Salt Water Cure Feng Shui

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Salt Water Cure One of the most powerful cures in Feng Shui

© Written by Michael Hanna November 2006 and updated in 2022

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A closely guarded Feng Shui secret until we revealed the formula around twenty years ago and now copied by everyone although many still use them incorrectly and for this reason I have written this page to clarify yet again as whilst extremely powerful, if used incorrectly they have a very negative effect.

Salt Water Cure

I have personally used salt water cures for thirty years and if set up correctly you can get excellent results and also a fast working cure to combat sickness and bad luck. We use them for the #5 and #2 stars and this year 2022 you would place them in the southwest and centre but you should also use them on your fixed flying star if you have done your own natal chart. If not, it may be worth considering our software as it calculates the flying stars automatically for you amongst many other Feng Shui formulas. In 2022 the #5 and #2 will be located in the southwest and centre palace respectively. With the #2 in the southwest palace, this can cause many problems if cures are not placed, the software will come in handy for 2022 and for the next 2 years as it gives much advice on cures and enhancers.

In traditional Feng Shui, you do not have to cure every part of the home, if your #2 or #5 star fall in a bathroom, cloakroom, utility or any other less important room you do not really need a salt cure. If it falls in a bedroom, lounge, office or other room that you spend time in you need to set a cure up.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) Can the salt water cure be covered or placed in a cupboard? 

A) No, it must be exposed to the air (qi) otherwise it will not absorb the negative energy, many people place them in cupboards and wonder why the crystal formation is not high, it is because it is not working. Place it in an open area where it is exposed to the air (qi).

Q) I really do not want my partner or visitors to my home or business to see the cure, what can you recommend?

A) I have many clients who require cures to be discreet and as I always say you do not need to have your home or business looking like a Chinese restaurant to have good Feng Shui. I would suggest placing the salt water cure on a cupboard/shelf and then placing a photo frame or similar in front of it to hide it, as long as the top of the jar/glass is exposed
to the air that is fine. Make sure that you regularly check the salt water cure as it may need to be topped up with water, especially in the summer months.

Q) I have read that you can use normal coins to place on top of the salt, is this correct? 

A) I have clients who have used normal coins without any positive results, so I would advise using Chinese i-ching coins. The ones we sell are superb quality and come from a good dynasty which is very important. The four Chinese characters should be face up, this is the yang side of the coin.

Salt Water Cure

Q) Why do we use six Chinese i-ching coins? 

A) Because six is the Trigram for Chi’en and this is a metal element and weakens the negative earth of the #5 & #2 stars. This is the same reason we use six Chinese coins tied in a row and a six hollow metal rod wind chime. These are the parts of the formula that other Practitioners do not know about and why so many websites just try and sell the cure
without adhering to all of the above.

Q) Do you only use a salt water cure for the annual 2 & 5 stars? 

A) Absolutely not, if you have done a natal chart on your home and know where the fixed #5 & #2 star you should also use them here as this is even more effective at reducing bad luck and sickness. If you do not know how to do a natal chart it maybe worth considering our Feng Shui software as this not only calculates your natal chart for your home or business, it also gives advice on colours, cures and enhancers for every part of your home. The software is now used in every part of the world by Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners, students and enthusiasts; it is our pride and joy. Follow this link for more details software.htm

Q) I have been told not to have water in a bedroom; does this apply to a salt water cure?

A) A very popular question and one that does not apply, a salt water cure is fine in a bedroom and any other room in the home, if you think about it, it is no different to having a glass of water beside your bed each night. This is called a “yin” water cure. The type of water you do not place in a bedroom is a “yang” water cure like an aquarium of water feature with a pump, the water movement makes it yang and this is harmful in a bedroom. So a salt water is needed in a bedroom for the annual stars and also fixed stars as these cause even more problems to health and luck.

Q) How often do I change the salt cure and when should it be placed? 

A) This depends on the amount of negative energy in the home, we have some clients who change there salt cure 3-4 times a year because the build up of crystal around the rim is very large and sometimes up to 4-5 inches and flowing down the sides, they really do look incredible. Other clients change them once a year and always on the Chinese New Year (around February). Although they should be renewed on Chinese New Year they can be set up at any time of the year

Q) What size glass/jar/container should I use? 

