be a lot of passion and fun between these two Dragons. These two Dragons will start their relationship full of aspirations and will be devoted to each other. As long as they can settle their differences and realize that they are both very dominant then they can be very compatible.

      Kind regards,

  4. Born on January 18 1989. Was told I was a double earth dragon (Capricorn). Just made the cut, was wondering what the double earth symbolism meant?

    1. Hi Charles,

      I’m afraid I have not heard of a double Earth Dragon except for when using Feng Shui cures.

      Your Chinese animal and element would be an Earth Dragon.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    2. I was born 2 days before this and heard the same thing. We were born in the decanate of Draco to the earth sign Capricorn. It’s interesting to read up on

  5. Please don’t make it so difficult for yourselves!
    And stop using numerals, this will lead you astray.
    Not too diplomatic right, well so it seems that is a trait ^^
    But for real, you can see these characteristics in your life
    Thats fine, do something with it but there’s no need to
    delve deep into the mystics. This will get you nowhere.
    Just leave you confused if you are not a spiritual leader of some sort. Ask always for usefull knowledge.

  6. Hi. I was born on March 2, 1988. What are the lucky and unlucky numbers of earth dragon? Should I choose phone/car plate numbers based on those lucky numbers?

    1. Hi Nith,

      Your lucky numbers are:
      Male – 1, 3, 4, 25, 28, 29
      Female – 3, 9, 12, 26, 35, 38

      You should use these numbers when possible such as number plates as you suggested.

      Kind regards,

  7. Earth dragon.. It’s spot on.. From being a perfectionist and being a virgo making it an extra perfectionist.. To having multiple hobbies.. To being not taking insults lightly.. like I’ll squash you with words.. To being generous.. Everything.. This was a good read.. Made me believe in myself further! Love life.. Struggling LOOL! age does make sense.. But my society doesn’t look upon the gap as acceptable…

  8. Does anyone think that if you love someone that age difference don’t matter because l love someone and their is 14 years difference between us

    1. Age difference doesn’t matter.

      5 months ago I got a new colleague, he’s 17years older that me, we quickly began flirting and have now been together for two months. A week ago I realised that I love him wich got me really confused, earlier on it has always taken me somewhere between 6-12 months before realising if I truly love someone.

      What you love in the person isn’t their age, it’s their personality. Age is just a number that society tries to tell you is important.

    2. Im 29 and i want to live with my love to the end, she is 57 (=
      She says im like a boring 50 year old man, and she is like 20 and living life as there is no end! But our star sign doensnt match..

      1. I’m also 30 and get told I’m a boring old man. Older than the current old generation (ie dropped in out of history). And it’s been the same for at least a few years. But I lived for the first 27 years !!

  9. Everything I read about me is Sagittarius and earth dragon is me and I believe that their is a god and we are endlessly reborn and I’m very spiritual

  10. I’m a Leo/Snake. Fire and earth. My partner is a Sagittarius/dragon. Also fire and earth. Cannot express enough how incredibly alike we both are. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming for us to get by. By we always pull back to each other intensely. 😉

  11. I am earth dragon and my partner is snake most of the time we get along but whenever we argue one thing it will go too far beyond ahead lol! We can be very best friend and sometimes great enemy lol

  12. Hi, Made in February and born in December 1952 I am sure a Water Dragon. But I do not agree to be married with snakes. All the bosses which have fired me, were snakes. I agree that rat and monkey are very good choices. I married a rabbit which is cooling me done when needed.

    1. This is really neat! I’m a earth dragon (born 1988) and I married at fire rabbit (born 1987). We definitely balance each other out and we make an amazing team. Funny thing though – my dad is a monkey and my mom is a snake. We are very close although we do have our tension at times.

      1. Hi China,

        I am a gemeni earth dragon a 1988 and my partener is a virgo fire rabbit 1987. We argue a lot… what western star signs are you too?

        1. I’m a earth dragon/Sagittarius born 20th December 1988 and I’m wondering if I would match with a sheep born on the 9th march as we have a lot in common and I felt a massive spark like we are soul mates and we both have ADHD and a lot in common so I want to know if you think we will be a good match

          1. Hi Andrew,

            Most books will tell you this combination will never work under any circumstances. In our opinion in more mature relationships whether personal or business they can make this work but hard work is needed on both sides. The biggest problem to overcome is the way the Dragon sees the sheep/Goat, in love this relationship works better than business.

            I hope this helps and good luck with your potential partner.

            Kind regards,

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