History of the Pi Yao (Lottery God)



History of the Pi Yao (Lottery God)

Are you really prepared for 2018?

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Pi Yao 2017

When someone asks you what is Feng Shui, chances are that you mention Pi Yao along with the many other Cures and Enhancers when you are trying to explain how Feng Shui works; the reason to this is because the Pi Yao is one of the most popular Feng Shui Cures that exists along with the Buddha, Dragon, Fu Dogs and more.

The Pi Yao goes by different names such as Pi Xiu (earthly form) or Pi Kan (Water form) and is recognised as a very powerful Cure and Enhancer all around the world. The Pi Yao can be quite confusing to explain to some people as it looks similar to a small dragon but with wings and when understood, you will realise that the Pi Yao offers protection and auspicious luck and is also known as the lottery god as many believe by placing lottery cards under him will bring good luck.

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Our Academy of Feng Shui Software has a lucky lottery number generator which picks numbers based on your Sheng Chi numbers. We have had endless reviews from clients who have had good money come in from using this method. If you know your personal Sheng Chi directions, you should place these under your Pi Yao or maybe take a look at our software here by clicking this link. 

The Pi Yao is one the most popular symbols used in Feng Shui and recommended by virtually all Feng Shui Masters. It is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names as shown above. Pi Yao lives in the heaven and they are best shown sitting on Chinese coins to signify your fortune being protected, making it a powerful wealth and luck enhancer.

The history of the Pi Yao dates very far back when he broke a heavenly law and the Jade Emperor punished him by feeding him with only pieces of silver and gold and although it sounds a bit crude, his rear end was sealed which means the gold was entering him but could not leave. Metaphorically speaking, the translation of this is that when the Pi Yao is placed in a home or office, wealth is welcomed in to the building and staying in the building.

Pi Yao The Pi Yao is one of the most powerful cures for protection that you can use in Feng Shui and is also a powerful enhancer but also for protection against legal problems, arguments, disputes and loss of wealth and to appease the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) which sits in the northwest in 2018.

The Pi Yao has been referred to as the Tai Sui’s pet as it always faces the area where Tai Sui is present for the year sitting in the opposite direction to appease Tai Sui and in 2018, the Pi Yao should sit in the southeast and face the northwest.

The most popular Cure used in big corporations has always been a pair of Fu Dogs although in more recent times, many big corporations and smaller businesses have started placing a large Pi Yao outside companies such as banks, casinos and other businesses that handle high volumes of money. You have to be careful when placing Pi Yao’s as one of the most important aspects of this cure is the overall size of the Pi Yao; in traditional Feng Shui you have auspicious and inauspicious measurements and the entire measurement should fall within a Chai sector which is approximately between 0 – 55mm and this Pi Yao is nicely sited within 50mm (Chai) which is said to bring wealth creation and protection and said to bring six types of good fortune.

In traditional authentic Feng Shui measurement is so very important and even a few more millimetres on a Pi Yao would take the sector into Pi which is said to bring legal problems with government and loss of wealth. Our Feng Shui software has all the measurements built into it and it is something we have personally used with great results for many years. With size being so important, we make sure that every Pi Yao that we sell falls in line with an auspicious measurement which is very often overlooked with many Feng Shui suppliers.

The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:

  1. Conducts good luck and fortune
  2. Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck
  3. Enhances wealth and riches
  4. Protects individuals and building
  5. Protects against evil forces, obstacles and hardship
  6. Brings unexpected windfall luck


Pi Yao

I was sent the following story on our Facebook page from a lady who found a Pi Yao in a second hand store and after cleansing the Pi Yao, gave it to her friend; you’ll be amazed by the power that even a second hand Pi Yao holds.

I have a Little story about a Pi Yao I found and bought from an 2hand store. I was in looking for a nice glass jug, when all of a sudden I saw this little figurine in a corner, at first I thought it was one of the temple lions and thought, what a pity it had lost its mate. But looking closer I realised it was not one of the lions, it was a Pi Yao, but not in a version I had ever seen before. I then remembered a friend of mine being intrigued by the story of the Pi Yao. So I looked at him and said “would you like to have a new owner?, because I know just the person who will love and honour you to your Hearts content”. It felt so right to buy him, I cleaned him by putting him out in the light of the fullmoon and also standing in bright sunlight. and two days later he was given as a birthday present to my friend….And has he brought happiness and luck to her 🙂 She wanted to build an extension to her house for years, but the bank didn’t really want to support her, but all of a sudden there was no problem. and several other things in her life just sorted themselves out without much effort…So last month she looked around in her lovely new and spacious livingroom and said” look how much has happend, so many good Things this year, and it all came about after he moved in with me” she said and pointed at her Pi Yao. 🙂


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113 thoughts on “History of the Pi Yao (Lottery God)

  1. Hi, I am an ambidextrous person, although I was born originally a lefthander but through out the years I developed the same usage of my both hands.
    So I have a preference, but not a dominant hand
    If I’m to wear a Pi Xiu bracelet, on which hand should I wear it ?

