Xuan Kong monthly flying star October 2007 update

Xuan Kong Flying Stars October 2007 update

© By Michael Hanna 2007

“A rich person is not someone who has
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October 2007 Flying Stars

I shall explain a little here what Xuan Kong
(flying stars) is in order to benefit our readers who are not familiar
with it. Please remember this is only the monthly good or bad influence,
you can enhance and cure even more by following our annual advice,
follow this link for more details.

The Xuan Kong (flying star) system addresses
the time dimension of Feng Shui of a given property (home or office).
This is an analysis of the interaction of elements (fire, earth, metal,
water and wood) within the different sectors of the property and how we
may enhance the good energies to give us support or suppress the bad energies
by keeping them at bay. Every year we put together an annual cures kit
which enhances good stars and cures bad stars; these are essential for
every home and office. These cures and enhancers kits can be placed at
any time of the year.

If you are thinking of building a house, this
is the time when we analyse the natal chart (flying star chart as below)
to determine the best locations for all doors and the allocation of important
rooms in order to harness the beneficial distribution of energy. Every
property will have good and bad stars; the secret is placing the good
stars in places like an office, bedroom, lounge or dining room and the
bad ones in places like a bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or utility room.


In Feng Shui terms, the interaction between the energies (good or bad)
of each sector of a Xuan Kong chart above will affect the well-being of
the household.

In addition, this interaction is further influenced by the visitation
of the Annual visiting energy that represents the potential influence,
as well as the Monthly visiting energy that acts like a catalyst. These
influences are experienced in varying degrees throughout the month because
of the Daily visiting energy.

The important palaces (sectors) that affect
us most are:

  • a. The main / front door
  • b. The door you use for entry and exit frequently or on a daily
  • c. The sector where your office is located within the building
  • d. Your bedroom location within your property
  • e. The rooms that are used frequently where most activities, noise
    and movement are, e.g. kitchen, living room, study or the playroom

What do we do with this information?

In every house, there are good and bad palaces which affect our daily
lives. How and who gets affected (good or bad) depends on who occupies
which area. The objective here is to be aware of the influences and how
to capitalise on the beneficial energies or avoid the unfavourable influences
either through enhancers or cures or avoidance. Knowing the effects of
the influences allows us to take appropriate measures and actions to calm
interactions. So, do not get too worried when you come across a bad sector
– sometimes with thought, care and the appropriate elements, we can balance
any conflict of energies or compensate the lack of an element to bring
harmony to a palace. That said, if a palace is particularly bad, avoidance
is the best cure.

You do not have to run around and try to cure every affected sector of
your house. Simply be aware of the potential influences of the sectors.
The objective of this update is to prepare you by informing you of the
intangible forces of energy that exist in each sector of the house and
how these may influence your performance.

Please do not panic when you find that your bedroom is located in an
affected sector for the month. This is only a temporary influence and
can be avoided. If you cannot avoid the room completely, then try to use
the good small sectors (tai chi) of the room. There are more details on
how to do this towards the bottom of this page.

You are only affected (positively or negatively) by the frequently used
areas. Hence the advice:

  • Use the beneficial areas more and the areas of negative influences
    less. For example, if the living room is affected by conflicting energies,
    try not to play loud music in this room for the month. By keeping the
    area quiet, you successfully manipulate the effect of the energies.
  • If possible, use another door if your main door is negatively affected
    this month.
  • Use the good sectors to solve existing problems whether they concern
    relationships or money matters.

If your main door is affected and this is only the door you have in your
property, you should take extra care in what you do during the affected
month. You will know it may not be a good time to take risks and also
to take extra care of your health.

Hopefully you would read our advice on cures and enhancers for 2007;
if not please follow this link for more

Xuan Kong Flying Stars October 2007:

From 9th October to 7th November 2007 is the ninth month of the year
of the fire Dog (Bing Xu) with the ruling energy of #3 in the central

We have an inauspicious #5 star enter the west this month of October
and this part of your home or business should be avoided if possible this
month, this also applies to the southeast as we have an inauspicious #2
star here. The most inauspicious part of the home or business this month
is actually the centre so please avoid using this part of the building;
this combination can cause many problems if disturbed. Do not worry about
these areas if you applies recommended cures below they will not cause
you many problem and only here for a month.

With colder weather arriving for us in the UK please be careful where
you place a portable hot air unit, you should avoid placing it in the
centre of the building but also the centre of any room, this also applies
to placing it in the southeast and west. A Good place to have a hot air
fan in October is in the north (best), southwest or east part of a room.
Please take this advice seriously as believe me I have seen many problems
arising from a fan or similar noisy/active machine placed in the wrong
part of the room. If you live in a warm country use the same rules as
above for a normal cooling fan or portable air conditioning unit, an example
would be do not place a cooling fan or fan heater in the west part of
a room in October.

Be careful in October if your main door, bedroom or office or any important
room is located in the west or southeast this month. If your office, main
door or bedroom is located in these areas make sure you place a Wu Lou
or six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon for the month of October
especially if you are not in good health or feel very stressed or you
run a business from home.

