Using annual Feng Shui Talisman master cure and enhancer to bring abundance, protection & positive energy into your home or office

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Written by Michael Hanna

Taoist Talisman Feng ShuiTaoist cures are a little known to many Feng Shui masters and is a 4,000-year-old very closely held practice that goes back to Neolithic shamanism in China,  simply put, we can use our own life force commonly known as “Qi” (chi), to create a talisman suited to your personal requirements that will assist us to achieve any ambition or object.

Creating a traditional and authentic talisman involves using eastern metaphysical concepts such as Feng Shui, the Wu Xing (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water elements), the I-Ching trigrams, the traditional Chinese sexagenarian lunisolar calendar, numerology and astrology.

We have been using Feng Shui Talismans for so many years with our Feng Shui annual cures and enhancer’s kits and they are normally engraved onto an earth element like slate, crystal, glass, terracotta and also on wood element including paper.

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This method of creating a talisman takes something intangible and packages it into an object that is usually made of crystal, slate, marble, wood and even paper that you can hold in your hands or place in a compass area for the entire solar year and whether you call it magic or consciousness, a personal annual Feng Shui Talisman can help you channel your personal power toward achieving a set objective that can relate to wealth, health, career, relationships, academics and virtually all other aspects of your life for you and those around you.

The Taoist talisman, called a Fu, is an esoteric skill that a Feng Shui master might dedicate a lifetime to mastering, so the information provided here is only a touch on the surface of this ancient and powerful art.

Lian Cai Zhong Nian Master cure

The Liancaizhongnian master cure is an extremely powerful amulet and protective talisman which is used to activate and enhance the annual #8 wealth star which is being weakened by the inherent metal energy of the northwest in every home, office and building between the 4th February 2020 to the 3rd February 2021, making this a very important cure to place this year.

This master cure and enhancer must be placed to enhance and protect wealth and overall luck in 2020 and is especially needed for males of the home, including the eldest male although this will have a very strong effect on all occupants, including females of a home, office or business when placed in the northwest for 2020.

This cure must be placed as near to the northwest of your home or office (if it cannot be placed in the northwest, place in the northeast part of your building) exactly as shown in the photos with the two auspicious dynasty Chinese I-ching coins, Wu Lou, banded onyx crystal, turquenite crystal and dogtooth amethyst crystal. If you look in the centre of the earth plate, you will see an arrow that shows the arrow pointing towards the south (the instructions below show you how to set this cure up) even if you do not own a compass for northern and southern hemispheres, so it does not matter where in the world you live.

We have been re-creating Master Cures for over 18 years now and while in recent years, many companies and Ebay sellers have tried to copy the cures, we are still waiting to come across one that actually replicates the cure exactly how it should be presented which we feel is very wrong and while there are Feng Shui Masters out there who do replicate this cure as it should be, please make sure you do your research and make sure the Master cure is genuine.

With over 20 years of selling Feng Shui cures and enhancers, I have to say that the Master cure has always been a strong passion of mine and I have personally created or overseen every single Master cure that we have ever replicated.

Caiyuangungun Sheng Chi cureAnother passion of mine is the Sheng Chi Cure which is a special year specific cure that we recreate ourselves at the Feng Shui Store.

This traditional and powerful cure works in a similar way to Chinese New Year couplets in the sense that they should be kept up for the year to cure and enhance the auspicious influence of the southeast in 2020. We have the annual #6 money star visit the southeast in 2020 and will need a powerful cure to enhance and protect this area to ensure that finances are strong in the year of the Rat.

The southeast has the inherent #4 wood star which will be draining energy from the #6 which can lead to a loss of wealth. To balance the energies for the year, we need to introduce some powerful earth cures into the southeast to balance this energy and allow the annual star to be activated which is why we have included the Sheng Chi cure with all of our 2020 annual or deluxe cures and enhancers kits.

The southeast is a very important area in 2020 as leaving this area untreated could cause missed opportunities in financial gain and also loss of existing wealth. The Caiyuangungun Talisman helps to introduce a very strong earth element and has a traditional Fu Talisman that is used to both protect existing wealth and also create new wealth in a home or business. We had the Caiyuangungun Talisman specially made for us for the year of the Yang Metal Rat to exact measurements and specification as every single part of this cure must be precise.

The inscription on the front of the Sheng Chi Talisman which was carefully tailored for this Talisman for the year of the Yang Metal Rat and each section of the script has a different purpose from protecting existing wealth and finances, enhancing and protecting career and inviting new wealth into the home or business in 2020

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