Characteristics of the Fire Horse

Characteristics of the Fire Horse: 1966

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Feng Shui fire element

The Fire Horse is destined to lead an exciting and eventful life and make their mark in their chosen profession. They have a forceful personality and their intelligence will bring them the support of many people.

They love action and excitement in their life and will rarely be quiet. They can be quite blunt and straightforward at times in their views and do not take kindly to interference in their own affairs.

The horse is an extremely lovely person and usually has a massive amount of friends and admirers. They love to meet new people and will always be at a party or large social gathering as they love being the centre of attention. They have many good leadership qualities and are admired for their honest and to the point manner. They love to be involved in debating as they have a very persuasive manner. They also have a very nimble mind and can incorporate facts very quickly. They can suffer from a bad temper from time to time although it does not usually last very long, this can lead to them saying things they later regret. They are not the greatest at keeping secrets.

SportsThey have a huge range of interests and try to involve themselves in a wide range of activities but sometimes they can get involved in so many different activities that they actually forget to complete the majority of their tasks before moving onto the next one. They may also get caught up in the latest craze and set aside all their current affairs until the craze dies out.

The Horse likes to have a certain amount of freedom and independence in their life. They hate to be bound by the rules and regulations of society; they like to think that they should only have to answer for themselves. Despite this, they still like the support and encouragement of others.

The Horse is determined to go far in life due to their many talents and likable nature. They enjoy challenges and are a systematic and untiring worker although it will take them a long time to recover and start again in any enterprise if things should go wrong for them. Success means everything to the Horse which means if they fail at something it is disastrous to them.

Chinese animal career predictions for 2018They like to have variety in their life and they like to try out a lot of different things before settling down in one particular job, although they will still keep their options open to new opportunities. They have a restless nature and can easily get bored. The Horse will excel in any position that gives them sufficient freedom to act on their own initiative. Although they are not particularly bothered about accumulating great wealth, they are very careful with their finances and will rarely experience any serious financial problems.

Feng Shui holidayThe Horse loves to travel and visit faraway places; they will be tempted at some point in their life to live abroad for a short period of time, due to their adaptable nature they will fit in very well. The Horse pays a lot of attention to their appearance and will usually like to wear smart, colourful and rather distinctive clothing. They are seen as attractive people to others and will often have many romances before they settle down. They are very loyal and protective of their partner, but despite their family commitments they still like to have a certain amount of independence and have the freedom to carry on with their own interests and hobbies.

They will find that they are particularly well suited to Tigers, Goats, Roosters, and Dogs. They can also get on well with the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Pig and another Horse. They will find the Ox too serious and intolerant for their liking. They will also have difficulty getting along with the Monkey and the Rat.

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Famous Horses:

Neil Armstrong famous HorseJames Blunt
Aretha Franklin
Rolf Harris
Calvin Klein
Gordon Ramsay
Katie Price (Jordan)
Denzil Washington
Will Young
Bob Geldof
Sean Connery
Roman Abramovich
Neil Armstrong
Kevin Costner
Barbra Streisand
Clint Eastwood
Patrick Swayze
John Travolta
Harrison Ford
Lou Reed
Billy Wilder

93 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Fire Horse

  1. Hello, born 30 December 66,
    Life isn t easy. On own pathes during lifetime.
    Deep experiences in relationships, but also much suffering.
    Seeing the world with different eyes than others.
    Living in the future, plenty of projects in mind. Realizing them is often difficult, takes time. Already next ideas are coming up during the realization of projects. Often don t finish some.
    Not deep feeling of connection to family. Exclusive person in the family, which don t make life easy for family members.
    Love travels, could travel all life long. Experienced to even get detached from place of birth, inclusive nearly all connections.
    Partly then high emotionally inner work to digest.
    Love meditation, kind of only way to get back to mySelf in this apparent world outside.
    So, not much of common paths.

  2. Beautiful. And you’re right. I know where my fire comes from, what joy I can give and no one is taking my spirit. You can’t cage me. I stay as long as I’m not being controlled. Don’t ever let someone try to diminish your light and only surround yourself with those that see your light.!!