    1. Hi Jayson,

      I would place it in a bedside drawer or anywhere respectful (do not leave in a pile of clutter or near rubbish).

      Kind regards,

  2. My bf has a red bracelet with one gold Pi yao charm but he wanted to have a black onyx with gold pi yao as well. I am thinking of getting him one but the bracelet I found has 2 pi yao and a coin charms. Can he wear the red bracelet with one Pi yao and the black onyx with 2 pi yao and a coin together? Which arm should he be wearing them?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Nikki,

      I can’t see it being a problem wearing both although I would keep them both on the same wrist.

      When wearing a Pi Yao bracelet, you should wear it on your dominant wrist.

      Kind regards,

      1. Red eye in the forehead of the pi yao came off. Is it still good? Can I paste the red eye back on its forehead with adhesives? Will it create bad luck?

        1. Hi Ci,

          If the mould of the Pi Yao is not broken, I would glue it back on. If the mould of the figure is cracked or chipped, I would replace it.

          Kind regards,

  3. Can you get a Pi Yao tattoo?
    I often get tired of wearing bracelets or sometimes I can’t wear them due to work attire.
    So I thought of a tattoo but I’m not sure I read somewhere else where they said having it on at the wrong time would creat bad luck?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Luna,

      You can get a Pi Yao tattoo if you like although I personally feel this would be more personal preference rather than for protection. It is true that having it on when taking part in certain activities could offend although I would see this in the same way as wearing a crucifix.

      If you like the idea of a Pi Yao tattoo, I would say go for it, Luna 🙂

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi. I want to ask about pendant pixiu that i bought. Can i bring it to go toilet? And can i wear it during sleep?

  5. Hi Michael,

    I have tiger’s eye Pi Yao bracelet. I am a female. Whiich hand should I wear the bracelet? I already wear rose quartz and citrine bracelet on my left hand.
    Thank you



  6. Hi, I would like to know whether is a gold pixiu more powerful in attracting windfall wealth or a jade one? I’m thinking of getting a pixiu bracelet for myself. I have people who told me I need to get the pixiu consecrated in order to empower it otherwise I would be just wearing it as a jewelery. Is this true and necessary?

    Thanks & best regards.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I would use a gold Pi Yao for wealth as jade focuses more on health and healing. You do not need to have the Pi Yao consecrated although it would do no harm to do this if you prefer to.

      Kind regards,

  7. Hello Daniel,

    Thanks so much for your detailed posts.
    I have purchased a seven star obsidian piyao set (looks like a star of David.

    Each piyao is facing one after another in a circular shape (6) with the center crystal obsidian ball piece.

    Should place this in the southeast corner of the house?
    My front entrance for the apartment (not building) faces west.n
    The front entrance of he building is facing south.

    Please kindly advise.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Tracey,

      I’m afraid I haven’t come across one of these cures before so I would not want to advise in case I give the wrong advice. If you could send a photo to our Facebook page for me to look at, I should be able to advise better.

      Kind regards,

  8. Hi Michael!
    I have Jade Tianlu with blacknecklace.
    How to Cleanse and Energize specifically a tianlu jade pendant?
    What are the steps, Do’s and Donts?
    Hope you could help me with this one.

    Kindly regards,

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I would wash the necklace with warm water and then sprinkle it with salt and leave it under moonlight overnight. You should then wash it again and leave it to dry. Please apply care if the salt could damage or stain any leather or metal.

      Kind regards,

  9. Hi, I’m wearing pixiu bracelet on my dominant Right hand. There is only 1 pixiu on the bracelet, is there any difference if the pixiu is facing left (facing my left hand) or right(facing outside)?

    1. Hi J,

      I would not say this would make a difference although I will look into it and get back to you.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi J,

          I would recommend facing the Pi Yao out towards your hand rather than towards your body.

          Kind regards,

  10. Hello
    Recently I buy 2 gold pixiu bracelet 1 medium size and 1 small size. Would like to know can I wear both in right hand or I need wear separately? Or can I put 2 pixiu to make 1 bracelets? Would also like to know the pixiu head face me or another side? Thank you.

