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Below are some of the emails we get sent in asking us questions about all areas of Feng Shui. If you have a question, I would recommend using the search feature or you could ask the question below in the comments section.
-Xin Xiang Shi Cheng wish and romance enhancer EGH017: does it need to be
hanged? If so does it have to face inwards of the room or towards a certain
direction?  This can be hung at a low height above a table if you will be placing wish manifestation objects nearby or you could place it on a table; this is down to personal preference

-Yi Bai Fu Mian Qi Talisman RST017: Which direction should the carving
should be facing? West or towards East?  The talisman should be placed in the west where Tai Sui is located for the year

– Ba Xian Ba Gua Protection Talisman 8IMMO17: Should the convex mirror side
be facing inside or outside?  The mirror should be facing in to the wall 

– Tang Joe Tai Sui Gold Plated Plaque TSC 017: Should the plaque be placed
in the west of the house with the plaque script facing towards the west of
the image of the duke facing the west? Also does it matter which hematite
stone is at front or back as one piece is diamond shaped while the other is
hexagon shaped?  This should be placed in the west with the image of Tai Sui facing in to the room. The pieces of hematite can go in any order

– Ru Yi Golden Wealth Enhancer GRY 17: Does it need to be taken out its
cardboard box to be effective and if it is in an east room does and end have
to face any specific direction?  This can be displayed in the box or left out on its own; just be sure to keep the lid open if you display it in the box

-Kwan Yin KYB17: when placed in the north east, does the enhancer/cure need
to face a certain direction?  This should face in to the room when placed against a wall

I was also wondering if I would b able to renovate/ replace the fence gate
NORTH-WEST. Area of house? The best months to replace a gate in the northwest is when an auspicious monthly star is visiting. The best months to do this are in May, July, October, November or December

Do I need hang a wind chime with six metal hollow rods to counter back any
bad luck if their is new renovation work in the northwest ( Removal of  an
aold wooden gate to large new metal gate side access area.  Yes, I would hang the wind chime in the area where you are doing the work and leave it out two to three days before and after the work is being carried out.

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