  3. I feel like it’s true. In desperation I’ve definitely charmed my way into surviving when I’ve been destroyed. No one has ever given me any help or guidance to be successful. of any type of help really.
    I just finally figured out how much of a threat to everyone I’ve been all my life. I totally understand now. I had no idea how powerful I am. I totally rose from the ashes of 2012 and climbed further than I ever did but I’m mad at myself for not doing it sooner! I quit going to school very young and liked working so much more. I beat myself up over this for years and years until I finally found my spot and I’m totally enjoying the years of hard work I put myself though not going to school. It was so frustrating seeing people succeed further than me because I knew I was more talented than them. I want to say to any other fire horse people … you are powerful and please don’t accept people not showing your value. Get away to a new spot and believe in yourself.

    1. Its great that you have found to be at peace with yourself. Fire horses have great strength of character. Well done . wishing everyone a happy joyous and peaceful holiday season .
      Cheers and keep safe.

  4. I’m a Sagitarian Fire Horse 7-12-66 and I definitely do not like to be center of attention or party, rather fly under the radar, hate my photo being taken etc. But freedom yes, that is very important . Relationships are difficult, I’m loyal and give my all but unfortunately it isn’t reciprocated and the one thing I desire for is to be truely loved. I’ve traveled heaps and live the other side of the world from my siblings and parents, which is fine.My son and others have often commented that my way of thinking is so different to others and many just don’t get it, plus I have limited tolerance for stupidity lol.

    1. Me too ! I’m a horse and , even if I worked in the fashion bus , I don’t like my photo taken , I’m sometime shy , but I’m a go getter. I rewards in life is my success.

      My book

  5. Fire Horse cant unite. They are freedom loving people. In a society where everyone depend on each other fire horse stand out. They need their freedom what ever the cost associated with it. It cause pain to others who depends on them. Firehorse dont belong to this world. That is the point. Their thinking is different from all human kind. So others call them cursed. Infact there is no curse. It is just that firehorse is independent all their life. They struggle because of that. They wants to be free but also wants to be middle of action. This conflict in the mind cause them pain all the time. Freedom is a myth. So what is the issue. Firehorse has finite energy when its energy is down it wants to be alone. When energy is high it wants to be in middle of action. This up and down nature causes pain to people around them. Firehorse are aliens to this world.

    1. As fire horse I agree and disagree…..I cannot conform to filial piety. My family always treated me badly…and thus I learned to stay away. I have my own child and I am always by her side. White the traits of fire horse are basically “from my experience” accurate…I have always struggled against rules that bind me to find my own path. I believe that a male fire horse in modern society will have success and what ever he wants. For a woman- that is a much harder road because of judgement about independence…and the fact that we so much less concerned about other peoples’ opinions.

      1. Hi. We female firehorses r marked for less than perfect lives unless we walk away from what people tell us we are. I had and still have aterrible life. I killed myself and met god. It is not a he. It is an endless loving womans light. So unlike all christian religions say. No blame at all. Just an unending sadness from her for u for all ur pain and so much love and know u r blessed to have even been created as 1. I am in a battle to save all ur spiritual bodies from wrong and all Hell is after me. Just love urself. The sweet awesome mamma to child love is how she feels to u. All else is a lie. Never believe u r less than the most perfect female light. She made u perfect. Man messed u up. Bless him fixed so ur pain ends and ur child can be safe in a new spirital age please.

        1. Beautiful. And you’re right. I know where my fire comes from, what joy I can give and no one is taking my spirit. You can’t cage me. I stay as long as I’m not being controlled. Don’t ever let someone try to diminish your light and only surround yourself with those that see your light.!!