Because we have the visiting #3 star
in the centre this month combined with the # 2 annual star this is not
a good combination (in fact one of the worst in Xuan Kong flying star)
at all and you must set up a salt water cure along with six Chinese coins
tied in a row with red ribbon for the whole year in the centre of your
home or business, this is so important from this month onwards.

Follow this link for more details.
If you placed a salt water cure at
the beginning of the year and it has grown quite large with over hanging
crystals I would replace them, do not try to recycle them as this will
cause you many problems.

Unlikely, but if you have a lounge, office or any other important room
in the centre of your building please be careful signing papers
as there could be treachery in October, just be careful and read all the
small print. You can also suffer from someone trying to backstab you or
steal from you, so place something that is red in colour in the centre
(this month only) such as a rug, door mat, sofa throw etc; this will help
calm this negative influence. Another very powerful cure is to burn a
tee light candle daily (I will be using a red candle) in the centre of
a building but only do so if it is safe and do not leave unattended. A
traditional cure is placing a statue of a red Buddha in the centre.

Good sectors for the month of October are the north, southwest, east
and even the northeast is not too bad this month and if your door, office,
bedroom or any other important room is located in these areas your month
will be good in October. Take a look at the annual
cures and enhancers of how you can enhance your month and year even

If you use our monthly cures kit place
a wu lou and set of six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon in
the west and southeast of your home especially if you have an important
room like a bedroom, office, main door etc.

We have a nice relationship star in the northwest in October although
not so good combined with the #3 star but this is still very auspicious
for romance, study and career. To activate in October you can place something
red, pink or burgundy in colour. A quick and easy way of introducing the
colour is placing a sofa throw, bed cover, rug, table cloth; it is actually
very easy if you think about it. If you use symbolic items in relations
you can place a pair of Mandarin ducks or double hearts in the northwest
this month.

With regards to wealth you should spend more time in the southwest (most
auspicious) and also northwest (job promotion) of your home or office
and enhance the southwest by placing a faceted crystal sphere and/or a
real piece of quartz crystal.

If you would like to be informed
in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars for the rest
of your life, maybe consider our advanced
star software, it is used by
Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and students throughout the world.

The Beneficial Palaces for October 2007 are:

Southwest – If this is your office
or main door, successful business can be made through good networking
especially for those who are in the media, PR, creative, promotion and
communication fields. Writers and researchers will also benefit from this
influence if their writing desk is located in this palace. Encourage those
who are studying or involved in academic pursuits or literary challenges
to use this palace frequently.

A lovely influence also for those who are in the creative field from
writers, artists to architects. If your office or study is in this sector
of the house or office, the influence of the sector may propel your ideas
into reality. This is the month to work hard and pen ideas into proposals
and make use of this wonderful influence for future success. Romance is
also dominant in this sector, so for those who occupy a bedroom in this
corner of the house and are single, enjoy. This is also a good sector
for those who are preparing for exams.

A wonderful sector for couples as this is a good sector for building
relationships. Marriage may also be a possibility when under this romantic
influence of the month. If your bedroom is in this SW corner of the house,
place something brown, beige or yellow, e.g. throw over, rug etc, in the
southwest corner of the bedroom.

This is a good sector for those who are looking to tie the knot or for
whom romance is on the agenda. The energy of the month is very conducive
for building long term relationships. You can place your mandarin ducks
or rose quartz double hearts here
to remind you of this romantic influence.

Northwest – Although afflicted
this year by the annual #3, we get to see a peek of sunlight this month
with the presence of the monthly #4 influence. I would still proceed with

If there are any aspects of your life that you wish to improve this month
place a symbolic object in the northwest, an example would be if you were
applying for a new job, place the application copy forms in the northwest
of your room. If this is your bedroom though you still need to be careful
and ensure your annual cures are put in place although it is not as bad
as previous months. Make hay while the sun shines.

North – Those who have a front
door, office or a bedroom in this sector of the property, may find fame
and recognition this month. Possible joint ventures or new business plans
may appear when least expected. To enhance this month place a red Dragon
here or a red Pi Yao. To enhance family and romantic relationships place
a wooden Wu Lou along with a red Dragon headed Tortoise if you have one.

Beware of possible headaches when over worked so pay good attention to
your health. Drink lots of water, no matter how busy you are, as dehydration
can cause headaches. Take time off to rest your eyes from the computer
screen to avoid migraines.

Sectors to be aware of this month.

Southeast – The monthly 2 Yellow
has flown into the southeast palace where the annual #1 resides. The combination
not only denotes illnesses and constant poor health, obstacles and difficulties
in endeavours but also threatens break ups in relationships, divorces,
lawsuits and emotional and nervous breakdown.

