July 2013 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Just a quick blog post to let you know that after thousands of emails and requests over the last few years, we have decided to reinstate our world famous Feng Shui newsletter. You can read the July newsletter by clicking on the link below. I hope you all enjoy reading and if you are not yet subscribed, you can click on the link below to subscribe instantly.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend,


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July 2013 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

I hope you have been keeping well and enjoying the summer and for those of you in the southern hemisphere I hope your winter is being kind to you. The weather all over the world has been so diverse this year with hurricanes in Oklahoma and floods in Europe and for us in the Read More…

10 thoughts on “July 2013 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

  1. hi daniel,my toad is near my front door which is in the east,my lounge is northeast also the wealth oil is great im ordering more today already received over 1\’000,im also ordering another toad from you today the one with a coin under the toad as well,the toad i have now is red.thanks so much.also the wealth oil is great and im ordering more today,already received over 1\’000 unexpected money.
    thanks again collette

  2. What a lovely surprise to see this in my inbox this morning, a great read and very entertaining daniel, thanks so much. best wishes. Steve

  3. Hi Daniel, thank you so much for taking the time to give us amazing newsletter, i find it amazing that someone would complain like this especially as you given this information free and like you say not full of selling stuff, please please please do not take this to heart what this person wrote and i sincerely hope it does not put you off writing future editions although i know you could have easily removed her posting so i fear not! Nice work and thank you and I love the little quotes you have in them particularly the one about winning arguments with a women, so funny. xx

  4. Hi Daniel, it was fantastic to receive your newsletter in my inbox, I was delighted. And I appreciate your willingness to share information with us all. Best of luck. Kerry

  5. I have tried several times to subscribe to your newsletter even though i buy staff from you…but with no luck!!!!! I am sorry to say..but you don\’t seem to be very professional and i will for sure let know of all of my friends and potential buyers….i have been trying to get to your email list for over 2 years and i have even bought the peofessional program…so i think you are simply a JOKE!!!! Regards a dissappointed customer

    1. Hi Angeliki,

      I am sorry that you feel that we are a joke but I have just checked our newsletter report and I can assure you that the Newsletter which was sent out today at 17:09 UK time was sent out to you. Could you please check your junk folder as it may have been sent there accidentally if you have antivirus software. This is the first newsletter we have published for a while and has only been sent out today so it may be that it hasn\’t finished being sent out yet as this newsletter goes to tens of thousands of people and may take some time to send to everyone. I can assure you that the newsletter has been sent out to you. I hope you can appreciate that we spent a great deal of time getting this newsletter up and running for all of you and we pay a great deal of money to send out a newsletter filled with information and no selling tactics.

      Kind regards,

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