    2. Men…..thats totally me.
      I wish sometimes it was different perhaps i would have done alot of things differently

  6. I’m a firehorse (August 1966) and proud of it. I don’t believe I’m cursed at all and although I’ve had more than my share of tough times, I always ALWAYS get through and I’ve never been broken. I work with children as a doctor and seem to get them in a way that others can’t. People call me unique and inspiring in my positive areas and I’m well aware of the negative areas. I’m not perfect. I do believe I will leave a very positive and clear mark on this earth when I die and it’s because I love to give rather than receive, and my patients thrive as they feel cared about. Historically, being a strong fearless woman was seen as bad – we must be meek and compliant – that is no more and the world and what is expected of women has changed. I do believe we have a remarkable power but must be careful to use it wisely. I don’t believe I’m cursed at all – quite the opposite.

    1. Great Jo, well said you have harnessed all of your unique skills,
      You have a lot of power and will use them for the goodness of the world.
      Keep it up, well done.
      best wishes to you.

  7. I am a firehorse born on 06-22-66 at 11:45 AM – almost high noon. My husband is also a fire horse born 05-28-66. We’ve been married over 27 years. I’ve had periods of victories then I get tired, restless and run off to the next adventure. My husband and I argue but still together. I am closest to tigers – my Dad and brother. I’ve always found my way around but it hasn’t really always been the best. I was a blue baby, survived a stroke and am still working full time. I’m a female fire horse but I am not complaining – I love it.

  8. Perfect description – I am a Scorpio Firehorse,
    Sensible Scorpion always ready to chuck a pail of water when the fire rages out of control. Controversy and adversity becomes part of our make as they love to follow us. Mankind struggles to cope with our variety of gifts and sense of adventure.
    The Rock of Gibraltar is an understatement when describing the Firehorse.
    Oh, we can wax skittish if we have to, but they are mere chinks in our armour, as we soldier on.
    If Firehorses unite, we will be a formidable force to be reckoned with.

  9. I am a ‘Fire Horse’ from 21 January 1967 – which makes me also from the sign of ‘Aquarius’ with ‘Leo’ ascendant (and ‘Gemini’ moon).
    Can anyone tell me about a deeper interpretation – and/or meaning of all this?
    I’d much appreciate – thank you.

    1. A tűzló csak 60 évente ismétlődik. 1906-1966-2026 és így tovább. A köztes évek csak ló. Vízöntő.

      1. Fire horse of 1966 starts in February and extends untill February 1967 (as chinese calendar isn’t the same of the western one).
        This means my birthday in 21 January 1967 makes it a Fire Horse (being an Aquarius sign with Leo ascendant and Gemini moon, on the western Zodiac).
        So, if someone can tell me more about this combination, I’d appreciate!

        1. Hi Tdpa,

          I’m afraid I do not follow the western Zodiac signs closely enough to help with this. Hopefully, someone can offer more help on this.

          Kind regards,

  10. Very Interesting being the mother of a Leo fire horse , and being a fire dog mother. It has been the most difficult
    phase of human existence to have the strength and fortitude to keep marching forward , trying hard to understand my daughters miss fortune and rebellious nature virtually destroying our family . She really does demonstrate all the true characteristics of a true Japanese described fire horse. I have been trying so hard to understand her misery of seeing life full of adversity. Why she can not look forward instead of backwards to all her disappointments. The fire horse describes her unfortunately so well. I will advise my grand children not to conceive a child in the year in 2006. Wish my daughter would embrace all the great quality s that I know underlie her wonderful strengths , so I am hoping she sees the light and can hopefully embrace the great quality of the fire horse.

    1. I am an Aquarian fire horse myself and my Mom is an Aquarian fire dog. She suffer a lot from my rebellious attitude, but not once i talk back to her. I get a lot of beatings from her because I didnt want to study, but i never showed her that I feel the pain, I saw her cried after the beating. I brought a lot of chaos and bad luck to the family which I didnt even realize. But not once I discredit my mother, she gave up, and let me stop studying, I struggle since I reached where I am now. Till this time at my age, I am only working hard because of her and my son. Giving het allbthe best I can, giving her all my salary since I start working at the age of 17 till now that Im 52. I tried to compensate all the pain I cause to her. I know I cannot pay her back by giving her all the material things, but at the end She and Me together.