A) We use a normal size pint glass that would be used in a pub. If you are from a country that is not familiar with pint size, this is a container around 750cl in volume. I have copied a photo of our new salt cure below to give you an idea. I prefer to use glass containers and I have many clients who use similar size coffee jars with great results, the pint glass I like as it is the perfect size for the top as it is exposed the air (qi).

Q) What will happen if I disturb or knock-over my salt cure? 

A) This is actually quite common and one that you want to try and avoid, having this cure in a building is like having a bee’s nest in your home or business, it will not harm you if left undisturbed but start poking it and disturbing it, it will sting you. If the salt cure is only a few months old it should be okay, but over three months with a lot of crystallisation around the rim you must renew it as you will have disturbed a lot of negative energy. When you place the cure make sure it will not be disturbed for the time it is there. Also be careful when cleaning around the jar, do not get tempted to pick off the crystals on the rim and do not knock it when cleaning.

Q) What other cures can be placed near the salt cure? 

A) It is good to have metal cures close to the slat cure as these will also weaken the negative earth. Good metal cures are a wu lou, six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon, signing bowl etc.

Q) How do I set my salt water cure up?


  1. Fill up a glass jar; with table or rock salt to about three quarters full.
  2. Place six coins on top of the salt in a circle. Make sure the coins are Yang side up; this is the side with the four Chinese characters. Don’t worry if the coins sink into the salt as you pour the water.
  3. Fill the jar to the top with tap water. It would be a good idea to place a mat under the jar to protect furniture or flooring.
  4. The jar will form crystals over time; this shows that it is working to absorb the negative energy.
  5. Make sure the water is always topped up.
  6. Do not cover the top of glass/container.
  7. The salt water cure should not be placed in a cupboard.
  8. Try not to touch or move the jar too much as it stores a lot of negative energy.

Remember to place a sizeable mat under the jar / bowl of the salt solution to protect the table that it is on, because in time, the solution will absorb the negative energy and will crystallise around the top of the jar. If the energy is severe, it might spread all around the surface of the furniture. You may wipe around the surface of the table, but do not touch the rim of the jar / bowl at all. 

Q) How do I dispose of my old salt water cure? 

A) At the end of each Chinese New Year you should throw your old coins, glass and water/salt away. Because they store so much negative energy it is best to place the whole glass into an old Tupperware type container and seal the top and throw straight into the bin. If you do not have a container pour the water down an outside drain (one at the back of house that leads away from the building) and place the salt/glass and coins into a plastic bag and place in bin. Do not recycle the coins or container, you will be guaranteed bad luck if you do so.

Q) I have seen a salt water cure on another website for £55.00 is this better than yours?

A) I was sent the link to this website and many others over the years and they are still selling the same cure which is identical in look to ours although the information they give is very dangerous, we sell the salt cures at a very realistic cost to ensure most people can afford them.

New salt water cure
(below two photos and the right one is the same cures two weeks on)

Salt Water Cure

Salt Water CureSalt Water Cure

The below is a small example of salt water cures sent
in by clients or Michael has taken at their home or business.

Salt Water Cure

Salt Water Cure

Salt Water CureSalt Water Cure

Salt Water CureSalt Water Cure

I hope you have enjoyed reading this information. There are many hundreds of pages on this website on information on traditional and authentic Feng Shui.

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154 thoughts on “Salt Water Cure Feng Shui

  1. We are moving but I already have my cure set up. When we get ready to move do I throw it away and set up new one in new place?

    1. Hi Christina,

      If you have already set up your Salt Water Cure, I would recommend replacing as they store a lot of negative energy and should not be disturbed until they are disposed of.

      Kind regards,

  2. what is the best way to clean a jar that is overflown by salt. Can i add water if it\’s dry. is it safe placing it under a table to avoid knocking the jar and it\’s in the south part of the house. is it ok to throw the jar and replace it without waiting for the new year.

    1. Hi, you must never try and clean the jar and if it has grown very large i would replace it as they store a lot of negative energy and ca cause problems when disturbed. You must keep them topped up with water. Personally i throw mine away when too large and replace with a new jar, salt and coins. Hope this helps

  3. I placed the salt water cure a week or 2 ago and now we\’ve been approved for a new apartment (flat?). How do I go about moving it about without any problems?

