Characteristics of the Fire Horse

Characteristics of the Fire Horse: 1966


Feng Shui fire elementThe Fire Horse is destined to lead an exciting and eventful life and make their mark in their chosen profession. They have a forceful personality and their intelligence will bring them the support of many people.

They love action and excitement in their life and will rarely be quiet. They can be quite blunt and straightforward at times in their views and do not take kindly to interference in their own affairs.

The horse is an extremely lovely person and usually has a massive amount of friends and admirers. They love to meet new people and will always be at a party or large social gathering as they love being the centre of attention. They have many good leadership qualities and are admired for their honest and to the point manner. They love to be involved in debating as they have a very persuasive manner. They also have a very nimble mind and can incorporate facts very quickly. They can suffer from a bad temper from time to time although it does not usually last very long, this can lead to them saying things they later regret. They are not the greatest at keeping secrets.

SportsThey have a huge range of interests and try to involve themselves in a wide range of activities but sometimes they can get involved in so many different activities that they actually forget to complete the majority of their tasks before moving onto the next one. They may also get caught up in the latest craze and set aside all their current affairs until the craze dies out.

The Horse likes to have a certain amount of freedom and independence in their life. They hate to be bound by the rules and regulations of society; they like to think that they should only have to answer for themselves. Despite this, they still like the support and encouragement of others.

The Horse is determined to go far in life due to their many talents and likable nature. They enjoy challenges and are a systematic and untiring worker although it will take them a long time to recover and start again in any enterprise if things should go wrong for them. Success means everything to the Horse which means if they fail at something it is disastrous to them.

Chinese animal career predictions for 2018They like to have variety in their life and they like to try out a lot of different things before settling down in one particular job, although they will still keep their options open to new opportunities. They have a restless nature and can easily get bored. The Horse will excel in any position that gives them sufficient freedom to act on their own initiative. Although they are not particularly bothered about accumulating great wealth, they are very careful with their finances and will rarely experience any serious financial problems.

Feng Shui holidayThe Horse loves to travel and visit faraway places; they will be tempted at some point in their life to live abroad for a short period of time, due to their adaptable nature they will fit in very well. The Horse pays a lot of attention to their appearance and will usually like to wear smart, colourful and rather distinctive clothing. They are seen as attractive people to others and will often have many romances before they settle down. They are very loyal and protective of their partner, but despite their family commitments they still like to have a certain amount of independence and have the freedom to carry on with their own interests and hobbies.

They will find that they are particularly well suited to Tigers, Goats, Roosters, and Dogs. They can also get on well with the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Pig and another Horse. They will find the Ox too serious and intolerant for their liking. They will also have difficulty getting along with the Monkey and the Rat.

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Famous Horses:

Neil Armstrong famous HorseJames Blunt
Aretha Franklin
Rolf Harris
Calvin Klein
Gordon Ramsay
Katie Price (Jordan)
Denzil Washington
Will Young
Bob Geldof
Sean Connery
Roman Abramovich
Neil Armstrong
Kevin Costner
Barbra Streisand
Clint Eastwood
Patrick Swayze
John Travolta
Harrison Ford
Lou Reed
Billy Wilder

41 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Fire Horse

  1. Did you know it is said when one of us Fire Horses is born, someone high up and powerful in the community dies. (“This town aint big enough” type of thing).

  2. I am a fire horse born in the summer. I am different & despite taking knocks always find strength to get back up!
    I often feel like a pony in a paddock & occasionally have to break free!
    I had to search but did find a tiger to take care of me – we have been married for 20yrs & life is good
    And yes, despite superstition, I am thrilled to be part of the fire horse herd!

  3. So interesting how accurate a portrait of my personality and inner self! I am a Fire Horse born 6-6-66 and am very much a bit of all listed! I am an assended master and student, simultaneously and WILL leave a legacy behind! Thank You for posting this and Thank You for whomever may read this.

  4. I’m a Aquarius Fire Horse , born on January 27 1967, I love to read about everything I can about our signs , it’s awesome to know there’s others out there

        1. You are partly correct Gypsy. I too am a 1967 Aquarian Fire Horse.

          Dates for Chinese New Year vary, though its generally in the latter part of Jan. Well in our year it was late – Feb 8th. We are definitely Fire Horses!

          Reading this is eerily spot on. Also the Aquarious traits and the Fire Horse traits are very similar – i find they hugely reinforce each other.

    1. I am an Aquarius fire horse 1-27-66 . Awesome
      I really don’t feed into zodiac but I am definately have at least 90% of the characteristics

  5. Just some feedback for you- your second image has a fire horse but the second Chinese character that accompanies it is the word for cow 🐄 – ‘niu’ 牛 rather than ‘ma’ 马 – horse.

  6. Total fire horse here. I never knew there was other people so much like me. It’s a struggle, an adventure, I hope I can run forever! Just can’t seem to find a mate who understands me.

