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Would you like an extremely comprehensive personalised Feng Shui report with over 50 pages that are completely personalised to you?

“A fraction of the cost of a personal visit by a Feng Shui master”

Feng Shui Report

A professional on-line Feng Shui report prepared by a highly qualified Feng Shui Master, every on-line report is different; there is no standard template for each person.

Every aspect is analysed individually and considerations like which direction to face when working sleeping, meditating, reading, studying and all others aspects of your daily life including which colours are more auspicious for you, who you are compatible with, how to attract more money, relationships. Career, health and so much more.

Would you like to receive over 50 pages of all of the below giving extremely detailed advice on the following?

  • You will be shown how to activate your Peach Blossom and shown exactly where to place it, the correct amount of flowers and the colour vase, this method alone is a very closely held secret and extremely powerful. You will also be given the dates and times to set up your peach blossom three months ahead. Peach blossom is used to activate relationships and career.
  • Your own personal Feng Shui prosperity cheque to activate wealth and also told where to place it within your home. The cheque is personalised with your name and the amount you request. This cheque was used in the famous “The Secret” book although our Feng Shui cheque is personalised for you with your lucky sheng chi numbers.
  • Your most auspicious direction to face at work and home, this is often calculated incorrectly as advice on websites and books is confusing to many, with our report there are NO MISTAKES MADE
  • Your personal Min Gua Trigram, again many people go ten years using wrong information, this reports sets the record straight
  • How to activate your Sheng Chi (wealth, career, reputation and good fortune),  Tien Yi ( health, creativity, study) Yan Nian ((Longevity and Relationships) Fu Wei (Overall harmony, Peace and Stability)
  • Your personal Chinese animal and earthly branch and prediction for the year ahead
  • Your compatibility with all the twelve Chinese animals
  • Your personal auspicious times to start projects, building work, interviews etc
  • personalised lucky 15 degree sector, this is not known to many people and a real bonus
  • Your personal fortunate sheng chi numbers (used for gambling/lottery etc), this is not known to many people and a real bonus
  • personalised auspicious lucky colours to use in choosing clothes, cars, stationary, websites designs, logos,  and other elements of colours that you may need.
  • Your own personalised Min Gua report giving you so much valuable information that normally requires reading and studying for some time and again the information is 100% accurate and no need to worry if you have not understood a book or website which is our experience happens more other than not.
  • Enhancing Elements for you personally, it could be earth, metal, water, fire or wood, this is often not understood well and mistakes can be made.
  • Which direction the top of your head should face when sleeping
  • Your secret friend  (Chinese animal)
  • Which direction you should face when , working, meditating, watching TV, attending meetings etc
  • How to rectify a missing corner if you have one.

Would you like over 50 pages tailored especially to you in a PDF Feng Shui report?

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Knowing all of this information can save years of learning and can take you much further in to understanding Feng Shui and applying it your life as well as your friends, family members and colleagues. 

After you have purchased the on-line report, we will send you an email within 1-2 business days requesting your name, date of birth and gender and also for anyone who you choose to add on the report. After you send us the details, we will then put them all in to our extremely accurate database and will go over the report personally and make any notes relevant to you and will make sure that all of the report is 100% accurate before finalising it and sending it to you via email in PDF format within 2-3 business days.

You are purchasing an on-line Feng Shui report for 1 person that will be sent to you via email in PDF format. You can add additional people on to the report for a discounted price at ONLY £10.00 per extra person by selecting the “Add people to report” tab,

An on-line Feng Shui report will never replace an on site visit from us as this does not cover the actual property, however, the cost is a fraction of the cost although what you receive in terms of reports is similar to a home/business visit without the Flying Star analysis of a property. This is a unique personal report for you and your family members as individuals and not a standard template that anyone can use. This personal on-line consultation is an in-depth analysis of you and your family

You can add family members for ONLY £10.00 person extra person to this Feng Shui report by simply selecting the “Add an extra person” button underneath this description and we will add them in the report.

What do we need from you?

  • Dates, times (if known) and country of birth of those to be included in the report
  • Gender of those to be included in the report
  • Names of those to be included in the report

All information supplied is given in the strictest confidence and we will never share or sell any information supplied. Further details of our privacy policy can be viewed here.

You are purchasing an on-line Feng Shui report for 1 person (unless you have selected extra members) that will be sent to you via email in PDF format. You can add additional people on to the report for a discounted price by selecting the “Add people to report” tab,

A little about our practice and me.

Michael and Lillian Too at her home in Kuala Lumpur Michael and Lillian Too at
her home in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Michael Hanna

Michael was born in Hong Kong in 1958, married to Josephine (the owner of this site) for 35 years with two wonderful children. Travelled the world many times over and his longest journey, Feng Shui began in 1979 and since then he has been greatly honoured to have been personally trained to Master Practitioner level in Malaysia by world famous Lillian Too, Master Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence, Master Joseph Yu and UK’s leading authority, all are exceptionally highly regarded and experts in their field, although some practice slightly different styles (same schools) of Feng Shui which has been a major advantage for Michael in his practice as the balance between them all has enabled him to practice a traditional, classical and also modern approach to this intricate art. Daniel Hanna overseas all of the Feng Shui reports and his knowledge is second to none.

We are not just another Feng Shui Internet company; we are one of the longest established specialists Feng Shui companies in the world that happens to have a website on the Internet along with staff, two offices, three warehouses and a school. We are a limited registered company (Company Reg. No. 6606748) with full liability insurance who is registered to pay VAT (No: GB 938 0346 17) and PAYE and above all that we have our own credit card merchant facilities which means we have our own credit card machines that process sales rather than on-line processing, this is not granted to many on-line companies and comes with years of trust and clients from every single corner of the world. With over 86,000 clients throughout the world, websites that receive in excess of two million hits per month and a monthly newsletter which is widely read by over 80,000 Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and Feng Shui enthusiasts throughout the world and is one of the longest running.

Our resident Feng Shui Master, teacher, author, mentor and researcher Michael Hanna is one of the most sought after Masters in the world and has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their lives for the better. (read what some of our clients have to say?).

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