A personal powerful pocket enhancer, protector and cure in 2019 (Wei Hu)

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The pocket enhancer is an extremely powerful pocket, wallet, purse or handbag talisman that is said to give powerful personal protection against legal, wealth and health problems, arguments, disputes and many other problems in your personal or business life.

Picture Jasper is a very powerful quartz crystal, combined with two auspicious Chinese I-Ching coins and harnessed with a potent thought form. A powerful quartz crystal to protect, enhance, energise, clear negative energy and a perfect quartz crystal for self-development and business in 2019 and should be placed in your pocket, purse, wallet, handbag, backpack or as close to you as possible.

Picture Jasper has many powerful properties and is said to:

  • protect the carrier
  • enhance spiritual
  • heal emotional issues
  • enhance creativity
  • bring confidence
  • increase fertility
  • alleviate stress
  • aid meditation
  • stimulate physical energy
  • healing the body from illnesses and injury
  • remove toxins from the body

Picture Jasper has many protection, healing and spiritual properties and perfect for meditation, which makes this the perfect pocket enhancer for 2019, year of the Yin Earth Pig. This powerful quartz crystal is commonly used for its creative and protection properties that are hugely beneficial for all aspects of your life at home, career, relationships, academia, business and it helps to stabilise and balance the body and mind and a superb crystal to meditate with.

Picture Jasper transports the energy and qi to inspire you to create new and great ideas, and it is also a guardian of wealth and belongings which is imperative in 2019. It can help you stay focused to achieve everything that you desire in life and an excellent element for procrastination and a crystal that we have used with great success over the years to help support and attract wealth, luck, abundance, and prosperity! I find the best way to handle this quartz crystal is to place in your hand and try and meditate as it has very calming properties and one of the best for creating new ideas.

While these are primarily used as a pocket enhancer in 2019 there are many other different ways you can use Picture Jasper. A useful energy shifting method you can do at home or work is to sit in a chair while placing your feet on the ground and set this picture jasper in your hand and use the hand which is the most dominant, i.e. right-handed person should hold in right hand. As you sit quietly, breathe and feel the energy of the crystal in your hand and try and visualise the white light of the crystal going through your body and allow yourself to relax and let go. Within 15 minutes, clarity and balance will be restored within your body, and it said to be a catalyst for healing from injury and illness.

To cleanse your aura, take the picture jasper and hover up and down your body, visualising it drawing all the negativity, anxiety and worries from your day away. Make sure you start at the top of your head, moving to the bottom of your feet, about 2-4 inches away from the body, and let the picture jasper healing crystal energetically cleanse you and renew your energy and creativity levels.

This simple technique is extremely powerful to do, in less than 5 minutes, if you are around large groups of people or find yourself around negative people or environments. This energy clearing technique helps to cleanse and purify your aura, making sure that you don’t pick up on other people’s negative energy. I really do love this crystal so much and nearly all the annual pockets enhancers I recommend throwing away each year but this one should be kept for life especially as the quality is second to none.

Picture Jasper Properties…

Chakras – Base chakra, third eye chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn, Leo

Element – Earth

Picture Jasper is the perfect pocket enhancer crystal for the yin earth Pig year as its qualities are ideal for a yin earth year and this stunning piece of the finest quality is combined with two very auspicious i-ching coins and harnessed with a potent thought form to give protection at many levels in your life, a superb quartz crystal to energise and clear negative energy in 2019 and should be placed in your pocket, purse, wallet, handbag, backpack or as close to you as possible. 

Not only are they extremely high quality, but this beautiful semi-precious quartz crystals have also been cleansed of all negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i thought form, which is said to bring wealth, protection, good health and good luck, all this power combined with two very auspicious Chinese i-ching coins to further enhance wealth.

All crystals vary in size, approx. ¼ – ½ inch each. Two pocket enhancers are supplied standard with all 2019 cures kits.

Where do I place the Wei Hu pocket enhancer in 2019?

The pocket enhancer should be placed in your pocket, purse, wallet, handbag or any pocket that is close to your body and you can even leave them by your bedside.

How do I display the Wei Hu pocket enhancer in 2019?

You should place the Wei Hu pocket enhancer either loose or in the provided organza bag. We provide very detailed instructions on placement with this cure to make sure you activate it correctly

When should I use the Wei Hu pocket enhancer?

You should place the pocket enhancer any time from the 4th February 2019 to the 3rd February 2020

We only sell traditional and authentic Feng Shui Cures that in our opinion get results; we do not sell gimmicky Mc’feng Shui cures or any other products that fall in line with a lot of pop up Feng Shui shops get rich quick schemes. Every single product that we sell has been tried and tested by us to monitor the results before we even think of selling it to the public and the quality and effectiveness are the most important part when selecting any product that we sell, this is our ethos now and has been since we started in 1999 and the reason why our store is NOT full of hundreds of products from lucky Feng Shui bin bags to auspicious yin yang chocolate.

All of our products are cleansed of any negative energy that may have become present during production and are empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i when they reach us and again when they are sent out for delivery.

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