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Xuan Kong monthly flying star October 2007 update

Xuan Kong Flying Stars October 2007 update © By Michael Hanna 2007 “A rich person is not someone who has more,  but someone who desires less” If you would like to be informed in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars for the rest of your life, maybe consider our advanced flying star […]

Dog – November 2023 Chinese Animal Predictions

Dog – november 2023 Chinese Animal Predictions   November is looking to be a good month overall for the Dog, although they may find that they suffer from stress or anxiety if they are not careful. November is looking to be a busy month for the Dog and they can keep themselves in good spirits […]

Placing paintings on walls – Facebook question

Are you prepared for 2024 – The start of period 9 Feng Shui? I answered a question on Facebook earlier about placing an image and I thought I’d post the question and answer on here for you all. Question: – Hi Daniel. I would appreciate your valuable advice/input on placement of a new painting. Would […]

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