      1. I think sometimes as fire horses we sense the difference between right and wrong…and we know instinctively that filial piety is slanted to favor brothers…if we work has hard and succeed more…..we will not be recognized. I rejected my family for this. I succeeded. My brother is a school teacher and I work for a corporation. to each itw own we do not as women have to care for everyone and get nothing in return.

    2. I am sorry…about your perceived misfortune..can you describe what you love about your fire horse daughter? I am a fire horse and my family made me into a slave and a servant. In modern society and based on my skills this is wrong. I now have a corporate job and make over 100K per year? I do not talk to my mother because she was bad to me and my daughter. Just because she may not fulfill a tradtional role does not mean she does not have value.

    3. Sometimes a firehorse will speak truths and break down traditional confines if they have threatened her peace and dignity. Sometimes it’s better to remo’ve the facade and treat everyone equally. Try to understand the triggers that spook her and avoid demeaning her courage and wisdom just because you can’t grasp it

    4. If ur daughter has any blemishes on her what so ever she needs seriously blessed. We firehorses r born completely unblemished and truly magical. if someone has messed up our aura we will have freckles, purple blemishes, strnge grey sticky stuff on us and they will always be in pairs. 1 larger than the other. spacing s and size of the marks vary. they cause moodiness, anger, suspicion, rage, hate. if she is unblemished then she was born evil cause we r born evil or good, no in between for firehorses. if so u need t bless ur house ur home ur self and all who have come into contact with her that she is unable to harm any spiritual body. u also need to know the people who say we evil were experimenting on us and we unconsciously attacked them and destroyed alot. so know are being fed lies with truths

  11. I am a fire horse woman married a fire horse man, we both have same characteristics as fire horse and are very loyal and faithful to each other. We’ll soon be 27 years together, I don’t believe in curse.

    1. Congrats! You are lucky, i truly believe that Firehorses make the best partners to each other, since trust and loyalty are the fundamental components of a relationship.
      Others just don’t get it.

  12. I am a Fire Horse woman the description fits me 100%. All my life I have this feeling that I belong to something unknown. I run far and wide searching, conquering but I never settle always on the move. Men genuinely loves me and I love them truly at that moment. But all of them lost and never win. As a Fire horse at times I grew tired of running I feel I needed to rest and go “home” just like every one else. But how could I find my way back? When someone somewhere on the way needs me the most. Deep in my heart I know that it’s only for while and I must go again, leaving my foot prints in their hearts. The Fire Horse is getting tired, she seen it all has been part of it. The up and down, the never ending race.

    1. I love the way you have written and described yourself as a Fire Horse. I am a Firehorse as well. I feel the same way. Thank you fir your insight.

          1. Hi Leena,

            You have everything in your power to be whoever you want to be 🙂

            Kind regards,

    2. Yes eventually came home although restless once a year to get going again. Regular holidays help but I know, the time will arrive and off I will trott, happily once again.

  13. Did you know it is said when one of us Fire Horses is born, someone high up and powerful in the community dies. (“This town aint big enough” type of thing).

  14. I am a fire horse born in the summer. I am different & despite taking knocks always find strength to get back up!
    I often feel like a pony in a paddock & occasionally have to break free!
    I had to search but did find a tiger to take care of me – we have been married for 20yrs & life is good
    And yes, despite superstition, I am thrilled to be part of the fire horse herd!

  15. So interesting how accurate a portrait of my personality and inner self! I am a Fire Horse born 6-6-66 and am very much a bit of all listed! I am an assended master and student, simultaneously and WILL leave a legacy behind! Thank You for posting this and Thank You for whomever may read this.

      1. Interesting !!I’m a fire horse born on may 27, 1966…most of the things mentioned here actually describes me, and for the first time I read many positive aspects of a fire horse .

  16. I’m a Aquarius Fire Horse , born on January 27 1967, I love to read about everything I can about our signs , it’s awesome to know there’s others out there

        1. You are partly correct Gypsy. I too am a 1967 Aquarian Fire Horse.

          Dates for Chinese New Year vary, though its generally in the latter part of Jan. Well in our year it was late – Feb 8th. We are definitely Fire Horses!