    1. Hi Arianna,

      You can wear both on your dominant writing hand. You should have the head pointing towards your hand rather than your arm.

      Kind regards,

  11. is it okay to wear a a gold pi yao attached to a bracelet on both hands? I have two bracelet with a gold pi yao each that I wear on my left and right hand.

    1. Hi Sidney,

      I’d recommend wearing them both on your dominant hand although you can wear one on each hand if you prefer.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hello. I have two pi yao this 2018 one with one horn and the other with two horns. I place the one horn in SE in pur living room facing NW where Tai sui this year since i am a dragon (i am a major conflict of tai sui) the other one with 2 horns i place it in NW my sons bedroom facing SE facing Sui Pao. Did i did the right thing? Or should i place them both in SE facing NW? Please help.


    1. Hi Janice,

      I would place one Pi Yao in the southeast facing towards the northwest. You can place the second one in the southeast on a different floor if you like.

      Kind regards,

  13. Recently bought a jade pi yao pendant at a chinese store, it has been put in a singing bowl, it has been cleansed right? Is there a need to cleanse it again with tap water? And i put it at night at my nightable with a glass of water, is it right? Tnx hoping for your advice

        1. Hi Tristen,

          the majority of cures and enhancers can be cleansed and reused. We update the cures on our site with instructions every year and if you don’t see them on the site, this will mean they cannot be reused such as the master cure, sheng chi cure etc.

          Salt water cures and six coins in a row should not be reused as they hold a great deal of negative energy from the previous year.

          Kind regards,

  14. Dear Michael,
    I currently have two jade pi yao facing my front door at home, however there area about 15cm large.
    I also have a pi yao at my work that is 5cm large. Should I put away or get rid of my 15cm large pi yao??
    I’m not sure what to do with them if they bring my bad luck.

    1. HI Catherine,

      I would leave them where they are by the front door. If you feel they are bringing bad luck at home or in your office, an easy test is to remove them for a week and see if you notice a difference.

      Kind regards,

  15. Hi I’m living in a rented bedroom i place my Pi Yao at living room but was told to keep it. Can i put it in my room and where should i place it?

    1. Hi Bobby,

      You should place the Pi Yao in the southeast sector of your bedroom facing towards the northwest.

      Kind regards,

  16. Hi,
    I have purchased a citrine pi Yao bracelet. I absolutely love him. I have a few questions. I’m a female, 6/22/1966. I believe I’m a horse and lucky number is 8. Do I wear it on my right or left hand? Also does pi Yao face inward towards me or outward towards everything else?

    1. Hi Theresa,

      You should wear the bracelet on your dominant hand and have him pointing towards your hand.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi Chuchi,

          So if the Pi Yao is sat on your wrist, he would be facing down towards your hand rather than up towards your arm.

          Kind regards,

  17. My neighbour’s front door is facing my front door. I notice that they placed a pair of pixiu outside their front door (on the floor and one at each side of the door) facing us. Is it bad to us? Will our wealth luck be all absorbed by them? If yes, how can we prevent? Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      I would not worry about this. If you do notice any problems, you could put a barrier such as potted plants or a fence to deflect the energy coming from your neighbour’s house.

      Kind regards,

  18. Hi,

    I’m wearing pixiu bracelet on my right hand is there any difference if the pixiu is facing left(in) or right(out) ?

      1. Hello, my NW direction is at my back and i am facing south-east (entrance door to my office), if i am to place the Pixiu facing Taisui then it will be facing the wall instead of the entrance. Which should be the correct way ?

        Thanks alot !!

  19. Hi, Happy New Year!!!

    I want to know which direction should Pi Yao be facing on 2018?? I was reading and is a bit confusing. Right now, is on the coffee table facing NE, but I think is supposed to face NW? Thank you in advance for your reply. 🙂

    1. Hi Dee,

      Happy New year to you too!

      The Pi Yao should be placed in the southeast facing towards the northwest as of the 4th February 2018.

      Kind regards,

  20. I bought a 2 pixiu gold with black agate bracelet facing each other with a black agate to the center of them is it ok to wear it everyday and where should i wear my left or right.

