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Tiger – January 2019 Chinese Animal Predictions

Tiger – January 2019 Chinese Animal Predictions   It is important that the Tiger sticks to the task at hand in January rather than getting sidetracked by new ideas as they could find themselves taking on more than they can handle. The Tiger will need to stay motivated in January and work hard in order to […]

Negative Qi – what is your opinion?

Are you prepared for 2020? With storm Doris going around last week, we were quite lucky to not have any major damage around our town in Buckinghamshire although we did have a huge amount of leaves, dirt and twigs thrown all around. Last Friday, I got the leaf blower and lawn mower out at home […]

Ox – May 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions

Ox – May 2020 Chinese Animal Predictions This is looking to  be a rich and rewarding month for the dedicated Oxen. May is a fantastic time to try something new as they can develop their skills in little time. The Ox should take time out to appreciate what they have throughout the month and let […]

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