          Reading this is eerily spot on. Also the Aquarious traits and the Fire Horse traits are very similar – i find they hugely reinforce each other.

    1. I am an Aquarius fire horse 1-27-66 . Awesome
      I really don’t feed into zodiac but I am definately have at least 90% of the characteristics

  17. Just some feedback for you- your second image has a fire horse but the second Chinese character that accompanies it is the word for cow 🐄 – ‘niu’ 牛 rather than ‘ma’ 马 – horse.

    1. This whole “curse” business was a campaign of propaganda- manufactured to incite the genocide of our kind before birth, and to leave an enduring mark of the pariah upon any survivors. Who are they? I’m not sure exactly. I only recently became aware that another species of human (or maybe not quite human) exists. They seem to have remarkable powers of persuasion and I have even witnessed evidence of something more akin to compulsion. Other than this, I know of no other visible characteristics to identify them as different from anyone else. But many of them can identify our kind on sight. Have you ever noticed occasionally crossing paths with a complete stranger whom you never met or spoken to, who has never seen you before, never heard about you from anyone else- the second they take notice of you in close proximity
      (within 3-5 feet away) they display a sudden violent reaction of open hostility. Visibly recoil with their face twisted in an expression of disgust or hatred. Like they are deeply offended by your very existence… All without any possible provocation whatsoever? Someone recently pointed out to me that this is NOT NORMAL and defined their reaction as similar to how a cat reacts if a dog snuck up behind it and said boo! He was certain the animosity was rooted in fear. He does not believe my immunity to their persuasion and compulsion is enough to cause that much fear. There must be more to it than that.

      1. try blessing those people to be able to harm none and see their reaction hahahaha. they turn purple black n green n send roiling hate at u. they despise healers and to see someone full of loves cause a shattering in pain i was surprised to feel. amazed me, too broken to even think about being healed. those ppl walk the earth leaving a triangle of misery behind them for others to walk thru them and are beyond not happy when i cut it off 🙂

  18. Total fire horse here. I never knew there was other people so much like me. It’s a struggle, an adventure, I hope I can run forever! Just can’t seem to find a mate who understands me.

    1. I am a libra fire horse 04/10/66, i don’t feel cursed , created my own destiny by hard work , I agree with all the characteristics as above , adventure and traveling, it’s hard to find true love because loyalty stands above all !

  19. I’m also a Female Firehorse and I didn’t realize either that it was cursed,Well now that just explains my life from birth. Apparently i was suppose to die as a baby in a fire and i know for a fact it had nothing to do with a curse try……Child Neglect and Child Abuse.My Firehorse Power’s Annihilated his Abuse to Ashes so I’m Happy as Larry to be a “FIREHORSE” Let me explain to you about my curse. I’M THE 6TH CHILD BORN IN 66 and I wish someone or something would cut me some slack ffs

    1. I too have some numerical coincidences surrounding my birth.
      My mother, born July, 18th 1933 gave birth to me onon April April 30th 1966 at age 33.
      In 1999 she was 66 and I, 33

      1. My father june 27, 1966.. he wants me to be a drug addict same like him.. i hate him so much..i was born in a year of rat, 1984

    2. try looking at ur body and imagine the most white sparkling beautiful female light (not a figure or face, just a ball of love) and look at all the stuff and say this is not my true form i am a beautiful female sparkilng ball of light. fix it! believe it will change and it will. just do that till u can hold it and amazing things happen. don’t spoil it with greed

  20. Do I detect a bit of narcissism, I find being a fire horse creates the opportunity to learn a lot of spiritual lessons & feel I’m closer to enlightenment, extreme trauma history, has taught me to be conscious & mindful because we can be resilient survivors us fire horses, we have an incredibly strong spirit, how else do u learn important life lessons & have character without challenges, mistakes & hardship. Perhaps our strength was seen as a threat so the superstition was begun by someone in power who was weak & a coward?