My advice is to be very careful with the southeast palace in the month
of October. Do not undertake any form of renovation, hammering nails or
drilling in the wall, or disturb the earth with digging work for ponds,
wells or swimming pools. Working with any noisy equipment in this area
is also not advisable. For those using our monthly
cures kit place your Wu Lou here along with six Chinese coins tied
in a row with red ribbon to weaken the #2 sickness and bad luck star.

Avoidance is the best cure for this combination of qi. If you cannot
avoid using this room, make sure that metal cures are in place. Use metal
such as gold, copper or brass. You can use whatever metal objects you
have got handy in your house but do avoid objects that are sharp or menacing
looking. Do not place any red, pink or orange colours in this area or
anything triangular or square in shape.

Moving metal objects such as gongs and bells are very effective remedies.
Instead of using metal objects, you may also use the salt water cure.
Objective metal symbols such as golden Wu Lou, tortoises or 6 ancient
Chinese metal coins tied in a row are also good cures.

If the kitchen is here, beware of food poisoning and illness associated
with the stomach and abdomen. Place hygiene at the top of your priorities
and be extra careful as to the source of goods bought and their preparation.

On the other hand, if the southeast sector of your home is where your
bathroom, cloakroom and utility room are, you do not have to place any
cure. Just keep the area quiet and keep the door closed.

Do not disturb the ground in the southeast part of your garden this month
or conduct any noisy renovation in the southeast sector of the house or
office. The negative aspects of the visiting monthly #2 Yellow can bring
obstacles in business or at work as well as illnesses affecting the ears,
kidneys and inflammation of the bladder. If you already have metal enhancers
for the annual 1 in the southeast palace, this would be the appropriate
cure for the visiting 5 Yellow. If you have not, I would suggest placing
some metal decorative objects (nothing triangular in shape, sharp or menacing
looking) in the southeast corner of the room. If you use our monthly
cures kit you should place a Wu Lou along with six Chinese coins tied
in a row with red ribbon this month, this will weaken the negative earth
element. You will also need these cures in November as it is even worse.

You would be well advised to refrain from using red in the general décor
for the month. Place some blue items instead to calm the fiery interaction.

Northeast – Headaches and lung
problems are prevalent if your office or bedroom is located here. As such,
you should take extra care with not being overstressed or overworked.
If the kitchen is located here, be wary of fire hazards. Make sure the
stove (hob) is turned off completely after cooking and before leaving
the kitchen alone. If your living room is here, do not leave lit candles
unattended and keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach.

If you have a main door in the northeast place a dark blue or black doormat
to weaken this area in October.

West – Minor illnesses are
indicated when the monthly 5 Black visits the palace. This will affect
young males in particularly. Residents of properties sitting or facing
the north – southeast axis may be more prone to illnesses this month.
Do take extra care with health and diet and make sure that both children
and adults are dressed appropriately according to the weather.

If this area of your home is a bedroom, front door or office and you
use our monthly cures kit place your
Wu Lou here along with six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon
to weaken the #5 sickness and bad luck star.

Make sure that there are no external ‘poison arrows’ in this location
of the property or building as this malevolent configuration can aggravate
the situation further. If external ‘poison arrows’ are found in this location,
you can hang a Ba Gua mirror outside of this location to deflect the Sha

Place some blue items (e.g. a vase, cloth, bed cover or rug) on your
desk or use blue or wavy pattern beddings on your bed.

I hope you find this October update useful in keeping you informed of
which sectors are potentially influenced by positive or negative qi. Please
remember this is only the monthly good or bad influence, you can enhance
and cure even more by following our 2007 annual advice, follow
this link for more details. The cures and enhancers for 2007 can be
placed at any time of the year.

If you would like to be informed
in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars for the rest
of your life, maybe consider our advanced flying star software, click
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Feng Shui Software

Feng Shui Consultations

If you would like details on a traditional and authentic Feng Shui consultation
on your home or business, you can either visit consultations
or email us on consultations1@fengshuiweb.co.uk
or phone 01296 399100.

What if you cannot move rooms?

If you are unable to move to another room for the month, make sure your
bed or work/study tables are in a more beneficial area for the month.

Example: If you or your child are in a bedroom in a bad area of the home
this month, get your compass and stand in the centre of your room and
place the bed or desk in a more auspicious area for the month as mentioned


As you can see from above, you can turn a bad situation into a better
one. You will not only avoid all problems but the child will benefit from
being in a good area. You must try and keep the bad area quiet so it is
not a good idea to have a music centre in the bad area. Remember that
you can apply this to any room in your home so, if your office is in an
afflicted sector; place your desk in an auspicious sector of the room
this month

I know it is easier said than done but moving out of a room that has
temporary inauspicious qi is worth it. This is so especially with health
issues provided you can afford the space and rooms. If you cannot, do
not fret. The effect can be minimised by relocating the bed or study/work/office
table to an auspicious sector (follow example above) of the room or placing
cures as recommended on this site. As I have said before, this is a monthly
influence and so it will pass.

To help you understand more about flying stars, finding
your facing directions, using a compass and many more articles visit this
link for the largest collection of traditional
Feng Shui resource

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