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Rabbit – April 2023 Chinese Animal Predictions

Rabbit – April 2023 Chinese Animal Predictions   April is looking to be a lovely month for the Rabbit and should prove to be one where they get a lot of joy from their daily life. This is looking to be a busy month for the Rabbit’s social life, and they should aim to get a […]

Rooster – August 2021 Chinese Animal Predictions

Rooster – August 2021 Chinese Animal Predictions The Rooster is looking to have an enjoyable and rewarding month in August and they should be able to accomplish a lot over the next few weeks. It is important that the Rooster takes their time when handling paperwork as there is a risk of not noticing a […]

Misconceptions and Feng Shui

The below information is an extract taken from our March 2003 newsletter. If you would like to join our monthly Feng Shui newsletter please click here. As far as I am aware there are over 600 books written about Feng Shui some good some bad? Many contradict each other, some with lovely pictures, some many […]

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