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Horse – August 2014 Chinese Animal Predictions

The Horse may find that August can bring arguments and disagreements in to their life this month but please be sure to avoid confrontation in order to enjoy a peaceful month. If you are able to avoid gossip, you could benefit from other aspects in your life this month. To enhance 2014 take a look […]

Snake – October 2016 Chinese Animal Predictions

The Snake is looking to have a fairly mixed month in November and will need to balance their lifestyle or they could find themselves neglecting certain areas of their life. By balancing their time, the Snake can enjoy a lot in November. Have a fantastic month. We recently launched a range of Gold plated Chinese […]

Rooster – July 2024 Chinese Animal Predictions

Rooster – July 2024 Chinese Animal Predictions   July could turn out to be a mixed month for the Rooster if they are not careful, as they are predicted to be met with obstacles over the next few weeks. When the Rooster is making headway, they may experience a challenge, and the best approach to […]

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