How to adapt Feng Shui to a nursery or child’s room

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How to adapt Feng Shui to a nursery or child’s room.

Published – June 2017
Laura Colonnese

Decorating a children's room with Feng Shui

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When you have children it is very hard to have a clutter free home! As a mum myself, I’m always cleaning up after my daughter Olivia (who is going to be 2 in a couple of weeks), toys everywhere and almost no where to put them all!

When you apply Feng Shui to your home and children’s space, it can make your home feel healthy and positive! Children are very vibrant and their energy is expansive, which means they need plenty of free space to grow and create positive Qi around them although can be a tall order especially with house prices so high. Feng Shui can help your child grow harmoniously with ‘trying’ to avoid cluttered and busy energy that can take over a child’s room and life!

What Feng Shui colours for children's roomTheir bedroom or playroom should be a space where you child feels happy and loved with absolutely no negative images! You should try to allow your child to ‘own’ their room and try to let them express their creativity but have clear structure to promote happy and wonderful times.

A child’s bedroom poses an interesting dilemma as on one hand, it’s a place that will see lots of bright yang play energy but on the other, it should be sufficiently yin to lull the child to sleep at the end of the day. The last thing you want is a hyper child late at night!

This can be partly solved by painting the room with light, bright yang colours for daytime use, but arranging the curtains and lighting so that a more yin atmosphere can be created in the evening.

It is said that the main lighting should not be directly over the head of the bed, although sometimes this can’t be helped! We have spot lights in Olivia’s room but we only have them on for a couple of minutes at night before going to bed and not kept on all night. A reading light can be positioned to one side if needed.

Feng Shui children clutterA child’s bedroom should be kept clutter free, but is this always the case? No.. It’s not! When I first tried to adapt Feng Shui to Olivia’s bedroom, I was cleaning up after Olivia after every toy she played with and got bored of and believe me, I was shattered by the end of the day; I spent more time cleaning up than I did actually playing with her. Now, I tend to leave the clutter till then end of the day, and clean up before she goes to bed.

When you decorate the room with wall fixings (a shelf) make sure it’s not placed above the child’s bed as this can make them feel vulnerable and worry subconsciously that something will fall on him or her while they are sleeping! Make sure, as you would with an adult not to place a mirror ahead of the bed, this is because if he or she should wake in the night they wouldn’t catch a moving reflection in the mirror; it is also said that when you sleep at night, your soul leaves your body to revitalise and if they see their reflection, they get scared and go straight back to the body. The head board of the bed should be firmly secured against the wall and the foot of the bed shouldn’t be pointing directly at the door either.

Make sure there is plenty of storage in your child’s room, so that nothing gets stuffed and forgotten about under the bed. Having toys trapped under the bed can stop the flow of positive Qi!

Feng Shui children's bedroomYour child’s bed head should be facing one of their 4 auspicious directions (Sheng Chi, Tien Yi, Yan Nian and Fu Wei) just as you would in an adult’s room. If your child has difficulty sleeping or is hyperactive then use one their 4 auspicious directions as this can help settle them at night. If you have our software, it will calculate your auspicious and inauspicious directions or if you haven’t already done so, our online personalised reports tell you also.

If your child uses their room to study, it would be a good idea to place their desk or their chair facing the Northeast sector in 2017 or wherever the #4 Flying Star is located as this is good for knowledge and education! Also place a crystal globe here for extra strength and protection. You can also place Kwan yin here also as she is the goddess of education and protection of children also!

In Olivia’s bedroom, as she is only 2, she can’t carry around her protection animal gold card in her pocket or her Jade animal protection charm with her so we have kept these in her bedroom to keep her safe and protected.

Please remember that children grow up fast, so be sure to stay focused on what really does matter! Trends nowadays change all the time, whereas every experience your child faces will grow into a strong connection that will last a lifetime!

I have put together 3 main steps for good Feng Shui in your child’s room!

  1. Fresh Air (qi)

keep windows secure 2017Fresh air is good for any space; it allows the negative energy to leave and the positive energy to flow! It’s especially good for children’s rooms as there is a constant influx of toys, books and clothes.

Keep the windows open and maybe place an air-purifying plant such as a spider plant in the room somewhere out of reach of your child to keep the levels healthy in the air as well as bringing in natural beauty to your child’s room.

Essential oils are very good to clear and purify the room, all you need is an aromatherapy diffuser and some oils and use it once a day for a few hours! I have one in Olivia’s room, we use it to burn eucalyptus or peppermint when she suffers with really bad colds but we also use oils such as chamomile and lavender to the help keep the room and Olivia calm and positive although you must do your own research to ensure there are no allergies and please be sure to use the diffuser somewhere out of reach.

  1. Be organised!

As I mentioned above, it is very hard to be ‘clutter free’ but you can be organised. I found keeping plenty of storage boxes, baskets and toy bags kept Olivia’s room clutter free at the end of the day! Remember that clutter is a build-up of toys or mess that has been there for weeks and weeks and not toys that are left around for a couple of hours a day. – that is what I learnt anyway. Make sure the floor space is clear so the positive energy can flow all around the room.

I always get Olivia to help me clear up after a day of playing so she understands too that mess is a no go! Once the toys are finished with, we put them away and we have a clutter free zone!

  1. The use of colours!

colours in children's roomThe use of colours is so very important in a child’s bedroom / play room. it can help strengthen the energy and create a positive and happy environment for them to grow.  Colour influences both your child’s mind and body- but every child is different.

Red is not a good colour to have in a child’s bedroom or playroom. It is known to energise the body   and increase heart and breathing rates which can encourage aggressive behaviour in a child and has inability to make them focus on their education.

Orange is known to be a fantastic colour to use. It is said to create a warm and friendly atmosphere which encourages confidence and independence. The social nature puts your child and their friends at ease by creating good communications and cooperation.

Yellow is a bright and happy colour. It is said that yellow encourages motivations and concentration and increases memory. But aware that its said that too much yellow can agitation and anger.

Green is a calming and natural colour which. is said to soothe a irritable child. It reduces anxiety and improves reading and writing skills.

Blue is said to lower blood pressure and heart rates. It improves feelings of anxiety and aggression. Children with behavioural problems would feel the benefits of the colour blue in their bedroom or playroom.

Purple is a self-assuring colour. Its creates a feeling of ambition in a person. It helps improve creativity and wisdom but is a very emotive colour. It helps children become more sensitive if they are aggressive or find it hard to express their emotions.

Pink is usually associated with girls it takes a calming effect on boys as well. Pink is outgrown fairly quickly with girls- I know it was with me when I was a child. Instead of painting the whole room pink try neutral walls with shades of pink accessories.

When selecting colours for your child’s bedroom or play room, it is always best to check your homes Flying Star chart or the Annual Flying Stars.

Olivia Feng Shui Store
Who can guess what children’s film is on in the background?

We decorated Olivia’s room with neutral colours and different shades of pink and yellow accessories! As she grows older she will want posters in her room of her favourite bands.

Be careful with this also as sometimes posters with an aggressive nature can do the same effect as colours.

Overall, the most important thing to take into consideration regarding the children’s bedroom is that your child is growing, exploring, curious, active, unique and evolving into their true potential.

Enjoy your children as time goes so quickly, and I know this as I don’t know where 2 years has gone with Olivia!

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