Negative Qi – what is your opinion?

Negative energy gardenWith storm Doris going around last week, we were quite lucky to not have any major damage around our town in Buckinghamshire although we did have a huge amount of leaves, dirt and twigs thrown all around.

Last Friday, I got the leaf blower and lawn mower out at home and spend the next two hours blowing all of the dirt off of the decking in the back garden and on to the grass and was amazed just how much rubbish managed to accumulate in a matter of a few days seeing as I had cleaned the garden last weekend.

I then went over the grass with the lawnmower and picked up every last twig, leaf, and crisp wrapper… well, I got the majority any way.

I then went all around the front garden and driveway blowing as much as I can around the whole of the home which ended up taking a lot longer than I expected and did get boring very quickly.

Build up of QiBy the end of clearing up the leaves, i ended up filling a large one tonne sand bag full of leaves, twigs and dirt and still have no idea where that much came from!

My belief with leaves, twigs and general dirt has always been that they should be cleaned and removed as often as possible as they block fresh Qi entering the home and also promote stagnant Qi near the entrance way.

Dying leavesI try to clean around the outside of my home every weekend although the weather can sometimes stop me from doing this and when it sometimes builds up over a few weeks in the winter months, I do notice a difference in energy when I get round to clearing the outside.

Would you say that leaves and twigs around the home can weaken the flow of Qi around your home and how often do you clean around the outside of your home? Is once a week massive overkill or not enough?

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