A few more Feng Shui tips for 2013

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I cannot believe we are already in March and even though the year is flying by, this time of year can still be quite overwhelming; we have left behind either a good or bad year and hope that the New Year will be better or as good as the last. Too many people go through life defeated by the everyday problems life throws at us; “it always happens to me” “I am so unlucky.”

Are you prepared for 2020?

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In my opinion you can change your destiny with the help of Feng Shui. Don’t however expect to buy an item from our or other Feng Shui website and think this is all you need to do. You do not need to spend lots of money to change your life, Feng Shui is also about changing the way you live your life, and I firmly believe that whatever you give good or bad expect to receive it back 10 times over.

I would hope by now you have placed all your annual Feng Shui cures and enhancers for the year of the yin water Snake 2013 as these will help keep the wind behind you as 2013 will be a very challenging year without them. Visit this link for more details on the annual advice for 2013 and with so much uncertainty in the economy what appears to be worldwide we thought a few general tips may help you keep you on track in 2013…

“A small house will hold as much happiness as a large one”

Your home or office:

Feng Shui home

Many people are hoarders, if you have clutter in your home or office, your life and those around you will be affected by it. Have a big clear out, start downstairs in all rooms and throw away or fix broken items. Items you no longer need or are out of date. The good items donate to a charity shop. Take a look at all your antique furniture, are you happy with it? This type of furniture can carry a lot of bad history; if it doesn’t feel right get rid of it, a hard decision to make but well worth it.

“The best antique to keep is an old friend”

Throw away all your old clothes especially if you have bought new items in the spring sales. Don’t forget to clear out your under stairs cupboard and loft space, this is all part of your home and because it is usually out of site does not mean it will not affect the harmony and balance of your home or office.
You should not have any cactus or sharp looking plants in your home or office as these plants have small sharp leaves and therefore cause “sha qi” in the home/office. The qi that rides on the wind will have to pass through them causing qi to be fierce and sharp.
Make sure you at the very least place the annual master cure in the northeast in 2013 and also the salt cures and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon as these basic annual cures and enhancers will help avoid many problems and also enhance the #8 wealth star this year. Visit this link for more details on the annual cures and enhancers.

“Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.”

Wealth and prosperity

feng shui wealth in 2013

In order to attract wealth and prosperity you need to take a good look at your home or office from the outside; does your front door need painting? Is the woodwork around your home looking tatty? I think you know what I am trying to say. If you display a tatty old home or office you can expect some pretty poor qi going through your front door. Clear all rubbish around your property, plant some spring/summer bulbs, give your woodwork a clean, or paint. Make sure your pathway to your front door is clear and the weeds are cleared.

Clear out your drains, outside and inside your home or office. Replace all broken light bulbs.

When you sweep your drive or pathway always sweep away from the door, so you do not bring in bad Ch’i into your home or office.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, please try and use some of these valuable Feng Shui tips, you will be amazed at the results. For those of you who have ordered from us before over the last thirteen years you know how passionate we are about our business and whilst we make money from selling Feng Shui products we always give impartial advice and not just trying to sell you something.

Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune putting Feng Shui into practise. some Feng Shui consultants will tell you to knock this wall down, move toilets, buy hundreds of pounds of gimmicky Feng Shui cures etc. 95% of the time a good consultant will offer a cure for a particular problem without having to demolish your home!

Warm regards and remember…

 “When prosperity comes your way, don’t use all of it”


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