5 simple ways to increase the energy in your home and office and improve overall luck

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5 simple ways to increase the energy in your home and office and improve overall luck

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Five Feng Shui TipsThe quality of the energy in your home equals the events of your life! You are probably thinking what on earth is he talking about now but believe me, it is true and no different to the energy of your body right now. If you spend every day eating burgers, chips, sweets and jam doughnuts, do not expect a long healthy life.  Please do not think I am being judgemental, I am the first to enjoy a cold beer and a BBQ and combine this with some chocolate for afters.

If you live your life like this, do not think that by eating all this crap every day and by taking a vitamin tablet, this will balance the negative effects of the junk food; this is not possible and I am probably going to talk myself out of a sale here but if you have so much clutter and dirt in your home, do not expect by placing a Buddha statute or similar that it will improve the energy of the home. It will only work effectively when the energy is good in the home and this means a little work on your part.

We cleanse and de-clutter our home and business regularly to encourage good, high vibrational energy and clear away any negative vibes. This way, not only is our home or office working in harmony so is our body so the benefits of following this simple advice can have a dramatic effect on your lives.

Have a look at your main entrance

Messy Feng Shui front doorIn Feng Shui, the main entrance door is called the `qi mouth.’ All energy flows into your home from this point. A cluttered main entrance blocks and decays the energy and starves the home of auspicious sheng qi. A cluttered entrance is said to cause many problems in all aspects of your life, in fact let me reword that; a cluttered entrance WILL CAUSE YOU MANY PROBLEMS…

…Make your main entrance (any entrance) as clutter free as possible and never leave shoes or boots near a main entrance, these are considered the filthiest items that we wear, think about it, we walk all day over dog poo, cat wee and all the other rubbish you will find on the ground and when you enter your building you take your shoes off and leave them by the door, when the door is opened, the qi (air) the first thing it comes into contact with is this filthy stagnant energy and this dictates the quality of the energy that enters your building.

Feng Shui Shoe Box storageBuy a shoe box or store them under the stairs, anywhere but by your front door, I know you are thinking this is not practical, you will get used to it and the benefits are far too great not to do it.

You must never use a coconut mat or similar… have you ever tried to clean one? You can beat these all day long for weeks and you will never get rid of all the rubbish (negative qi) from them, again these dictate the energy that enters your building whether at home or your business.

We use a thin door mat that has a rubber backing and cloth face and they can be washed a few times in the year and we actually replace them roughly every 12 months as they are so cheap to buy. In fact, we buy ours from Costco, roughly about £10 for two.

Clean paintwork, oil hinges, polish door furniture and door glass every month or so and make sure you do not have dead leaves or any other rubbish outside your door, another big no no is letting algae or green mould build up by your entrance and please make sure any drains by a main door are kept spotless and drains covered.

Clear your clutter

Feng Shui clear your clutterEvery couple of months we go through our home and office and think about what things are truly necessary for us to keep. Figure out which of them you can donate, throw away or give to a friend.

You would be amazed how clearing your clutter can change your life from increasing wealth, business and enhancing health to creating or improving relationships.

Former residents of a house or business, that have experienced divorce, bad luck, illness, legal issues, bankruptcy etc is called ‘predecessor qi and these undesirable energies remain in the building and can affect future occupants.

To clear these energies for “history not to repeat itself”, burning oils and/or space clearing the house or office and re-programming the atmosphere with your own good intentions, will encourage harmony, better health and good relationships at home and office.

Negative energy can be felt in a room where people have been arguing, the same can be said if you walked into a room where people are happy and laughing, the energy is positive. Oil burning and space clearing cleanses and energises the space and removes trapped destructive energy where it has built up in corners like cobwebs.

Sega-Mega-DriveDecide a day when you start to de-clutter and only do one room at a time or even if you just start by doing one drawer at a time, anything is better than nothing. Be brutally honest with yourself and ask do you really need that 8 track player or Nintendo 64 that has gathered dust over the last 20 years in your spare room?

If an item is still working and you don’t need it, consider how it might help others. Remember “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Old clothes, toys or clothes your children have grown out of, or books you’ve read can be of great benefit to others especially if they are good quality Feng Shui books. Donate them to charities or friends or family members who may benefit from them.

Burn some essential oils

Feng Shui Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of the most effective ways to clear negative energy and enhance good energy. Each essential oil has its own qualities, and characteristics, and you can choose based on your mood. Sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit are very uplifting and cleansing. Lavender and frankincense will be calming, and good for stress relief and relaxation. You will need an essential oil burner to diffuse these aromas. This is also the secret to having the best smelling house on the block!!

Burning oils like lavender, or sweet lemongrass is energetically purifying to the home. Burning these oils clears any unwanted energies out of the room, and welcomes high vibration, good energy in its place. After an argument or fight, it’s a great idea to burn a space clearing oil to move that energy out, and move on. Go through each room of your home with an oil burner, fanning the vapour in a clockwise motion with thoughts of cleansing and positivity.

We have used essential oils as an alternative treatment to modern medicine for around 36 years and have used them in Feng Shui for around 17 years.  We first started using essential oils in Feng Shui with the products that we sell on our website and each product is cleansed with the same blend of space clearing essential oils that is included in our Feng Shui Aromatics range.  Using essential oils and aromatics is not new to Feng Shui; as it has been used for thousands of years along with sound as they resonate close to each other. Aroma is like music, the smell and experience can be so different to each individual and can invoke powerful actions.

Use sound and movement to clear the energy

6 Rod hollow metal wind chimeBelieve it or not even something as simple as clapping your hands can help to clear and lift negative energy in a building and also your mind and soul. Even singing at the top of your voice can be such a cleanser.  We use a singing bowl every month in every part of our home and business and also where we store our Feng Shui products

Practising good Feng Shui is not just about clearing clutter and ringing bells but it is a crucial element that must be done.

Make sure you place all your annual cures and enhancers

Annual 2016 Cures and EnhancersAs all you long term followers of the Feng Shui store will know that every Chinese New Year (this is our 21st year providing Feng Shui annual cures and enhancers kits) we put together an authentic and critical Feng Shui annual cures & enhancers kit of little known authentic and specialist Master Feng Shui cures and enhancers.

I am not saying you should go out and buy our annual kit as we give lots of free advice on how to help protect and enhance yourself for the year at no cost at all. Visit this link for more details on how to make the most of the year and it does not matter how late in the year you place them


I think you must get the idea by now. If you have trouble getting started, ask a friend or family member to help, you will be amazed what another pair of eyes can do as sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees.

Be honest with yourself and by removing, donating, or moving items in your home or office, you can energise your surroundings and give stagnant qi a kick start. This will help you will gain energy, clarity and better luck.

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  1. For getting some advise and suggestions regarding the house lay out plan do you do it free or do you charge for it ?? I mean like which furniture to be placed which area and what color paint for the walls and so on.

    1. Hi Prashant,

      We charge for a full home consultation but if you have a small question i\’d be happy to help.

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