2010 Cures & enhancers, many frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

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2010 Cures & enhancers, many frequently
asked questions (FAQ’s)

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This time of year we receive hundreds of emails each day and we reply to as many as humanly possible, however, sometimes we receive emails and posting on Facebook and our blog that read like war and peace and to be honest they can take hours to reply to and we do not have the resource for this so I have copied a selection of Q&A below that I know you will find of interest and hopefully relevant to you. Some further information may be uploaded to Michael’s Feng Shui Blog or our Facebook page, just click on the link below to check for updates:

As I mentioned above we receive an incredible amount of emails on a daily basis from this site alone. Ideally, we would love to be able to reply to each and every email we receive – and we do value each one of them, but sadly it’s not humanly possible for us to do that. The fact is that we get more email than we alone can handle. So if we do not reply to your message, please do not take it personally. It is not that we do not value or appreciate your questions and/or comments, we honestly do, but replying to every single email we get is beyond our ability although customers, students and Michael’s clients will always take priority and receive an answer within the shortest time possible.

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Q) I missed the 4th February start to the New Year (solar year), is it to late to place my 2010 cures and enhancers?

A) You can place your 2010 annual cures at any time of the year up until February 2011. The Chinese Feng Shui year starts 4th February 2010 and you should place your cures and enhancers on or after this day, but over the years, we have had thousands of clients placing the cures up until 11 months after this date and still getting amazing results in such a short period.

So do not worry if it is March 2010, August or even December 2010, the annual cures can be placed at any time of the year and you will be amazed at what difference it can make to health, wealth and relationships.

Q) I have used your annual cures kits for many years and they have worked well for me, thank you. I am concerned with money this year, can you please tell me how we can enhance the wealth areas any more?

A) The two main wealth areas in 2010 are located in the west, centre and northwest. Keep these areas clear and tidy especially outside, make sure drains area clear and this time of year in the UK drains areas can be blocked with dead leaves that create much stagnant energy (sha chi). The flow of qi energy always comes from outside and the qi (air) touches the environment outside first then inside and if the first thing it touches is dead leaves, rubbish or similar this is the quality of energy that will enter the home which is not good. Many people assume having good Feng Shui is just about placing cures and enhancers, it really isn’t just this. You need to make sure the energy flows in all parts of your home inside and out, take a good hard critical look at your home, is the west or NW cluttered? If it is your finances can be cluttered in 2010 and become stagnant. If you have a bathroom, toilet or other type of wet room make sure it is spotless, it really makes a big difference. You should also place some faceted crystals spheres hanging in a window; this will activate the yang energy that is need in these three areas.

Q) I have been told not to have water in a bedroom; does this apply to a salt water cure as they contain water?

A) A very popular question and one that does not apply, a salt water cure is absolutely fine in a bedroom and any other room in the home, if you think about it, it is no different to having a glass of water beside your bed each night. This is called a “yin” water cure. The type of water you do not place in a bedroom is a “yang” water cure like an aquarium of water feature with a pump, the water movement makes it yang and this is harmful in a bedroom. So a salt water is needed in a bedroom for the annual stars and also fixed stars as these cause even more problems to health and luck.

Q) Should I hang the six rod wind chime from your cures kit inside or outside?

A) It is better if you hang them outside if possible as they will be activated by the air/wind (qi) and the movement and sound is an important part of the cure, if they are inside they are unlikely to be activated with air/wind so if you do place them inside place them in an area that may be knocked maybe by the top of a door or where you can clang them as you walk by now and again. Do not worry if you cannot that as just their presence is very powerful too.

Q) I thought I would write to share an experience I have had with your company. I have practised Feng Shui for nine years and whilst it is not my profession and neither do I charge for what I do but I have helped many people and taken compass readings. I bought my Chinese Lo pan compass from a well known feng shui website years ago and thought it served me well. I then helped a friend of a friend do their home and the compass reading conflicted with their compass so I checked against my home and it was ok although I still thought I would double check. I researched well and eventually bought your normal camping style compass because of all the articles you have done and you obviously known your stuff and came highly recommended. Well my Chinese Lo pan was 13 degrees out against yours. I then triple checked and your compass matched the friend of friend etc etc and all these years I have been taking the wrong readings. What a fool I feel but so glad I found your website and bought your compass. Thanks and please feel free to publish this email but please leave my full name off as I could not bear the shame. David

A) You are not alone, you would not believe how many times I have consulted on a building and compared my readings with the client, they can be up to 45 degrees out and also my students and other Feng Shui Practitioners that I have taught, they also arrive with compasses you obtain in a lucky bag or a lovely looking Chinese lou pan. I never use a Chinese Lou Pan to take my readings; they can be very inaccurate and also balanced for Asia and if you use them outside Asia you will get drag as Asia is a on a different magnetic Zone to the rest of the world, I use six different compasses for different parts of the world I visit. A Lou pan is designed so you have to place them against a wall to take measurements and many walls will have much metal in them giving you a false reading. Every single compass we sell is hand calibrated to my own £5000 (five thousand pounds) compasses to ensure 100% accuracy; we actually throw away 15% of our compasses, as they can be inaccurate by up to 45 degrees. This makes our compasses the best you will find anywhere in the world in this price range and even well beyond. You truly will not find better and they come with an excellent booklet on taking compass readings and also finding your facing direction. Compass readings in Feng Shui are the most important part and I work within ½-degree accuracy.

