Tong Shu Almanac for Tuesday 6th October 2015

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

Here is the Free Feng Shui Tong Shu Almanac for Tuesday 6th October 2015.

Wishing you all a great day, Daniel

How to use the Tong Shu Almanac

28 constellations -This is a powerful date selection method giving fortunate and avoidable tasks on a daily basis.

Monthly and annual flying stars – this chart displays the annual (right) and monthly (left) flying star locations.

Yearly, monthly and daily pillars – these pillars are for reference only for those that follow Ba Zi.

Daily auspicious numbers – Use these numbers when selecting lottery number, roulette etc… These are general daily auspicious numbers formulated from the three pillars.

Conflict direction – Avoid these daily conflict directions when performing important physical tasks like digging etc.

Chinese Animal Almanac – as you may all know, we all have a Chinese animal which is based on the year and month that we were born. Just because the red face may signify a bad day, you should take this as more of an indication to take more care during this day. Even my best days have been red face days so do not hide away from everything during a red day.

Tong Shu Almanac for Tuesday 6th October 2015

3 thoughts on “Tong Shu Almanac for Tuesday 6th October 2015

  1. Hi Daniel, we currently live in rented property where the boiler is in a bedroom in the east however within the next few weeks it is being moved to the kitchen which is in the north east, I am aware that this could potentially cause some problems as its opposite the Grand Duke, do you have any suggestions with trying to limit any problems. Many Thanks, Abbie Clews

    1. Hi Abbie,

      I had a similar situation to you earlier this year; our boiler had to be replaced in the northeast and luckily, a friend of mine is a plumber and I got him to keep noise down as much as possible and where possible, avoid power tools. I hung a six metal rod wind chime in the area and made sure that noise was kept to a minimum and the only problem I got from the experience was a big dent in my wallet from the new boiler cost.

      I would not worry too much, Abbie; just ask the plumber to try and keep noise down (you could say you have elderly neighbours) and also hang a wind chime in the northeast.

      Kind regards,

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