Out of sight out of mind

Are you prepared for 2021 year of the Ox

Are you prepared for 2021?

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My partner and I recently bought a house together and after 3 months in our new home, we are still faced with endless tasks in the house which never seem to end. Today I decided to sort the garden out before the winter set in here in the UK although there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that happening soon as the weather is still good over here.

Luckily, the house that we moved in to had a well kept garden from the previous owner with well kept grass, a good solid fence and a nice patio area which means that the garden wasn’t as big of a job as I thought it would be until I got started…

I started off digging all of the weeds out in the grass and borders then got to cutting the grass and laying fresh compost over the edges. After that was finished, I went over the grass with the lawnmower and took all of the rubbish to the tip. Job finished, or so I thought.

After getting back from the tip, I initially thought I could jump in the shower and put my feet up and watch some TV although I still felt that I hadn’t done as much as I could so I took a look around and noticed the patio looked very weathered and the fence was covered in green algae so I got the pressure washer out and went all over the patio and fence and lifted all of the algae off in the back garden; I personally do not think that algae is harmful to fences or patios although I have always seen it as a sign of dirt around the house and although algae adds a beautiful look in manor homes and large farm buildings, I have never really liked it in at a normal town house so I have always tried to keep it away from my home. This is how my quick tidy up in the garden became a very long Sunday.

Green algae Feng Shui Garden

After pressure washing the patio and fence in the garden, I packed everything away and went through the back gate to load everything in the car to return to my Dad after borrowing the pressure washer; that when I noticed that all of the fences around the back and side of my home were completely covered in algae and although I was extremely tempted to just leave the rest and jump in the shower and slump on my sofa for the rest of the day, I would not feel that I have finished the garden until I had done absolutely everything so I unpacked the pressure washer, plugged everything back in and got to the back of the fence. After removing the algae off of 10 large fence panels, I decided I would pressure wash all of the driveway and around the perimeter of my home.

After 6 hours, three cups of coffee and a bacon sandwich, I had finally finished the garden. I had cut all of the hedges, dug all of the weeds out, cut the grass, cleared all rubbish, pressure washed the patio, removed all of the algae off of the fence, swept away all leaves, cleaned my neighbours back fence and tidied everything back away where it should be and even washed the cars before I climbed in the shower and slumped on my sofa where I am currently writing this article.

clearing garden Sheng Chi

This may seem like a bit of an irrelevant post on a Feng Shui website but the point that I am trying to get across is that just because you cannot see something, it does not mean that it is not having an effect on the energy of your home and also the occupants of the home; external factors such as graveyards, unpleasant and menacing looking buildings can bring Sha Qi to your home or office and a very good Cure for this is a Ba Gua Mirror as it deflects negative energy away from your home or office.

Algae may not be seen as Sha Qi to everyone but my perception of algae is that I do not like it around my home so I have always perceived it as a nuisance and something that I do not want around my home so I decided to clear it and in my head, clean the garden and finish my gardening for the day; Sha Qi does not just come down to what Feng Shui masters tell you is bad for you, it is always what you see as bad for you.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post and please do not think that I am not stating that algae can bring negative energy to your home; this is only my perception as I am sure that there will be many others who think that it can signify life and growth around a home but I personally see it as a hindrance around my home.

Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday,


Are you prepared for 2021 year of the Ox

Are you prepared for 2021?

2021 Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui guide2021 Feng Shui cures and enhancers2021 Feng Shui Flying star analysis2021 Chinese animal Feng Shui predictions

Algae Feng Shui

Algae Feng ShuiAlgae Feng Shui


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  1. Great article Daniel, glad to hear you are applying same principals as we do at home, it is amazing the difference it can make and as you know when we do the business inside or out, the sales increase within hours.

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