Q) I really do not want my partner or visitors to my home or business to see the salt water cure, what can you recommend?

A) I have many clients who require cures to be discreet and as I always say you do not need to have your home or business looking like a Chinese restaurant to have good Feng Shui. I would suggest placing the salt water cure on a cupboard/shelf and then placing a photo frame or similar in front of it to hide it, as long as the top of the jar/glass is exposed to the air that is fine. Make sure that you regularly check the salt water cure as it may need to be topped up with water, especially in the summer months.

Q) Can I place the annual cures in a bathroom, utility, cloakroom or similar wet room?

A) You can place all the cures and enhancers in these rooms with the exception of Buddha or any other Deity.

Q) Where can I place moving water this year, like an aquarium?

A) The safest place for moving (yang) water is in the west of the home.

Q) Hi, I helped my wife place your 2009 cures and enhancers kit on February 4th and have to say I was somewhat sceptical although two weeks later I can really feel the difference they have made, not directly to me but to my wife and children and if they are happy I am, maybe a placebo effect but who cares. So just a quick note to say thanks from someone who is slightly less cynical and I have even moved my desk at work to face a better direction. I have used your Feng Shui software to get my good directions, I want to improve my health so should I face sheng chi as this is listed as the first best? Robert (USA)

A) Hi Robert, thanks for letting us know, do you know the biggest sceptics we ever get (90% males) nearly always become our biggest fans; the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” as they say. Concerning which direction you should face, I would try and face either “Tien Yi or “Yan Nian” to improve health and try and position your bed so you sleep with the crown of your head facing one of these directions. Sheng Chi is normally used for work/business as it synonymous with prosperity. Follow the software in more details there is so much information in there on how to improve health, wealth relationship and every other part of your life. Have a lovely year. Kind regards, Jo. PS I just did a quick search as to how the saying “proof of pudding” came about. Follow this link if you are also interested. http://ask.yahoo.com/20020903.html

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Q) Hi Michael & Jo, Wish you and your family a very happy new year!! I have a small query for you. Can I reuse the crystal stones from the master cures in 2009 after cleansing them? Thanks & Regards, Poonam

A) Hi Poonam, yes you should cleanse them and place them in the east or centre of your home.

Q) Dear Master Michael, I have a friend who uses your software and I used it at the weekend and found some of the advice in the software conflicted with the advice you have on your annual 2010 web page. Why is this? PS – I can see why it is so popular, it is an amazing piece of software, you must be so proud.

A) Hi, The software concentrates on the fixed mountain and water stars which govern wealth, relationships, career and health etc and far more influential than the annual stars. The annual stars are a small influence although can have a major influence when combined with the fixed stars. This is the beauty of the software, it saves you having to spend years learning Feng Shui and more importantly understating Feng Shui as this s where the biggest mistakes are made. The chart below gives you a better idea.

Q) I have read many times that it is not good to have dried flowers in a home yet I read somewhere on your site that disagrees with this?

A) This one always makes me laugh, with the exception of a few books every one will tell you DO NOT have dried flowers in your home or office, no exceptions, no dried flowers, pot pourri or anything that was once a living entity in a garden. Not in my opinion, think about what I have just said.

‘Nothing that was living’, so what about all your wooden furniture, doors, floorboards, kitchen cupboards, window frames, doorframes, wooden ornaments etc. etc. etc. I think you know what I am going to say next, how can dried flowers or fresh cut flowers be so bad when any item that is made of wood is exactly the same element, a table is dead wood the same as dried flowers, the wooden floorboards are identical to a dried flower arrangement in a redundant fireplace, long and short is dried flowers and fresh cut flowers are perfectly OK to have in a room as long as you are not allergic to them. If you do use them make sure they are kept clean and dust free.

Please remember that this is only my view, there is nothing in the ancient Feng Shui books to say dried flowers are bad or good so a debate either way for or against them would never be settled so please do not write to dispute what I say. Not forgetting silk or cloth flowers, these are excellent to have in any part of the home; the secret is making sure they are kept squeaky clean.

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Sample of a Flying Star chart (natal chart)

Generated with our Professional Feng Shui software. This chart below does not just focus on annual and monthly stars but your fixed stars that are hundreds of times more powerful.

Sample of a Flying Star chart (natal chart)

Feng Shui Software

Q) Dear Daniel, thank you for answering all my questions, it was very kind of you. Can I please ask one more: With the master cure and Sheng chi cure, should I keep them in the red brocade bag they came in?

