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Dragon – August 2022 Chinese Animal Predictions

Dragon – August 2022 Chinese Animal Predictions   August is looking to be an enjoyable month for the Dragon, and they should aim to make plans for activities that bring a lot of joy into their life. The Dragon may find themselves feeling run down at some point in August, and if this happens, they […]

Just how important are Salt Water Cures?

Updated 2020 Salt Water Cures are possibly one of the most crucial Feng Shui cures that you should use in your home or office all year round and has been an extremely well guarded secret in the Feng Shui community for thousands of years until we made this secret available to the public over 30 […]

Rat – June 2015 Chinese Animal Predictions

June could turn out to be a very varied month for the Rat with ups and downs in their life. The Rat could find unexpected joy in their life this month but they could also face problems although, by remaining calm and looking at their options, they should be able to come out on top. […]

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