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“The true measure of a person is how they treat someone who can do them absolutely no good.”

Are you prepared for 2020?

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Obviously we get to look at many other Feng Shui web sites popping up all the time, some very good, some very bad and also very worrying. Two sites I found recently located in the UK, one has copied our site word for word and even our shopping cart, am I annoyed about this, well I have to say I was, but not anymore, I did write to them but they have not replied so I will let Karma take its course. Actually after just spending 2 days writing this newsletter and three years putting together the enormous resource on our website, I have decided to let the solicitors take care of it, why should so many websites keep ripping my content off, must be that 3 wood argument star kicking in for me, must burn some candles quick.

The other website and newsletter I find more worrying, I was sent a copy of their newsletter from a client who had subscribed to their monthly newsletter and was concerned at the contents.

Their May 2003 newsletter recommends about 40 different products to buy to avoid disasters in the month of May, not only are they unnecessary, they are very dangerous to put in place, they say for the south-west last month you should place a water feature inside your home to increase wealth, but have failed to mention that the water feature must be placed outside. They have not understood the reasons why, if you placed a water feature in the SW last month inside your home you would have fed the 3 wood annual star which causes legal problems and arguments. They also recommend things like wall scrolls, pig, carp and some special knots, which are about as much use as a chocolate tea cosy when it comes to Xuan Kong flying star.

Monthly flying stars do not need many cures, it is more about avoiding using those areas, you would have noticed last month we recommended a couple of cures but these are essential ones because the #2 was in the centre palace last month, the main cures are ones that we sell on a yearly basis, our annual 2003 cures kit takes care of all parts of the home, you should not need to use many monthly cures it is more about avoidance as we said in last months newsletter, did you know that you have daily & hourly flying stars, I can see a newsletter popping up real soon advising to buy this that and the other daily.

The only reason they have done this newsletter is to terrify people and make them buy ineffective products from them. That sounds very bitter doesn’t it but believe me it is very true, I am often criticised for not being business like on my website, I know we could do the same and recommend placing this that and the other to avoid disasters, but trying to sell you a wall scroll of a Dragon to protect you from Xuan Kong flying star disasters in any month would be wrong, symbolic cures are very powerful for flying stars but only when they are made from a material that is useful to that area, i.e. place a metal Dragon in the south this month (June) as the metal will weaken the bad earth that is here this month, but placing a wall scroll of a Dragon will have absolutely no effect at all and if there is much red colour in the painting this will even worsen the effects of the #5 as fire (red) strengthens earth. As we have always said you do not have to spend a fortune to practise real Feng Shui instead of a metal Dragon you use a metal rice bowl or anything made of metal.

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“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

Are you prepared for 2020?

2020 chinese astrology and feng shui guide2020 cures and enhancers2020 flying starsanimal predictions 2020

*** Feng Shui Facts ***

Did you know the name Feng Shui is not that old, about 120 years approximately; it was known as Kan Yu before then, not a lot of people know that, was that Michael Caine that used to say that?

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