  4. i have this salt cure on top of my dining table…what is the best part of the house that you could recommend this 2016…and do i need to get another salt cure this time i have no chinese coin to put in…from my understanding it will be next new year i can discard the salt cure i did this year

    1. Hi,

      The Salt Water Cures should be placed where the Annual #2 and #5 Flying Stars are which is in the south and centre for 2016. You would keep these in place until they either grow too much to manage or until the end of the Chinese New Year (3rd February 2017).

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi,

    Placed salt water cure in Southeast and the Centre on New Year\’s Day , is it possible for me to replace it and do I have to throw the old ones. There are crystal built up but not much. Thank you Den

    1. Hi Den,

      I would not personally recommend it although if you feel it has barely formed, it may be OK.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Bea,

      Yes, you can leave the jar for the year. The only exception is if the Cure is knocked and breaks or if it becomes too overgrown.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hello, Can I place the salt water cure on top of a fridge or kitchen cabinet? #2 star is in the kitchen area this year, and also I already place a salt water cure near the main door where the #5 star is. Thank you

    1. Hi Mel,

      It would be better on top of a cabinet than a fridge as the fridge is prone to being slammed often.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Leeda,

      This would be fine but make sure it is not in an area where it could get knocked if possible.

      Kind regards,

  7. hi, I unintentionally touch a fund shui frame, the owner says I should not touch it because this will transfer the negative energy and I might get sick, I really don\’t have the intention of holding it it was just I am always fascinated by frames that it very uncommon.

  8. Hi, I have been using salt cure in 2 segments of my home since 2014. After reading your article, and referring to my home chart, the segments we are place our cures are different from your prescribed #2 & #5 segments. Is it a must to place them in #2 & #5? Or does it depend on the year when the chart is determined? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      I would personally place them where the #2 & #5 stars are for both the fixed Flying Star Chart and the Annual Stars and this is something that I do in my home.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hi,

    Is it ok to use something to flip the coins over if they get turned upside down when I pour the water in? I did that last year and had some pretty bad luck. Just wondering what to do if it happens this year.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I would not recommend it although if you do, please be very gentle as to not break any of the build up around the top.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Liz,

      I would not recommend it if there is any chance of it getting knocked. If it will be safe and avoid being disturbed, it will be fine.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi,

      I would not recommend it if there is any chance of it getting knocked. If it will be safe and avoid being disturbed, it will be fine.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Can you please advise me on how to clean up some salt water crystal that had somehow spilled over onto my floor outside the mat I have placed the cure on?

    Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Joan,

      The best thing you can do is to use a cloth and carefully mop up the excess salt and water and once the area is clear, you will then be able to hoover up around the area. This happens to quite a lot of people I know so do not worry about it too much 🙂

      Kind regards,

  11. I bought two salt water cures from your website and set them up more than three weeks ago. I followed the instructions and I used a jam jar for it. To this day, I have seen no crystallization at all. Also, the water didn\’t seem to evaporate at all even though it is very cold here and we still have the furnace on in the house which usually dries things up fast. What could be wrong with my salt water cure?

    1. Hi Mei-Wun,

      Please do not worry as this is a very good sign; the Salt Water Cures absorb any negative Qi and obviously, if there is no crystallization, there is very little negative Qi in the area that the Salt Water Cure is placed. I would keep this up and monitor results but this is very normal for some people.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi as I read on other website that 6 real copper coins, best is to choose the ones that have a royalty on it like the Queen, are also effective like that of 6 chinese coins, is it true??

    1. Hi Pia,

      I would not personally recommend this as this will not have any effect. It is always best to use Chinese I-Ching Coins and make sure they come from a good dynasty as this plays an important part in the Cure.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel, I used metal bowls for my salt water cures as they are in 5, 2 rooms and I thought the metal would help weaken the earth. Why is it better to use glass? Thank you!

        1. Hi Sheena,

          You could use metal bowls although they will need to be disposed of when replacing the cures.

          I use glass for my cures as they are inexpensive and easy to get hold of.

          Kind regards,

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