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Rabbit – March 2015 Chinese Animal Predictions

The Rabbit should take care of their their security around their home and office this month and avoid too many late nights as there is risk of burglary; prevention is one of the best cures and by keeping windows and doors locked, you can avoid a lot of problems. Overall a good month for the […]

Flying Star Analysis for November 2014

Rate this post Hi everyone, I have just uploaded the November 2014 Flying Star Analysis which can be viewed by clicking the link below. I hope you all enjoy reading. Wishing you a great day, Daniel November 2014 Xuan Kong Flying Stars Analysis Added October 2014 See how to make the most of your home or business in November 2014 […]

Ox – December 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions

Ox – December 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions The Ox is looking to have a fairly neutral month with little to worry about during December although they will need to avoid high infection risk areas as there is a risk of minor illness. It would be wise fo the Ox to practise good hygiene during December […]

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