May 2013 Xuan Kong Flying Stars

May 2013 Flying Star Analysis
May 2013 4th Month Ding Si (Yin Fire Snake)
Starts from 5th May 2013 to 4th June 2013

May 2013 Flying Star Chart

Hopefully by 4th February 2013 you had your annual cures in place to ensure a smooth year ahead, if not please follow this link for more details. The annual cures can be placed at any time of the year up until February 2014.

What do we do with this information?

In every house, there are good and bad palaces which affect our daily lives. How and who gets affected (good or bad) depends on who occupies which area of the home or business. The best Cure is to be aware of the influences each month and know how to capitalise on the beneficial energies or avoid the unfavourable influences either through enhancers or cures or avoidance. Knowing the effects of the influences allows us to take appropriate measures and actions to calm interactions. So, do not get too worried when you come across a particularly bad sector – sometimes with thought, care and the appropriate elements, we can balance any conflict of energies or compensate the lack of an element to bring harmony to a palace. If a palace is particularly bad, avoidance is the best cure.

Please do not panic when you find that your bedroom is located in an affected sector for the month. This is only a temporary influence and can be avoided. 

  • Use the beneficial areas more and the areas of negative influences less. For example, if the living room is affected by conflicting energies, try not to play loud music in this room for the month. By keeping the area quiet, you successfully manipulate the effect of the energies.
  • If possible, use another door if your main door is affected this month.
  • Use the good sectors to solve existing problems whether they concern relationships or money matters.

If your main door is affected and this is the only door you have in your property, you should take extra care in what you do during the affected month. You will know it may not be a good time to take risks and also to take extra care of your health.

Many may have their annual cures in place to ensure a smooth year ahead, if not please follow this link for more details. The annual cures can be placed at any time of the year up until February 2014.

Xuan Kong Flying Stars May 2013:

From May 5th to 4th June 2013 is the month of Ding Si (Yin Fire Snake), the fourth month of the Gui Si year (yin Water Snake year) with the ruling energy of #8 White in the central grid.

Good Flying Stars

The Beneficial Palaces for Ding Si (Yin Fire Snake) Month are:

North palace – If this is your office, successful business can be made through good networking especially for those who are in the media, PR, creative, promotion and communication fields. Writers and researchers will also benefit from this influence if their writing desk is located in this palace. Encourage those who are studying or involved in academic pursuits or literary challenges to use this palace frequently.

South – The meeting of the energies in this sector enhances the probability of conception. Couples who hope to start a family should look to using the south bedroom.

West – The monthly influence in May brings business opportunities through travelling. Those whose rooms are located in the west sector of the office plan and are in the communication or travelling area of work will benefit greatly from this combination of qi.

Sectors to be aware of this month:

Bad Flying Stars

Southwest – The monthly 5 Yellow has flown into this southwest palace where the annual #2 Black resides. The combination not only denotes illnesses and constant poor health, obstacles and difficulties in endeavours but also threatens break ups in relationships, divorces, lawsuits and emotional and nervous breakdown. My advice is to be very careful with the southwest palace in the month of May. Do not undertake any form of renovation, hammering nails or drilling in the wall, or disturb the earth with digging work for ponds, wells or swimming pools. Working with any noisy equipment in this area is also not advisable. Avoidance is the best cure for this combination of qi.

If you cannot avoid using this room, make sure that metal cures are in place. Use metal such as gold, copper or brass. You can use whatever still metal objects you have got handy in your house but do avoid objects that are sharp or menacing looking. Do not place any red, pink or orange colours in this area or anything triangular or square in shape. Moving metal objects such as gongs and bells are very effective remedies. Instead of using metal objects, you may also use the salt water cure. Objective metal symbols such as golden Wu Lou, tortoises or 6 ancient Chinese metal coins tied in a row are also good cures.

If the kitchen is here, beware of food poisoning and illness associated with the stomach and abdomen. Place hygiene at the top of your priorities and be extra careful as to the source of goods bought and their preparation. On the other hand, if the southwest sector of your home is where your bathroom, cloakroom and utility room are, you do not have to place any cure. Just keep the area quiet and keep the door closed. 

Northeast – Minor illnesses are indicated when the monthly 2 Black visits the palace. This will affect young males in particularly. Residents of properties sitting or facing the northeast – southwest axis may be more prone to illnesses this month. Do take extra care with health and diet and make sure that both children and adults are dressed appropriately according to the weather.

East – If your bedroom, office or main door is in this sector, please take extra care when you are on the road. Potential accidental injuries are indicated. If stairs are located in this palace, take extra care when climbing them and make sure children do not play around this area as injuries to the limbs are possible. Young males whose bedrooms are located in this east palace will also experience behaviour problems this month. Be patient with them. Use some blue in the room furnishing (this could be bed sheets, blue lampshades etc) to balance the elements in this palace for the month. 

Southeast – The elements in this palace are also in conflict and this may bring about emotional setbacks. You may feel cheated which will set off arguments and outbursts. Couples should exercise control. In doing so, you will have succeeded in manipulating the energies of your living space to your own benefit. Keep some blue in the décor to help to calm interaction. 

Northwest – Headaches and lung problems are prevalent if your office or bedroom is located here. As such, you should take extra care with not being overstressed or overworked. If the kitchen is located here, be wary of fire hazards. Make sure the stove (hob) is turned off completely after cooking and before leaving the kitchen alone. If your living room is here, do not leave lit candles unattended and keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach. I hope you find this May update useful in keeping you informed of which sector is potentially influenced by positive or negative chi.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and enjoy a very good May.

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