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Questions & answers from October 2003 Newsletter.

This is a small section from our Feng Shui store newsletter October 2003. Our famous monthly newsletter is widely read by tens of thousands of Masters, Practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world and it is one of the longest running (four years) and regular traditional and authentic Feng Shui monthly newsletters that carry no advertising and is completely free of charge. Packed each month with advice, tips and topics such as Xuan Kong flying star, Eight Mansions (Ba-Chai), Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) and also catering for the beginner. Not only is our newsletter unique and advert free, you are also guaranteed that we will never sell, share or rent your e-mail details to any other company or individual.

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Q: I have read in popular Feng Shui books that you should not water above you as it causes problems with health and luck, please help me as I have a water feature built into the wall upstairs and I would hate to have to relocate it.

A: Another misinterpretation of the old books in particular the I-Ching; it does quote that you should not have water above you as it causes menace. Although the I-Ching is very accurate you cannot take one sentence and assume you should never have water above you, if this were the case we would all be living in threat, nearly every home I know has a water tank in the loft or bathroom upstairs this is exactly the same as having a water feature upstairs. You can have water upstairs as long as the area supports the element water, so this year water in the east is fine up or down stairs.

Q: I have recently (march 2003) had my home Feng Shuid by a well know Practitioner who claims much knowledge and qualifications, since the consultation my problems have

got worse, please help or should I wait a bit longer as the Practitioner says it normally takes between 6 – 12 months to see results.

A: Michael asked for the analysis to be sent to him so he could look at the recommendations given, it was a list of countless errors with potential for major disasters,

most of the recommendations were to buy hundreds of pounds of ornaments from their UK website, this is not the first time this company has been brought to our attention. You can normally expect results from a consultation within 1 day to 3 months depending on which stars have been activated; water stars react quicker than mountain stars.

Q: I love your website, your products and have subscribed to your newsletter for many years, one criticism is you never talk about apartments, I searched through all your resource section (took me days) and could not find much reference to apartments.

A: Oops, you are so right I always talk about houses or offices, sorry, sorry, sorry. Remember though exactly the same rules apply for apartments as they do for houses, the

most difficult aspect in apartments is finding its facing direction, which is the facing (where the energy enters the home) and for Michael & Sallie this causes them many problems on consultations. I will refer to it more often and have planned a section on apartment living soon, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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