  21. Can I put my Pi yao on the stairs? My stairs forms a U-shape with 2 landings. The exact East is at the stairs step-center (not on either landing to its left or right) and it faces directly at my dining (west) by the sliding door looking towards the garden. How should I place my Pi yao? can it be on the steps itself or must i place it at height? If on the steps, it would be at our foot when we go up and down, if we place it at a heigher steps or at height (say on shelve on the stairs wall), the Pi yao will be higher than our head

    1. Hi Serena,
      I would place it between knee and hip height from when you walk by it although if it has to go on the floor it will be fine. We had to put if floor height one year and it was fine although walking close by it each time is not great, so try and raise it a bit.
      Hope this helps
      Kind regards

  22. Hi! I have a gold piyao bracelet.i bought in a shop. Is it ok to use it can i use it 24hrs a day even in house hold choires. Because someone told me it shoud never wash it. I mean when i m doing the dishes and takibg a bath. Thank you

    1. Hi,

      That will be fine to wear all the time and wash when it gets dirty. Normal Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers are washed when they are cleansed so this will be no different.

      Kind regards,

  23. Hi,

    I want to ask where to place my Pi Yao ? my front entrance is on the east side & on the west side there is a big window.

    1. Hi Van,

      You should place your Pi Yao in the east of your home, facing towards the west for 2017.

      Kind regards,

  24. Dear Sir,

    After reading this article I am planning to buy pi yao.kindly suggest me where to keep.which direction to keep.please suggest me where to buy .


      1. Dear sir,
        Thanks for your kind reply.i have purchased pi yao.and i have keept to east facing toward west.but it is not setting on coin.is that any problem.and i have keept some important doucment under it.is that any problem.


        1. Hi,

          Pi Yao’s are best placed on top of a bed of coins for wealth protection although this should not cause problems by not having this.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi,

            Apologies but I cannot see what the question is as you have not left a name or email address.

            Kind regards,

          2. Sir my question is I already purchased pi yao. But it’s not sitting on coins.now what to do.weather to keep or not. Please suggest me. I have some important documents. Or I must purchase other pics.

  25. I have a pi yao statue but have no idea where in my home to place him for luck and protection. Do you change out his placement each year? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      The Pi Yao will be moved every year and in 2017, this should be placed in the east facing towards the west.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi DR,

      The best sleeping directions for a male are: W, NE, SW and NW.
      The best sleeping directions for a female are: E, SE, N and S.

      Kind regards,

  26. Hi Michael, thanks for your promptly replied. I didn’t see it before. Is there a specific site that would tell me where to place it every year?

    Thanks again,

  27. Hi..good day.
    My east sector is an outdoor garden. Is it ok to place my pi yao on a pillar in the garden. It has a nice position looking to into the home to the west wall. However, there is no shade in the garden, so it is open to rain and sunlight. please advise.


    1. Hi Jasmine,

      If you have a missing sector of your home, I would not worry about placing a Pi Yao as this area has a lot less chance of being afftected.

      Kind regards,

  28. Hello Michael,

    I am so confused. I recently bought a Pi Yao(only one), and I was going to place it on the middle of the living room, facing the entrance door of the condo (northeastish). My door is in front of the elevator and stairs but, I think Tai Sui is on the West this year? How should I place it? Also, when you say ” Pi Yao is nicely sited within 50mm (Chai), what do you really mean. Now I’m not sure what to do, I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dee,

      as of 3rd February 2017, you should place the Pi Yao in the east of your home or office, facing towards the west.

      The Pi Yao is sized to a fortunate Feng Shui measurement (Chai) which brings good fortunes.

      I hope this helps, Dee.

      Kind regards,

  29. Hi,
    I’m happy to read the details about Piao. I have currently 2 pairs of them which my sister advice me to find Piao. It’s very complicated referred to my life .After having Piao I am used to read online about Piao. And it helps me to feel better.

    Thank you for sharing .

    Regards ,

    1. Hi Rina,

      I am glad to hear they are making you feel better, pi yao is a lovely protection to have in any home or office.

      Warm wishes


  30. Hi,
    I live in an apartment block. My neighbour\’s front door faces mine. I noticed that my neighbour has a pi yao facing his front door and therefore, facing directly into my home. I was told this is not good for me. What can I do to remedy this?

    1. Hi Edward,

      This should not cause you a problem as this is not directly in your home and is blocked between two doors. I would not worry about this, Edward.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thanks for your reply. Usually my neighbour leaves his front door open when he is home…and so do I…but I have now started to close my front door when his is open.

        Thanks for your advice. Very much appreciate it.

  31. Hello Daniel,

    After reading the article on Pi Yao, my initial reaction is to purchase one. And then I realized per your article the recommended placement is in the Northeast sector. The northeast sector of my home is my bathroom. Is the master bathroom a good placement for this little statue? Both my husband and I are rats.



    1. Hi Nikki,

      The bathroom is fine to place a Pi Yao in as long as it is on display (on a windowsill or cabinet etc).

      Kind regards,

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