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The Dusty Millers are an Elfin tribe that has been in the ShaMan business for centuries. Over the years they have made countless people very special items, many of whom have become leaders in their field of endeavour. The Dusties themselves are world famous for their work with ‘LiveWood.’ For more information on the Dusty Millers Click here.


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Livewood Amulets

To help you see the power of these amulets here are some “Kirillian” photographs. The before picture shows normal everyday handling prior to programming. The effects in the after picture are self – explanatory. They are designed specifically for self development and can be used in the following ways:

Livewood Linden Amulets

LIVEWOOD LINDEN AMULETS Almost everybody has a secret wish to discover the ‘Hidden talents’ within themselves. So, with the aid of an old but friendly, Sacred Linden Tree, we have developed some very special ”LiveWood Amulets’. Each one has its own name and a special purpose in life. By that we mean that the Linden Dryad resident within each Amulet, has volunteered to help its human partner with one of the following ‘Right Brain’ functions. They cost £40 each and the following list will help you to discover which is the ‘right’ one for you.

Linden Amulets

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Universal Helpmate

(Our traditional LiveWood healing wand)

Our little ‘Universal HelpMate’, will bring the hidden abilities you already have, out of the dark recesses of your sub-conscious and channel this marvellous healing energy exactly where it is needed. All you have to do is be willing to give it a try. It will work, irrespective of your religious affiliations, in the way that it is compatible with your own religious beliefs, and the Divinity of your Higher Self.

Although the effects could be classed as magical or even miraculous, belief in magic is not required, just an honest desire to help others. You will, in fact be helping them to heal themselves, so they will benefit in the manner that is best for them in the long term. This ensures that no adverse side-effects will occur and if you, for any reason are not satisfied with the results our little HelpMate gives you, we’ll happily return your money.

In fact our ‘Universal HelpMate’, is the very latest version of and old age but very effective, Healing Wand and has been specially developed to meet the everyday Healing needs of ordinary forthcoming Aquarian Age. Known affectionately by it’s users as ‘their little friend’, this tiny wand owes much of its popularity to the fact that it doesn’t look like a wand. It consists of a small wooden tool, donated by an incredibly ancient (over 2000 years old) tree. This very sacred, ‘English Yew’ Tree, is growing wild in a natural Power centre, on a hill, in an undisturbed corner of Kent, the garden of England. It is a member of a group of trees that were there during the last ice age, long before Britain became an island. Resident within this wand, is a Nature Spirit, known as a Tree Dryad, who has not only expressed a desire to be involved in healing work, but has already undertaken extensive training in the subject. This means that it will work directly with your higher self: so don’t be surprised to find it guiding you, via your intuition.

For best results, just follow its suggestions. With practice, you will find that your Universal HelpMate is useful for all sorts of Intuitive Healing, as well as Shiatsu, G-Jo, Accupressure, and Reflexology. It is also ideal for Meridian Stimulation, Chakra Invigoration and many other methods of Energy Balancing, including Reiki and the application of Universal Healing Energy, etc. For Healing purposes, the pointed end produces a deep probing beam of Healing Energy. This is something like a laser-beam, about 1mm wide, which is ideal for deep-seated problems like in joints, and internal organs such as the heart, lungs, brain etc. The blunt round end, produces a soft diffused glow of Healing energy, ideal for warming up and activating strained, tense, torn or just aching muscles, ligaments etc. Due to their highly individual nature, they each have their own particular shape.

Although they all average between 4 and 5 inches (8 and 12cm) in length, their girth varies enough for us to classify them into four basic types: Ample, Standard, Tiny, and Curvy. So you can choose the type that will suit your hand and fit into your pocket. They are fully guaranteed, and for a short period will be available at £85 each.

Unfortunately due to their rarity, numbers are limited, so order yours now to avoid disappointment.

Universal Help Mate

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The Merlin Flipper

THE MERLIN FLIPPER The instant Decision
Maker …

When you are having trouble with a Yes-No answer, this very special stone disc from Merlin’s Cave can help you find the answer that is right for you. All you have to do is to voice the question whilst flipping the disc into the air like a coin. As this disc has been impregnated with a special spell, you will find that ‘Fate’ will take a hand and cause it to fall with the answer that is ‘Right For You’, uppermost. The price of £15.00 includes a soft leather pocket-pouch to keep it in.

Angelwing Headband

This rather beautiful Angels-Wing Shell came from an undersea colony of ‘Lost Atlantis’ known to the ancient Celts as ‘Tir n nOg’ and forms the centrepiece of a very unusual headband. Because of its molecular structure, this headband shell is a perfect host to a Programmed Thought-Form or Spell. In this case it has been impregnated with a special Spell to help its ‘wearer’ to relax and receive Angelic Help whenever they need it.


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