    1. I believe you are correct. I have come to a point in my life in which I have discovered that being an Aries-Fire horse is not curse but a gift. Going forward I am going to use my talents. Gelousy will not stop me from using those talents. I am compassionate, caring, and kind. For years I tried to hide the Fire horse part of me which can be perceived in other ways by those who are not. I will be this spirit and embrace it with kindness and reverence. Much like an Arabian horse we are meant to run but are the kindness creatures imanagenable.

    2. I was born July 16 1966. I too have a spirit of adventure. Currently bored in my job as a nurse. Love to ice skate. Do some adult competitions and tests. Always love a challenge. Here’s to all the strong courageous beautiful fire horses.

  21. I love that I am a Fire Horse and a woman. I am tempered by my cultural roots of being born New Zealand native. Let the girl fire horse live I say. We can’t all be the same and in life, certain matters need shaking up and the courage and determination of the Fire Horse can do this.

  22. I’m a female fire horse and practically nothing refers to me. Could it be that is because I was born in Jan ’67 and not through the main body of ’66? 🤔

  23. I’m a Fire Horse. Until today I had never heard about Fire Horses being cursed and I have not read up on it at the moment. However, I can tell you the pure truth that I have genuinely felt cursed through most of my life in matters of love and relationships with the opposite sex. The description of a Fire Horse fits me at least 80%. I certainly have been reckless at times in my life, but have managed to get away with it. I guess this odd luck counteracts the bad luck I have in love and relationships. Therefore all things become equal.
    Good luck to all you Fire Horses. We are a fire ball of raw emotion… Love, anger, hate, compassion = consideration, condemnation, wisdom,

  24. I am a female firehorse. I didn’t always know that because being born Jan 31sr 1967 according to the American calendar year, I was looking at the zoduac animal for yr 1967. But since the Chinese year begins in Feb., I fall under the yr 1966.i am the black sheep if my family. Had 2 of my greatest life partners die, and that being a description of a firehorse really nailed it for me.

  25. I am a fire horse. Many sad moments in my life. But more happiness. Never give up i say. Live life to the full

  26. Wow! finally I understand how lucky 1966 is! I have actually lived to reverse this ‘curse’…
    As a child I was abducted with my siblings; we were found intime before anything bad happened.
    I owe my life to a “second chance rescue” So, not all Fire Horse Females are destined for bad stories!
    Very grateful to learn about my animal totum….we dont have to burn ourselves after all:))
    Fire is light through darkness….

  27. Half the celebrities mentioned above are not “Firehorses” They are simply just the normal “Horse” A real firehorse is so unique that they only come every fifty (could be sixty) years. The latest year was 1966. So, if you were not born in 1966 then you are just a regular horse and believe me there is a difference. If you live in any part of Asia, then you know how much fire horses are cursed and feared. Many many decades ago if you were female and born in that year you had a good chance of being abandoned at birth, hidden away or even killed, most definitely if you were a female.

    1. Hi,

      The celebrities on the page are listed as famous Horses rather than Fire Horses.

      I have heard of the Fire Horse curse before and did some more reading on it after seeing this. It’s a very interesting topic!

      The cycle for each animal to come back around is every 60 years so the next Fire Horse will be in 2026.

      Kind regards,

  28. My cousin is a Fire horse , after her 1st married , her husband got car accident and past away, her 2nd husband also look very lost and sickness , it look like he got harm from his wife.

    And she has a very bad temper that every body scare her. Also very rude character.

  29. I’m a Fire Horse & I carry the Fire Horse Curse! 1966. Born just months after their beautiful daughter died after flames engulfed her nightdress.
    Dark Horse.

    1. Because of our power (some believe), someone of power in the family or close community must die to make way for us.
      When you say “their” are you referring to your parents?

      1. YES, I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE MELINDA!! IM A FIRE HORSE AND PROUD OF IT!! i never heard of this curse tbibg, but after reading it explains a lot, mostly i havent bern living up to my potential, probably because fear of loss or not doingit “right”!

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