Mercedit Yu

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Rabbit – February 2019 Chinese Animal Predictions   The Rabbit is looking to have a fantastic month if February with career and finances looking particularly promising. Any Rabbits who have been looking to advance in a particular area of their life could achieve good results with a lot of help being offered to them in February. Have […]

Dog – April 2013 Chinese Animal Predictions

Work is successful with good investments for the Dog in April and success may become present in your enterprises. If possible, be careful of finances as there is a risk of loss. whether it is at work or at home. This should be a nice month with unexpected good news for career and relationships. To […]

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Dragon – February 2023 Chinese Animal Predictions   The Dragon is looking to have an enjoyable month in February and can look forward to good social interactions with others over the next few weeks. This is a great time for the Dragon to make plans with friends and loved ones as they can receive a […]

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