  7. I’m also a Female Firehorse and I didn’t realize either that it was cursed,Well now that just explains my life from birth. Apparently i was suppose to die as a baby in a fire and i know for a fact it had nothing to do with a curse try……Child Neglect and Child Abuse.My Firehorse Power’s Annihilated his Abuse to Ashes so I’m Happy as Larry to be a “FIREHORSE” Let me explain to you about my curse. I’M THE 6TH CHILD BORN IN 66 and I wish someone or something would cut me some slack ffs

    1. I too have some numerical coincidences surrounding my birth.
      My mother, born July, 18th 1933 gave birth to me onon April April 30th 1966 at age 33.
      In 1999 she was 66 and I, 33

  8. Do I detect a bit of narcissism, I find being a fire horse creates the opportunity to learn a lot of spiritual lessons & feel I’m closer to enlightenment, extreme trauma history, has taught me to be conscious & mindful because we can be resilient survivors us fire horses, we have an incredibly strong spirit, how else do u learn important life lessons & have character without challenges, mistakes & hardship. Perhaps our strength was seen as a threat so the superstition was begun by someone in power who was weak & a coward?

    1. I believe you are correct. I have come to a point in my life in which I have discovered that being an Aries-Fire horse is not curse but a gift. Going forward I am going to use my talents. Gelousy will not stop me from using those talents. I am compassionate, caring, and kind. For years I tried to hide the Fire horse part of me which can be perceived in other ways by those who are not. I will be this spirit and embrace it with kindness and reverence. Much like an Arabian horse we are meant to run but are the kindness creatures imanagenable.

  9. I love that I am a Fire Horse and a woman. I am tempered by my cultural roots of being born New Zealand native. Let the girl fire horse live I say. We can’t all be the same and in life, certain matters need shaking up and the courage and determination of the Fire Horse can do this.

  10. I’m a female fire horse and practically nothing refers to me. Could it be that is because I was born in Jan ’67 and not through the main body of ’66? 🤔

  11. I’m a Fire Horse. Until today I had never heard about Fire Horses being cursed and I have not read up on it at the moment. However, I can tell you the pure truth that I have genuinely felt cursed through most of my life in matters of love and relationships with the opposite sex. The description of a Fire Horse fits me at least 80%. I certainly have been reckless at times in my life, but have managed to get away with it. I guess this odd luck counteracts the bad luck I have in love and relationships. Therefore all things become equal.
    Good luck to all you Fire Horses. We are a fire ball of raw emotion… Love, anger, hate, compassion = consideration, condemnation, wisdom,

  12. I am a female firehorse. I didn’t always know that because being born Jan 31sr 1967 according to the American calendar year, I was looking at the zoduac animal for yr 1967. But since the Chinese year begins in Feb., I fall under the yr 1966.i am the black sheep if my family. Had 2 of my greatest life partners die, and that being a description of a firehorse really nailed it for me.

  13. Wow! finally I understand how lucky 1966 is! I have actually lived to reverse this ‘curse’…
    As a child I was abducted with my siblings; we were found intime before anything bad happened.
    I owe my life to a “second chance rescue” So, not all Fire Horse Females are destined for bad stories!
    Very grateful to learn about my animal totum….we dont have to burn ourselves after all:))
    Fire is light through darkness….

  14. Half the celebrities mentioned above are not “Firehorses” They are simply just the normal “Horse” A real firehorse is so unique that they only come every fifty (could be sixty) years. The latest year was 1966. So, if you were not born in 1966 then you are just a regular horse and believe me there is a difference. If you live in any part of Asia, then you know how much fire horses are cursed and feared. Many many decades ago if you were female and born in that year you had a good chance of being abandoned at birth, hidden away or even killed, most definitely if you were a female.

    1. Hi,

      The celebrities on the page are listed as famous Horses rather than Fire Horses.

      I have heard of the Fire Horse curse before and did some more reading on it after seeing this. It’s a very interesting topic!

      The cycle for each animal to come back around is every 60 years so the next Fire Horse will be in 2026.

      Kind regards,

  15. My cousin is a Fire horse , after her 1st married , her husband got car accident and past away, her 2nd husband also look very lost and sickness , it look like he got harm from his wife.

    And she has a very bad temper that every body scare her. Also very rude character.

  16. I’m a Fire Horse & I carry the Fire Horse Curse! 1966. Born just months after their beautiful daughter died after flames engulfed her nightdress.
    Dark Horse.

    1. Because of our power (some believe), someone of power in the family or close community must die to make way for us.
      When you say “their” are you referring to your parents?

      1. YES, I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE MELINDA!! IM A FIRE HORSE AND PROUD OF IT!! i never heard of this curse tbibg, but after reading it explains a lot, mostly i havent bern living up to my potential, probably because fear of loss or not doingit “right”!

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