A) You should take them out of the bag although they can be placed on top of the bag if you prefer as they are so nice.

Q) Dear Master Michael, thank you so much for taking the time every year to inform us. I have a two story home in Singapore, do I have place the cures and enhancers on both levels?

A) There are quite a few websites saying you should place the cures on both levels, in my opinion this is not necessary and a devious way of selling you twice the amount of products. I would only place the cures on the level that gets the most activity which is normally the ground floor.

Q) Dear Michael, my main door is in the northeast and I am worried it will cause me problems in the year, I also have my main bedroom above the door, please help me. Reena

A) Hi Reena, please do not concern yourself, my main home door is also in the NE and I am not worried one bit. This is what I will be doing in 2010 (pretty much the same as 2009). I will be placing the salt water cure, six Chinese coins with red ribbon along with a brass Dragon. I will NOT be doing any renovations to the NE at all in 2010. I have oiled the hinges and locks and will try and make sure it is not banged closed although you will not be able to control this completely and nor would I want to sit at the NE of my home guarding it either. Avoid using fire colours in the hall and bedroom like red, burgundy, lilac etc. Try and introduce some water colours like blue, black, grey etc into the NE, a quick and easy way of doing this is by using a doormat, rug, bed cover etc. I am fortunate to be able to use a rear south door in 2010 (slightly better) and we will be doing this as much as possible although we will not request anyone else outside our family use it like the postman or friends, they all think we are mad anyway and do not want to fuel this anymore. Do not worry about the NE, all will be well.

Q) Why haven’t you sent your newsletter out for a while?

A) Sorry, we have not had time and we need to find a new way to deliver the emails. We used to use Microsoft Outlook but with 80.000 subscribers it could not cope and we had many rejections. If anyone can advise us on a better way of delivering emails please let us know. It used to be so easy and now spoilt with Spam and such like.

Q) Dear Michael, I have two friends who have had consultations with you and whilst I would dearly love for you to consult me sadly I cannot afford it. Can you please tell me if your on-line consultations or software come anywhere near to have a consultation from someone as good as you? Claire

A) Hi Claire, the on-line consultations are extremely good and very in-depth but I really do feel our Feng Shui software offers the best value and also best results for a much smaller price. Over the last six years it has become the Feng Shui industry worldwide standard and used by thousands all over the world with amazing results. So good in fact that we have heard of many people starting their own Feng Shui consultancy business on the back of the software which is not good but a true refection of its power and of course with the software you can use it on as many homes and individuals as you like.

Q) What do I do with the 2009 cures and enhancers kit?

A) With the exception of the salt cures I have listed below where these can be placed.

  • 1 x Wind chime with six hollow metal rods (MI17), to be placed in the southwest of home or office.
  • 1 x Buddha with wealth ingot and ru yi, place in the southeast
  • 2 x Eight coins in row (should not be used in the northwest
  • 1 x Six gold ingot charm (Liu chao) place in northwest
  • 1 x Wealth, protection & Romance charm (Cai xiu) place in the north
  • 2 x six metal Chinese coins tied with red ribbon in a row place in the northeast & southwest to weaken #2 & 5.
  • 1 x Wealth protection trinity talisman (San Bao) place in west
  • 1 x Master cure 2009 place in NE (use crystals only and place in the east or centre)
  • 1 x Dragon & Phoenix statue – Lung Feng Fu (DR3) Place in the centre
  • 1 x Dragon & Phoenix (Lung Huang) place in east
  • 1 x Sheng Chi crystal enhancer (use crystals only and place in the east or centre)
  • 1 x Chinese protection talisman place in NE (Free gift)
  • 2 x Cai Jing personal pocket enhancer (use crystals only and place in the east or centre)
  • 1 x Salt water cures kit – 2 cures (Must not be reused)
  • 1 x Gold coloured Gourd Wu Lou (BR3) place in NE or SW
  • 1 x Tsai Shen Yeh (red) (GD15) place in south
  • 1 x Ru Yi ((MI43) place in south

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Q) I have read in popular Feng Shui books that you should not place water above you as it causes problems with health and luck, please help me as I have a water feature built into the wall upstairs and I would hate to have to relocate it.

A) Another misinterpretation of the old books in particular the I-Ching; it does quote that you should not have water above you as it causes menace. Although the I-Ching is very accurate, you cannot take one sentence and assume you should never have water above you, if this were the case we would all be living in permanent threat, nearly every home I know has a water tank in the loft or bathroom upstairs this is the same as having a water feature upstairs. You can have water upstairs as long as the area supports the element water, so this year water in the southeast is fine up or down stairs, although I would not have moving (yang) water in a bedroom that is being regularly used.

I hope you have enjoyed these questions and answers. You will find many others on the website and also by clicking on the Blog or facebook banner at the top right side of this page.

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